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Guest Chapter

Over on Archive Of Our Own (AO3) is where I read most of my Harry Potter fiction. Earlier this week I was approached by kendallnicola to write something for her ongoing series of one shots: Wifi Makes Its Way To Hogwarts. The series is just a lot of silliness but it’s quite entertaining, especially when she brings the Professors in on things.

So, here it is, Reading Around Kisses. Kendallnicola added some things to make it a little longer and make it fit in more with her writing style but it is me :).

If you don’t have a membership at AO3 you will need one since it isn’t rated.


Say What?

I was over on NanoPoBlano yesterday morning, just looking at different things and came across a link for a virtual stapler! I think my brain stalled for a moment before I clicked.


A virtual stapler?


Then I thought back to what was said BEFORE the link: for stress relief! Let me tell ya, rolling around on the floor while laughing yourself silly is great stress relief! That’s pretty much what I did snort. It didn’t help my headache in the least, but it did help with feeling better.

Think I’ll send it to my boyfriend. You know, the guy who wouldn’t know how to relax if it bit him in the butt? Yeah, him.

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