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Hello all, I have finally written another book recommendation!  It’s really a series of books but I’m sure you’re not picky about what I call it :).

Any Way, go read about my thoughts on The Black Dagger Brotherhood.  I’ll be posting about the next book in the series next week :).

I will be posting a one shot soon which I wrote for Sephrenia’s Writing Challenge.

The You Want Blood voting ends in about 90 minutes so if you haven’t done so, please go vote.  There are some truly awesome stories and authors, among others, which have been nominated.

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I still write fanfiction and edit for others, but my life has moved on to other things. Now I’m interested in Essential Oils and a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. Love BDB…..but Vishous is mine!!! 😀

    • I dunno…..I don’t think I’d complain if any of them were gift wrapped and put under my tree :D. Well, I might complain about Phury since I don’t do drugs and can’t say I would have the patience to deal with him.

      • Same here. His book has been my least favorite of all of them.

      • I liked the book the first time through but it’s a lot heavier than the others are. I guess it’s because Phury’s story could be the story of anyone really. I could feel that I was Phury and going through everything he went through. Normally I like books like that but that was just too heavy I think.
        With that said I think it was probably the best written of the series because the main problem was so real to life. I hope some addicts do read it and see themselves in him and clean up their act because they see where he’s coming from and don’t want to reach rock bottom.

      • For me it just was so drug out. I was bored alot of it. But I can see your point.

      • yeah, there was a lot of inner monologue and dialogue with his inner demon. Unfortunately I don’t think the book would have been half as long or as good as it was without that stuff *sigh*.
        There’s always a lemon, right?

      • At some point yea. The almost rape kinda squicked me out too. Stupid Directorix

      • I would have loved it if the Scribe Virgin had come forth to Vischous and tole him what had happened and given him the right for vengeance.
        I liked the SV at the beginning but the last few books she just…kind of gave up, like she wasn’t proud that her children were growing up and finding themselves or something.
        She just became a non-issue when Pain came into the mortal realm and that was really the last anyone saw of her.
        Yeah,a we saw her talking to Phury and THAT is what really changed everything…The vampires went from a live based on their religion to one where their deity just gave up and that isn’t right.
        You would think any deity would be pleased that their children were growing and learning but not her.

      • Yea her character did kinda just stop. Was expecting her to show up in The King, but alas no.

      • It would be interesting to see what she thinks of the accomplishments of Wrath, the Brotherhood and the vampire race in general
        I rather liked her no-nonsense, take prisoners and make them weep attitude,
        I think her depression started with Vischous and just deepened when Phury opened up this realm to the Chosen and it spiraled when Wrath brought Pain back to this realm.

      • Very true. Not to mention the fact that most of the race no longer worships or pays homage to the SV and all. I remember the brothers and wives were trying to bring those back when Wellsie was killed.

      • They were 🙂 but life took over and changed their prerogatives from service to and for the SV and vampire kind to vengeance for the death of one (two if you count the babe) and the war brought about by the lessers although I would be willing to argue that you can’t have a war with only one side or faction since someone else has to be willing to fight against you.

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