Two Nights of Bliss Part 2

A/N:  Warning.  Eric and Sookie are VERY OOC in this chapter.
This is a private bedroom type evening between them, it does not go beyond the bedroom.  If you do not enjoy a little kink or dominant Sookie/submissive Eric please skip to the next chapter.

When they rose the following night they were exactly as he had left them:  her still straddling him but he had moved down on the bed so they were lying down.

She rose to him gently thrusting into her.  She was already so wet!  She moaned and wiggled a little causing him to thrust harder.

She lifted herself a little to look at him and saw the most beautiful smile on his face.  She sighed with happiness, “MY Eric! Mine!”  She inhaled his scent again and noticed a subtle difference to it, “you smell a little more like me now.”

“I do, as you smell a little more like me.”

She giggled, “I just noticed something.  I always used to rail at anyone who called me theirs, like I was some sort of possession, now I find I’m using it for you.  It’s not like property at all!  It’s like we belong to ourselves still but we belong to each other as well.  We’re individuals yet together we make a whole.  We maintain our individuality, do things separately, but we are a couple as well, do things together.”

“You are right MY Lover.  That is how it would have been if you were still human as well.  Unfortunately you didn’t know the right questions to ask and I didn’t know how to tell you how I felt.  Compton should have explained all of that to you after your first exchange but he didn’t.

That’s all in the past now though.  We are together now, we belong to each other AND ourselves.”

He flipped them over and poised himself at her entrance.  He watched her expressions as she waited for him to enter, and kept waiting.  “Eric?”

“Yes my Love?”

“What are you doing?”

“Watching you.”

“I’m not doing anything.”

“That’s the point.  I’m poised at your entrance and you’re not doing anything about it.”

She smiled.  He wanted to play this game did he?  She could give as good as she got.

“Give me a five minute head start?”

“Why would I want to do that?”  Gods that smirk!

“Because your bonded asked you to.”

“True, she did but what does she have planned?”

“Give me five minutes then come and catch me.”

“You’re on Lover.”  He lifted off her and she was dressed and out the door by the time he had his pants on.  She streaked out the kitchen door and ran as fast as she could to the edge of woods where she levitated up into the trees then from one to another until she came to the stream that bordered his property.  She immersed herself in the water and floated downstream, underwater, until she was parallel to the house where she emerged and ran back into the woods and back up  into the trees.  Eventually she stopped and listened.  She heard him faintly.  She took off for the house and managed to make it back to the bedroom before he caught up with her!

He tackled her to the bed and peppered her with kisses, “Very good Sookie.  I believe that this is the first time you have evaded me.  I believe, by the terms of our agreement, when you evade me you get a reward.  What would you like?”  He grinned, thinking he knew what she wanted.

She smiled and raised an eyebrow, “I want you on your knees and then I want you to stay still.  You can’t move a muscle until I tell you to.”

He smiled and got to his knees, putting him at her height.  She went around behind him and continued on into the bathroom.  He heard the water start.

What was the wench up to?  Surely she wasn’t going to shower alone?  Not with him here?

After several minutes of not having her near he rose to go to check on her, she was leaning against the door frame, watching him!

She growled, she actually growled at him!  “You asked what I wanted for my reward.  I told you.  It seems a certain Sheriff thinks he knows better?”

He got back on his knees, eyes toward the floor, “No Ma’am.”

“Good because tonight you are not the Sheriff, you are not the bad ass Viking, you are here to do my bidding, nothing else.  It’s my rules until sunrise and right now I want you just as you are, right where you are.  I am going to take a shower and you had better be right there, in that position when I come back into the room.

Am I clear?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good because if things aren’t as I said when I return I will not be pleased.”  She turned and went to take her shower.

He didn’t know it but she had been planning this night for months!  When she finished her shower she took special care with her hair, make-up and clothing.  When she returned to the bedroom he had been a naughty boy!   “Eric, why are you naked?”

“To make it easier for you to access my body Ma’am.”

“Did I tell you to strip?”

“No Ma’am.”

“Hands and knees, NOW!”

He put his hands on the floor, leaving his knees where they were already.  He felt her go past him.  She blindfolded him!  She took a handful of his long hair and tugged, signalling he was to follow her.

He crawled along behind her until she signalled him to stop.  The next thing he knew she had her feet propped up on his back!  “You can be my footstool for now since you can’t seem to stay still when I tell you.”

She stayed right where she was, sitting in the chair with her feet propped on his back.

When she put her feet back on the floor he stayed right where he was, on his hands and knees in front of her.  “I see you learned your lesson Eric.  Good, now maybe we can get on with what I really want to do!”  He could hear the smile in her voice.

She was standing in front of him now.  He could smell her arousal, feel his own.

“On your knees, hands behind your back.”

When he was in the right position she cuffed his hands behind him.

She was still behind him, her arms around him.  She ran her nails lightly down his torso, stopping just at the junction of his pubic area and thighs.

What is this wench doing other than turning me on?  Mmmmmmmmmm, so gooooooood.

She licked his neck, nibbled his ear.  Now her hand was on his erect cock, rubbing it, fondling his balls.  He groaned and leaned back into her.  “Stay still Eric or I will punish you again, this time in a more unpleasant way.”

He straightened back up and concentrated on staying still.

She released his cock and balls and he whimpered at the loss of her touch.

He could hear the click of her heels as she walked around him, felt a feather light touch here and there, a random kiss on different parts of his body.

She smacked that gorgeous ass and she watched in the mirror as his cock twitched.  “Like that?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Would you like more?”

“Please Ma’am.”

“What would you like me to spank you with Eric?  I have my hand, the hairbrush or the paddle.”

“The hairbrush please Ma’am.”

“Very well, the hairbrush it will be then.”

She removed the blindfold and what he saw in the mirror was very much for his pleasure that night!

Sookie was wearing a blood red corset with garters, no panties, seamed black stockings and six inch red heels.  Her hair was in ringlets around her face and she had done her make-up so well it didn’t look like she had any on!

His fangs ran out at the sight of her and his cock twitched uncontrollably.

“Like what you see MY Eric?”


“Good.  If you’re a good boy you might just get to have your way with me before the night is through.”  She grinned at him, winked and hit his ass hard with the hairbrush!  “Now watch the mirror.”

He saw the emotions flitting across his own face and the enjoyment she was getting from having him on the receiving end for the night.

Through their new bond he could feel how happy she was that he was willing to put himself in her hands like this, that she enjoyed the dominant role very much.

With the last few strokes of the brush she reached around and started stroking his already erect and wanting cock, knowing just how to play him when he was like this.

When she was finished with his spanking she walked to the chair and sat down, legs spread wide, “Come and thank me properly Eric.”

He was immediately there, burying his head between her thighs.  The things he could do with his tongue!

He soon had his reward of her orgasm, several times over.

When she told him to stop and kneel upright she slipped her shoes off and rubbed her stockinged feet against his cock and balls, knowing how much he enjoyed the feel against his naked flesh.  Soon he was groaning.

Wanting her to go faster he started thrusting between her feet.  She stopped.  He whined at the loss of friction and movement.  “No Eric, this is MY reward, you stay still.  You will get what you are looking for in my own good time.”

It was a fight with himself but he managed to stay still while she toyed with him, even bringing her mouth into play, sucking him into her hot, wet mouth so she could tease him further.

She knew when he had reached his limit though, she never took it beyond that, at least not yet.

She led him over to the bed where she had him lay on his back, hands at his sides.  He still wasn’t allowed to move or touch her but at least he would be inside her!

She gently and oh so slowly lowered herself onto him and gently rode him, enjoying the sensations and the emotions flitting across his face!

He loved their dominance games but he loved being inside her even more!  It didn’t matter if he was allowed to touch or not, he just wanted to be inside her, feel her, be with her in every way possible!

As she rode him she ran her hands over his body, stroking lightly here, harder there, feather light somewhere else.  Just watching her face as she enjoyed herself was a study in bliss for she was blissfully happy there, with him, in that moment in time.

She was enjoying watching him just as much as he was enjoying watching her.  It was only in these private moments that he would allow himself to show his true emotions, how much he truly loved her and enjoyed both his time with her and what she was doing to him.  The emotions flitting across his face were as uncomplicated as adoration and as complex as real love.

The sounds coming from him when she started kissing his body drove her on to enjoy herself even more.  When her blunt teeth joined in the fun he growled.  She knew what biting did to him, for him.  She knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

When her fangs sank into his breast he howled as she rode him harder and put her wrist to his mouth.  He bit.  One thrust.  One thrust was all it took for them to reach their climax together just as the sun peeked over the horizon.



  1. Liked this a lot….most of the stories show a Dom Eric!
    Having a Dom Sookie is quite a change…

  2. oooh Dom Sookie is cute, but I prefer a DomEric

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