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We lost a great one!

It is with profound sadness that I tell you that the world of fanfiction will never be the same.

EricIzMine passed on Tuesday leaving six children ranging in age from toddler to young teen.  There is a Memorial Fund (WordPress is messing with me.  The link is in the comments since it doesn’t seem to want to link in the post.  Yes, I checked to make sure it worked) which her Mom set up to help defray medical and funeral costs.  Anything over and above what must be paid will be going to her children.

She has gone to the big library in the sky where she can write to her heart’s content and earn even more awards for her awesome and inspiring words.

Her stories always make you think, they make you laugh or cry but most of all they were written from the heart.

Angela Vaughn, the great EricIzMine, you will be greatly missed.

Positive thoughts and well wishes are going out to your family and those who knew you best.

I lay my pen down in reverence.

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