Updates 3-4-25

It is 17 days until the first official day of spring! Hopefully the actual event will coincide with the calendar and we’ll lose these extreme cold warnings!

If any of you have sent me something via my Contact Me Form please resend it! I didn’t realize  my email would filter it into my wordpress folder. I think I got them all but if you haven’t heard back from me today please, do send again. Now that I know it does that I know to check the folder a little more often!

Any who…on with your updates!

IDream3223 has been busy again…I Will Not Let You Down, You Are A Tourist

jc52185 Everything

Victory In Trouble Flash Friday Prompt

magsmacdonald Even the Dead Can Scar

MistressJessica1028 A Queen’s Command and Bridal Party Woes. I really hope you feel better soon.

kinnik Into the Blood

Reinla’s Just A Little Spark

kelpie posted some stories she wrote back in high school. Apparently they come with trigger warnings.

Kelpie also gave us a TB/SVM Story Spotlight and an OUAT Spotlight

A new site, Skarsnix. They’ve got one ongoing story and a placeholder for another.

Harley’s Twilight/Teen Wolf story Lunar Deity and Twilight/Spiderman A Webcatchers Dream (New story)

Kittyinaz’s All I Want

Bertie Bott’s Twilight/Avengers Set My Soul Alight

Dirty Lemons’ Unwritten

Sarafina’s Supernatural story So Fell the Angels

California Kat’s Inner

Hisviks has some pdf and epubs of some of her stories

Carroll E. Stewart The Statues of Wonder

Lara Kingsley Your Presence Still Lingers Here! Yay! It’s been a while!

Melusine10 Into the Mystic


Updates 3-1-15

Happy March everybody.

I hope you enjoy the updates.

Ericizmine: Breathless I reviewed another of EIM’s stories just yesterday and it’s on the In Memoriam page.

Natsgirl’s Swimming To the Light

Vitzy’s one shot One January Morning in the Harry Potter fandom.

Carroll E. Stewart The Bloody Reasons, Clean Up On Aisle Six

Kelpie’s Story Spotlight: Morganstern Pride for the Mortal Instruments Fandom and Stories At A Bar for the OUAT fandom.

She interviewed Carroll E. Stewart

Fanart Friday

Sunday Sexiness

California Kat’s Inner

IDream3223 has been busy with one shots. All Alone, Thousand Miles, You Are A Tourist

Dirty Lemons Unwritten

Meridian Sookie Takes Charge

Lilly Gray The Vampire and His Pet.  WARNING!  This story is NSFW and has very strong BDSM and non consensual content.

Magpie Tales Crash and Burn

My Secret O Up All Night

American Android Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

Fairy Tale Amber Dead and Loving It

Thevikingtrubie has a new Short Story: Seven Days

Victory In Trouble’s Hollywood

Harley’s Twilight/Vampire Diaries A Crow In Search Of A Swam

Kittyinaz’s Harry Potter/Twilight Such A Heavenly View

Reinla’s Just A Little Spark

Kardamon’s Forget Me Not

The Darkest Falling Star The Heart Of A Fallen Goddess


Live Long and Prosper, wherever you may be, Mr. Spock.

Updates 2-25-15

I forgot it is Wednesday!

Natsgirl gave us a one shot that she wrote for Kittyinaz’s January contest, Tomorrow is Another Day and updated Swimming To the Light

Kinnik’s Into the Blood and new one she wrote for Kittyinaz’s January Contest called Madness

Kelpie gave us a generic one shot called Into the Curve. This one IS sad, there is no HEA but is still a very good read.

She also gave us some Sunday Sexiness. Beware, NSFW, especially if you want to watch the 3rd gif over and over and over and over…(Jason/Eric :D just as an FYI) and her Humpday Hotness

Kelpie also Spotlighted Your Presence Still Lingers Here by Lara Kingsley. She also interviewed author Koalakaos

Reinla updated her Twilight/True Blood Run Me Over and a new one called Just A Little Spark which is a G/S/E story.

IDream3223 seems to be on a one shot bullet lately :D. Memories, Fix You and Madness

JC52185 brought us some more of Everything

Fairy Tale Amber finished Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn Ya

I gave you a new My Two Cents’ Worth, a recipe, Frequently Read Fiction page and another story review.

Morggy’s gave us another chapter of Love Is A Party

Victory In Trouble updated Northman’s Nanny

Dirty Lemons gave us more of Unwritten

Mistress Jessica 1028 updated A Queen’s Command, Bridal Party Woes and Life In the Fast Lane and gave us a new one shot: Once Is Not Enough.

Vitzy gave us a one shot: Naming Their First Born which is a Harry Potter story.

The Darkest Falling Star updated Lune Vole and The Heart Of A Fallen Goddess

Buggy updated Sanctuaire, a Twilight/The Originals X-Over.

Magsmacdonald updated Even the Dead Can Scar

Carroll E. Stewart’s 100 Word Story, Blinding White Light, Promises Kept

Harley updated her Twilight/Avenger’s story Gamma Love

Alpha EN updated Die Tonight, Rule Tomorrow!

California Kat’s Inner

Kittyinaz updated All I Want

Queen of Area five added more to her Downloadable Stories, they’re all PDF.

Lara Kingsley updated Dead Brief’s Tome 2

Meridian updated The Revealing of Andre

Thetruebie gave us a one shot but I linked to the post because it’s funny :D.

Gwyn is back to writing so got her story Queen Interrupted beta’d by me and posted :D. She also wrote Meet My Brother which was entered in Kelpie’s Twin Skars contest back in the fall (I think). Both are totally awesome :D.

Terri Botta updated her Vampire Diaries The Rain King

TammyDevil666 updated her Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.


New Story Review

I am rarely on FFn any more but Gwyn pointed me to Dating In the Dark after my Favorite Stories post.

I enjoyed it so much I reviewed it for your consumption.


New Recipe

Apparently I need a memory transplant or something.

I added a new recipe for you a couple of days ago and forgot to tell you about it :(.

Any way, it’s Blueberry French Toast.

I also added the Frequently Read Fanfiction page to the header so we can all find authors like California Kat, Kittyinaz and Meridian and others more easily.

Enjoy the food for the tummy and the brain.

Favorite Story

Okay, I know this isn’t the most unique post in all of blogdom but it has crossed my mind several times over the last week or so.

What are some of your favorite stories?

Your answer doesn’t have to be one of mine or even in the SVM/TB fandom or even fanfiction at all!

I have published three of my favorites :D

Loony Toonie

Sookie’s Gift

Behind the Ring which is a Disclosure outtake.

My favorites from other authors?  That’s a tough one because there are so many awesome authors out there that it’s hard to find a favorite!

I Never…Did and All I Want, both by kittyinaz rank right up there with California Kat‘s Un-iverse and Salt Water and Kelpie’s Already Married which is an on indefinite hiatus :( and just about anything IDream3223.

It’s even harder for me to choose a favorite book but my fall backs are I Heard the Owl Call My Name by Margaret Craven and Karen by Marie Killillea. More recent books would be The Black Dagger Brotherhood and the first nine books of The Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie Stackhouse.

These selections are by no means ALL of my favorites, not by a long shot. They are simply the ones I read the most of, can remember the url’s to without having to go through favorites and, well…there are a lot of criteria, lol.

The books were a little easier because I Heard The Owl and Karen really are in my top five list and have been read many, MANY times since I was a teenager (many moons ago) and the others are more recent favorites although I can see SVM eventually being replaced by something that gives me a more satisfactory ending.

So, tell me, what are some of your favorite books/stories/fanfictions?

New My Two Cents’ Worth

A few weeks ago, at the request of Kelpie who started Spotlights, I changed my Spotlights to My Two Cents’ Worth so if you’ve been looking for them that’s where they are now.

I have a new one for you, too. Lips Of An Angel.

I hope you enjoy the review and go and read the story. JC52185 does have other stores but she’s just now transitioning from Fanfiction dot net to WordPress so everything isn’t there yet. She does have the first few chapters of Amnesia up though, after sending them through a beta.

Awesome stuff folks. Go and pay her a visit. You won’t be disappointed.

Updates 2-22-2015

Ya know ya wanna!

No, really, ya wanna!

Ya wanna click and read some awesome stories!

Meridian Spotlighted Keplie! We finally get to see what makes the original Spotlighter tick! She also updated Eric Northman: After the Show

Natsgirl updated Swimming To the Light

California Kat’s Inner

Kelpie Spotlighted a Mortal Instruments story and some Once Upon A Time fan art as well as Spotlighting an OUAT story, A Body of Trouble

Buggy’s Twilight/The Originals Sanctuaire

MissPharao updated us on her life and what’s happening to keep her from writing. My condolences go out to her and many well wishes for her husband.

Mommy4Thomas gave us a teaser for her Twilight/Charmed story Chances Are. I swear! This woman has the power to suck me into things I don’t normally read! I loved her Christmas story and it looks like I’ll be reading this one as well since I adored charmed before Piper left the show sigh.

A reminder about the SVM/TB directory! I hope you all come out and help as you can!

Carroll E. Stewart’s 100 word stories

IDream3223 has been a busy bee! One shots galore! Reflections and a Flash Fiction called Sweet Things and another one shot called Brutal Mercies and another one called Bleed For Me

Dirty Lemons Unwritten

Reinla’s Twilight/True Blood Cross Over Run Me Over

Magpie Tales Crash and Burn

Thetrubie’s Never Back Down



The Darkest Falling Star gave us more of Heart Of A Fallen Goddess which is an Avengers/Twilight Cross Over. She also gave us a Twilight one shot called Fate’s Decisions

My Secret O’s Up All Night

Victory In Trouble gave us a Flash Fiction called Just So Tired. She links to the inspiration behind Flash Fiction Friday so you can figure out what it’s about. She also updated Northman’s Nanny

Kardamon posted the last chapter of Healed. I’m sorry to see this one end, just like any other story I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I hope she has some other wonderful stories on the horizon.

Kittyinaz updated her Harry Potter/Twilight fic Such A Heavenly View

American Android gave us a life update. Hope you feel better soon.

Morggy’s Love As A Party

Hisviks From Time Immemorial

Fairytale Amber’s Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn Ya

Harley’s Twilight/Batman Cross Over Chasing Images as well as her Twilight/Avengers Iron Men and Thunder Gods.

Wow! That’s a LOT of updates in the last four days!


Don Charisma’s New Toy

Sony Alpha A5000 – Compact DSLR Camera – Don Charisma’s New Toy | Don Charisma.

I know I’ve mentioned Don Charisma and shown some of his photos before. I still think they’re totally awesome!

This is a review of the camera he’s currently using and a bunch of pics :D.


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