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Tuesday Toss Up

Star Trek has never really been my schtick although I will admit to having a small crush on Jerri Ryan from Voyageur.

Kelpie's Korner

Hallo lovelies! Well I’m just getting back from a small family vacay, so I’m fairly exhausted. As a result, this toss up came from Mr. Kelpie. I’ll give my (limited) opinion on it, but I’ll also give you his. 🙂


My Choice
I really have no vested interest in either one of these massive franchises. The older Star Wars movies were never something I was into-I was an Indiana Jones kinda kid. Same with the older Star Trek stuff.

But the newer stuff, is have to go with Star Trek. The Star Wars movies, despite having some really great actors, just seem weird and forced. The trek movies actually entertain me while Wars Anita’s the ever loving crap out of me.

Mr. Kelpie’s Choice
Star Wars is more fantasy than sci Fi because of the jedis, while Star trek is more scientific because they have no special powers outside of…

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New Month! | Kittyinaz

New Month! | Kittyinaz.

Just a reminder. Today is the last day. Your Fairy tale is due tonight at midnight CST.

Book signing!

Thought some of you might be interested.

Suki59's Fanfiction

Of course, I’ll also be signing Drop Dead Gorgeous!

The Complete Tryon Diary book signing poster

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Updates 6-28-15 | Fanfiction Minions

Updates 6-28-15 | Fanfiction Minions.

Food! 6-28-15

Some more reicpes for you plus a page all their own which is nested on my Recipes page.

Ten things that make me happy this week!

I don’t know if I’ll have ten, really, but I have a few :D.

1. A new contract! Woot!
2. The event which lead to said new contract, lmao.
3. Cooler weather.
4. Sunshine!
5. Lunch out with family and friends.
6. Shopping with my son wherein he is going to spend his OWN money on clothes. HUGE milestone *snicker*.
7. Early morning phone calls with the other son.
8. Reading, and replying to, your posts m’dear.

I think that’s it. I had more than I thought.

Fanatic Fanfics Awards: 2015 Winners

Fanatic Fanfics Awards: 2015 Winners

Congrats everyone!

Five things I’ve learnt this week

What have I learned?
The company who owns the company I work for doesn’t pay enough attention to their CEOs *snicker*. I’m not complaining because it got us a better contract deal.
It’s wonderful to take time off (vacation? What’s that?) when you want to rather than when the company decides a 3 day weekend is in order.
Pure Leaf Green Tea with honey is yummy.
90’s fashion was infinitely better than the 70’s and 80′! Bell Bottoms, neon and paisley. Yuck!
Caffeine in my morning coffee does a better job in my body than on it :D.
Have a good week 🙂

Top Ten Painfully Unreasonable Things I Have Been Told

It’s hard to believe the stupidity of people, well meaning or not.
My mom used to preach ‘Think before you speak’ because I was horrible for accidentally offending someone with my words.
Those words would more than wound me! I know the truth about myself as no one else can, I don’t need the ‘permission’ of someone else in order to feel bad.
A lot of years and a lot apologies later I am finally mostly out of the habit of speaking without thinking about the words I’m about to say.
As a result of that propensity when I was younger I have few friends but I have only myself to blame *sigh*.
I hope your post helps you to purge and I hope it helps others to think about what they want to say before it spews from their mouth and wounds someone.
*shaking my head*
Thinking about it: I remember the saying when we were kids, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” How wrong they were when that saying was coined. Words hurt the worst of all because the wounds can hide deep within us where no salve, no ice pack or warm hand can reach.
Good luck.

Ajoobacats Blog

As an OCD sufferer I torment myself from minute to minute with flashbacks of memory and disaffirmations to keep me down. These are ten statements that have made me feel low over the years. A few date back to secondary school and some are a few years old. All were said in a context to wound, subjugate and offend. I hope by putting this statements here I can exorcise the extensive hold they have on my self-esteem and move on without recounting the impact they have on me everyday.

10. I feel bad sending you photos of my new nephew because you’ll never have kids.
9. I don’t want to wait another ten years, like you, to deal with the issue.
8. You were well enough in ITU to post on your Facebook.
7. You must stop blogging.
6. No offense, but even if she was a lesbian she wouldn’t…

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Contest Reminder | Gyllene

Contest Reminder | Gyllene.

This one is deadlined for midnight June 30th as well although I believe it’s in EST.


Good luck to those who enter.

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