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I had a guest review over on ffn today for my one shot, The End.

The was terribly sad and unnecessary. Wish I hadn’t read it. This could of ended so much better but your ending was super bad and dumb.

I can understand someone not liking a story, really. There are plenty out there that I don’t like as well but if that’s the case I cut my losses and leave the story rather than a review. Why? Over there there’s no way to tell, just by looking at the numbers, whether the reviews are good, bad or indifferent and I don’t want to add any more of my presence to a story I didn’t enjoy than I already have (clicking the link counts as visiting the story).

Since it’s a guest review I can’t reply back to them and ask what they didn’t like about it. Since it’s in my top 5 of the one shots I’ve written (along with The House Always Wins, Sookie’s Gift and Looney Tooney) that I actually enjoy reading time and time again I can’t understand.

Maybe it’s because I don’t WANT to understand?

In both the books and the show Sookie didn’t evolve, or if she did she quickly devolved. She did stupid shit that didn’t get her anything but more heartbreak. She didn’t get the guy, she didn’t get the HEA I feel she should have had.

Mind you, Eric didn’t really have an HEA either.

They never spoke again after he talked to her to get her to talk to the douche.

In my opinion, and others considering the reviews I got on here for The End, they needed that last conversation. They needed closure.

Eric needed to let her know that she HAD hurt him and that he was moving on with his life and he wanted her to do the same.

When I look at their relationship now I see toxic written all over it.

What would you call a relationship where the participants couldn’t communicate? Where they were either constantly arguing or having make up sex? A relationship that your family and friends didn’t approve of?

I’ve been there, done that and own the damn t-shirt store!

It was time Eric took back the reigns in his own life and got on with the business of living instead of mourning that which was never really his to begin with. sigh

It was time he took his balls back from both Sookie and Pam and started being a man again! smile

Would I have liked it if he had told her he would be there when she was ready to move on? Hell yeah but in my eyes it would have still been more of the same: Miscommunication and toxicity.

I know at least one person asked for a sequel of sorts and I am working on it. It’ll be part of a writing challenge (not allowed to say which one) so it’ll be a while before you see it but it is in the works.


Okay, I’m strange, I admit it, but I DESPISE Oktoberfest!

It’s hard enough to get around town during construction season (we only have two seasons any way:  No way am I going out in that sh*t and construction) without the added *bonus* of closed streets due to the oh-so-wonderful celebration that is really just another reason to drink. Like a University town NEEDS another reason for its inhabitants to imbibe booze of all descriptions!

Add to that the buses and buses and buses of tourists and you would think we were in Munich, Germany rather than Kitchener, Ontario, Canada!

There are some cool things that happen like the car show and the RIDE Program and the Thanksgiving Parade since Thanksgiving is always the second Monday in October.

The RIDE Program is sponsored by the Region, the Grand River Transit Authority, the Regional Police and a few others; this program makes the bus rides free after 10:00 or 11:00 pm, and extends the hours some routes run, so the revelers can get home safely, and keep others who are on the roads safer as well.  This should be EVERY weekend, not just the two weekends of Oktoberfest and New Years Eve!

I would love to do some of the things they come up with like the car show and most years David Wilcox performs at both Oktoberfest and Bluesfest in August. Unfortunately panic attacks and claustrophobia (what a combination!) prevent me from doing stuff in crowded spaces, especially if it’s hard to get to an exit or there is only one exit.

It’s not any of the above though that made me dislike it in the first place, they just enhance my experience (cue sarcasm cue card) ten fold! The real reason is that it brings out the worst in people. People are ruder than ever, you can find sick (and other bodily functions) in the bushes, their inhibitions go out the window and, well, I’m not proud to be a human when those things happen.

If I could I would be ANYWHERE other than here for these ten days and nights I would be.


Pet Peeves

Thank you kelpie for this idea.

For all you writers out there, and maybe not writers, but does  other people’s writing/speaking drives you bonkers?

Things like mixing up your and you’re or their, there and they’re.

I seen

I got

I gots

sammich for sandwish

chimley for chimney

thrown for throne (thank you kelpie, lol)

words that should have an apostrophe s rather than just an s at the end

Shall I go on?

Sound off people, please :).  I like the interaction and I truly do want to know what some of your pet peeves are so I don’t commit them, lol.

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