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I did it! I really, really did it!

I got second place, twice, in The Villain’s Turn contest with The Men In Black! WOOT!


most original storyBest Villain Created


I am so happy. And proud! And thankful! And very surprised! I enter these contests for the fun of it and to try and coax my muse back from her very extended vacation. It seems she comes back and considers my little stories the vacation. Maybe she’s living with somebody else and comes back to me when I have an idea she considers worthy?

Anywho, this is my first original story. I hope you enjoy it.

The Men In Black wouldn’t have even gotten off the ground without my boyfriend, Breathes. He’s the comic guru in this apartment. I told him about the contest and he was off and running. Thank you Breathes for putting up with my insanity while writing.

Thank you also goes to Natsgirl1 for giving it the once over for me.

Most especially though, thank you to The Darkest Falling Star for conceiving this contest and The Non-Canon Awards for hosting it.


Hugs and kisses to everyone who voted for my little story.



Updates 6-17-15

This will be my last Updates post here at SVM & TB stories. I will continue to post them at Fanfiction Minions so you all can keep up on your stories :). I will still post the odd review, reblog or Press This and I will continue to let you know about contests and votings but posting the same thing on two sites is a little redundant so, since Fanfiction Minions was set up to let readers know about updates in multiple fandoms that is where I will continue to post them :).

What will I be doing here instead? Glad you asked. I’m going to get caught up on all those recipes taking up space in my inbox. And all those book reviews as well. I’ll also hopefully be able to do some writing, continue on with my beta work and hopefully spend some time on This ‘n That and get it up and running again.

It’s been a blast getting all these updates out to you but it’s time I move on to other things…still within what this site was set up for. Who knows. Maybe I’ll be able to find other Eric and Sookie related stuff to send on to you 🙂 ;).


Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood Fanfiction Swap Sign up

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The Non-Canon Awards Story Review

Fangbanger’s Anonymous Q & A with My Secret O

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Meridian Sookie Takes Charge

Biting My Thoughts Twilight/Vampire Diaries Connected By the Soul

The Darkest Falling Star Twilight/? Dreams Of Time, Morai Mortis

California Kat From the Inside Out

Secret Nerd Princess Wonderland

Fairytale Amber My Heartbeat Song

Updates 6-14-15

Gyllene Search Terms Contest

New Blood Awards Voting Open

kjwrit Playing God

Kelpie’s Korner Humpday Hotness, Story Spotlight, Fanart Friday, Story Spotlight, Sunday Sexiness

Hisviks Bonfire of the Vanities

The Darkest Falling Star Tin Man Stories The Long Road Home, Oz Tales. X-Men/Twilight When the Past Comes Knocking

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eys1214 Slaying Dragons Outtake

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Plague My Soul Mistaken Identity

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Carroll E. Stewart The Man I Want To Be, 100 Word Count Stories Dragon, Fang, Moon, The Truth Of Shadowed Time

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Jasper’s Goddess Of War  Twilight Mine

Fangbanger’s Anonymous Story Reccomendation

Harley’s Thoughts Crazy Love vs. Mad Love

Just Wandering, Never Lost Love Eternal

kardamon Więcej grzechów nie pamiętam (Polish Story)

California Kat United

Buggyfiction Twilight/Originals Sanctuaire

Wannabewriter25 Spellbound

Update 6-10-15

California Kat United

Kelpie’s Korner Sunday Sexiness, Story Spotlight, Story Spotlight 2, Author Spotlight

kjwrit The Secrets That We Keep: Epilogue, Revamped

kardamon Forget Me Not

kinnik’s funhouse Into the Blood

jc52185 My Wish

MagsMacDonald Glimpses of Beauty and the Vampire Beast

MistressJessica1028 A Viking’s ChoiceNymphomaniaPicking Up The PiecesWaking Up Dead

The Non-Canon Awards Story Review

Meridian Playing For Keeps, The Moon

The Strong1 The Island

Mommy4thomas Twilight/Vampire Diaries Against All Odds

SVM/TB fanfic exchange Sign Up

Carroll E. Stewart The Man I Want To Be, 100 Word Count Stories The Magic of the 7ths

TB Viking Addict To Protect My Kin (link takes you to chapters page since I’m not familiar with the story)

The Darkest Falling Star When the Past Comes Knocking X-Men/Twilight

Fairytale Amber My Heartbeat Song

glittergrrrl The Bespoke Witch

VictoryIn Trouble Poetry Heaven Scent, Book Store

Queen of Area 5 Masque of the Red Death

Dirty Lemons Lay Low

reinla’s Trip Down the Rabbit Hole Just A Little Spark

Updates 6-7-15

Fanfiction Affliction

New Blood Awards Nominations–5 days left to nominate!

Fangbangers Anonymous From Fanfiction to Original Fiction

Fanatic Fanficition Voting until June 14

California Kat Every Contingency, From the Inside Out

Carroll E. Stewart The Man I Want To Be

kelpie’s korner Humpday Hotness, Story Spotlight, Fanart Friday, Story Spotlight

100 Sleepless Nights The Grey Eyed Dragon (Harry Potter Fic. Harry/Draco)

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Just Wandering, Never Lost Save Me

kittyinaz writing contest

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Victory In Trouble Poetry Sleep With Me

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makesmyheadspin No One Like You

meekotales The Originals/Twilight Something Bad

Fairytale Amber Dead and Loving It

Updates 5-31-15

New Blood awards nominations

Fanatic Fanfics updated voting dates. Voting is now open!

SVM/TB Fanficion Exchange

Carroll E. Stewart The Man I Want To Be

Carroll E. Stewart 100 Word Count Stories: Do Not, The Stuff Of War

Victory In Trouble Poetry: Rainbow, Darling Dreamer, Daylight Delight. Story Northman’s Nanny

Kelpie’s Korner: Humpday Hotness, Story Spotlight Don’t Expect Too Much (MI), Call Me, Maybe (OUAT), Fanart Friday

California Kat From the Inside Out, Every Contingency

Little Lowe (formerly Text Crazy 2011) Rooftop Confessions

Caliel’s Realm Supernatural/Twilight My Only Wish

Dirty Lemons Lay Low

Queen of Area 5 Masque of the Red Death

Natsgirl The Far Reach

Bertie Bott Bad Medicine

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In Love With Eric Mind the Curve

hisviks Bonfire Of the Vanities

The Darkest Falling Star Marvel/Twilight Gambit’s Siren

My Secret O Detox

Harley’s Thoughts Passing the Torch, Twilight/Batman Chasing Images

elfchef87 Twisted ‘n Turned III

Laurie Whitlock Twilight Letters

Secret Nerd Princess Wonderland

The Non-Canon Awards Story Review

penpractice Forgotten

kinnik’s funhouse Into the Blood

Updates: 5-27-15

meridian The Moon

The Darkest Falling Star Gambit’s Siren CH 2

The NonCanon Awards Review: Back and Forth

California Kat Every Contingency

Summary: An SVM what-if—How would’ve Sookie’s and Eric’s fates been different if Bobby also delivered a message to Sookie when he delivered the knife that would pledge her to Eric? What if Eric explained the situation to Sookie so that she wouldn’t feel like he’d manipulated her into pledging? Will she choose to pledge? Or will she get the hell out of Bon Temps to escape all the vampires in her life? (This “SHORT” is inspired by ncmiss12)

kjwrit Repossessed

kelpie’s Story Spotlight A Marriage of Inconvenience

Kelpie’s Author Spotlight Mina Lisly

Victory In Trouble Birthday Wishes

Cuinawen Twilight/Originals The Push and Pull of Things

Secret Nerd Princess Popcorn and Chocolate and Curious George Pajamas, Wonderland

IDream3223 Some Things Change

kittyinaz LOTR/Twilight The Sun Holds the Moon

Carroll E. Stewart The Man I Want to Be

JaspersGoddessofWar Mine

Biting My Thoughts Connected By the Soul

Updates: 5-24-15

First off I want to thank Gyllene and 4padfoot for accepting my offer to continue the awesome work they started on Fanfiction Minions. I will be starting the posts this coming Wednesday, May 27, 2015 and continue them twice a week. Anything posted on the Minions Facebook Page from 12:01 am EST Sunday, May 24 to midnight May 26/27 will be included in the update.

Just as a little help: midnight my time is 9:00 pm PST,  5:00 am in parts of Great Britain and at least parts of Germany and about mid afternoon in Australia. I am -5 hours GMT. And that’s the extent of my time differences knowledge, lol.

Here’s a tool to help you figure it out if you aren’t sure.

This is a new endeavor for me so it will take some time to iron out the kinks in my own system so I can get a posting day down pat.

Until the message reaches everyone it reached before I will be including the wordpress and fanfiction dot net authors I receive in my email inbox so I don’t send out empty emails.

I visited 4padfoot’s website for the first time yesterday and she has some AWESOME work! Visit her, you won’t be sorry and I KNOW you all have visited Gyllene’s site, since you read her, right? Right?

My 2 Cents’ Worth Time’s A Waiting, Swimming To the Light

California Kat United, The Marks Within, first place in the Area 5 Bloody Pen fanfiction contest, From the Inside Out

hisviks The Challenge. An entry for the Area 5 Bloody Pen Historical Fanfiction contest. From Time Immemorial, Beehl the Constipated Cat (This one is the best of the series so far)

kjwrit Northern Star (beginning)

American Android Godric VideoWhispers On the WindAmerican Android Radio Interview

kelpie’s Sunday SexinessSunday Sexiness 2

kelpie’s Story Spotlight Chance Encounters, Cop Car (MI), Two Princes (OUAT)

kelpie’s Humpday Hotness

kelpie’s Tuesday Tossup

kelpie’s fanart Friday

MistressJessica1028 Nymphomania, Waking Up Dead and one shot The Appointment

Victory In Trouble Worth The Wait, Birthday Wishes and Latte Love (a birthday story for IDream3223). She also does poetry. Who knew? Sweet Torture

kardamon Forget Me Not

kinnik Into the Blood, Shame and Grace, an entry in the Area 5 Bloody Pen Historical Fiction contest.

WOOT! Alphafang Die Tonight, Rule Tomorrow

fairytaleamber Or Watch Me Die, an entry in the Area 5 Bloody Pen Historical Fiction contest. Dead and Loving It

Carroll E. Stewart The Man I Want To Be

Carroll E. Stewart’s 100 word count story: The Clerk, The House Over the Hill

Non-Canon Awards Story Review: Funeral

Zofya The Children Of the Night, an entry in the Area 5 Bloody Pen Historical Fiction contest.

Just Wandering, Never Lost Save Me

Magsmacdonald Beauty and The Vampire Beast 

IDream3223 Night Vision

kleannhouse Meant To Be

meridian Eric Northman: After the Show

The Darkest Falling Star When the Past Comes Knocking, Gambit’s Siren

kittyinaz Tinman This Is Not the Beginning, This Is Not the End, Such A Heavenly View

Fanganger’s Anonymous Story Recs: On Duty

Jasper’s Goddess of War Twilight story The Willing

Summary: We all have a little darkness within all of us. A darkness that lies inside, waiting for us to give in… It won’t let you though, not until you’re willing…

and Twilight/Supernatural Charmed

Summary: She was tired of being used, betrayed; let down by those she cared about. She was tired of anything having to do with putting trust in anyone but herself. Trying her damndest to hold in her tears, she knew it was only a matter of time until her efforts would be useless. Originally a one shot, but will be a multi-chapter. CONTAINS MATURE THEMES AND ADULT LANGUAGE

Biting My Thoughts (all are Twilight/Vampire Diaries) From The Ashes Comes A New Beginning, Reaping Of New Orleans, Bella the Witch

Natsgirl1 The Far Reach

Harley’s Twilight/Avengers About Italy, Twilight/Spiderman A Webcatcher’s Dream, X-Men/Twilight Love Me Till It Hurts

reainla Twilight/True Blood Run Me Over

magpie Tales Crash and Burn, The Black Forest

Dirty Lemons Lay Low

Summary: Sookie’s been down on her luck and when her car needs repair, she ends up with job at a local garage. She’s the only female in a frat house environment and ends up becoming friends with Eric, the service writer. That friendship quickly evolves into something more but it’s not easy to keep things quiet in a small town like Bon Temps. It’s even harder at work, but they’re going to try.

MySecretO Detox

The Non-Canon Awards Story Spotlight From the Ashes Comes a New Beginning which is a story from Bite My Tongue who is listed above. They are looking for nominations for Cross overs. Some of the suggestions.

The Viking Trubie Seven Days

Melodious Nocturn Sweet Home Louisiana

missaliceunsub Time’s A Waiting, Character Sheet

buggyfiction The Originals/Twilight Sanctuaire

Reinla Just A Little Spark

jc52185 My Wish

Updates: 5-17-15

First first: This update covers the month of April. To all the authors listed in this update: I am sorry about ALL the link approvals you’re doing but that is the only way I can link to you. There should be only one more mass update which SHOULD get us current up to this Wednesday, May 20. After that I am HOPING  to get back on track and do the updates twice a week. Once again, sorry for all the approvals you’ll be doing.

First I want to introduce you to something I had a small hand in getting off the ground. I have mentioned it a few times and then my life took a left turn at Albequerque and it’s taken me a while to get back in the groove. Fangbangers Anonymous. It’s a listing of authors in the Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood Fandom who use WordPress to showcase their stories. There are a lot more authors than I actually realized, lol.

Next I want to show you Fanfiction Affliction which is a listing of different fandoms and stories in those fandoms. The site is live but the database is not complete yet so if anybody out there has any stories or is aware of any which are not listed you can contact the admins to see if they have it, know of it, etc.

Voting for The You Want Blood Awards is happening now! There is unlimited voting, once each day if you want, and is ongoing until May 22. I’m up for the Eagle Eye Award, Natsgirl is up for New Comer award and a couple of others, kardamon is up, kittyinaz, California Kat, kinnik, kleannhouse and a whole host of other awesome authors, banner artists and betas. Please, go vote and may the best in their category win!

Now, on with your (formerly) regularly scheduled update.

kelpie’s Humpday Hotness 1, Hotness 2, Hotness 3, Hotness 4, Hotness 5

Kelpies Story Spotlights: Be My Escape (Mortal Instruments), Once Upon A Birthday Party (OUAT), Wait, Chasing the Sun (MI), This Is Probably A Bad Time, But Marry Me (OUAT), Confessions, Dirt On A Window (MI), Couple’s Therapy, In the Welfare of War (MI), Captain Guyliner (OUAT), Tequila and What? (MI)

kelpie’s Fanart Friday 1, Fanart 2, Fanart 3, Fanart 4, Fanart 5

kelpie’s Sunday Sexiness 1, Sexiness 2, Sexiness 3, Sexiness 4

kelpie’s Author Spotlight, Sophie733

kittyinaz In the End, , Such A Heavenly View (HP), LOTR/Twilight The Sun Holds the Moon, True Blood/Twilight Put Your Feet Up To the Edge, Tin Man This is Not the Beginning, This Is Not the End

California Cat Tenterhooks, Who’s Your Daddy, From the Inside Out (sequel to Inner), United

Lara Kingsley Dead Briefs Tome 2

Virala Finally

jc52185 started her own WordPress. Amnesia is there, as is Lips Of An Angel and a new one, My Wish

Mistress Jessica’s Waking Up Dead, Life In the Fast Lane, Fangtasia’s Writer’s Appreciation Night, Incentive (one shot), Picking Up the Pieces, Nymphomania

Non-Canon Awards Story Review: Getaway, La Vie En Rose, Dying For Love

Meridian The Moon, Decisions, Sookie Takes Charge, Eric Northman: After the Show

Magpie Tales one shot Stakes and Bones, Crash and Burn

The Viking Trubie In the Beginning

Queen of Area Five: Ride the Lightening, one shot Turning Corners, Fanfic Exchange?, Immortal Love Revised, Veiled Blood (sequel to Lifting the Veil), Masque Of Red Death (Sequel to Behind the Public Masks)

Elfchef87 is back! Twisted ‘n Turned 3

American Android Over Six Feet of Sin, Whispers In the Wind, Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

Buggy Fiction The Originals/Twilight Sanctuaire

Bertie Botts Twilight/Avengers Set My Soul Alight, Originals/Twilight Sanctuaire

AlphaEn (alphafang) Abby’s Corner

Just Wandering, Never Lost Save me Prologue

Reinla Just A Little Spark

Victory In Trouble Northman’s Nanny, Number Love, Captive, Worth The Wait

My Fictional Musings is having issues with plagiarism

Harley’s Batman/Twilight Chasing Images, Twilight/Vampire Diaries Crow In Search Of A Swam, Twilight/Spiderman Webcatchers Dream, Twilight/Avengers Gamma Love, Twilight/Teenwolf Passing Of the Torch, Twilight/Avengers Breaking Protocol, Twilight/X-Men How It All Began (Superhero Contest entry)

hisviks Beehl, The Constipated Cat, 6 Months To Live, From Time Immemorial

kleannhouse Nite Lite, Meant To Be

traceyvamp1211 Saving Eric

My Secret O Up All Night, Fangbangers Anonymous

kardamon Forget Me Not

kjwrit The Venifca and the Vampire, Undateable (one shot)

kinnik Into the Blood

Ooshka Prairie Lullaby (OUAT)

Suki59 doesn’t write fanfiction any more but she IS a published author! She’s also still active on the Sookieverse over on FFN if you want to stop by and say hi.

The Darkest Falling Star Twilight Crossover Dreams Of Time, Originals/Vampire Diaries/Twilight Bits and Bobs, X-Men/Twilight When the Past Comes Knocking

Fairytale Amber Scratches, Dead and Loving It

magsmacdonald Even The Dead Can Scar

Gyllene Black Friday, Lovers Always

Sarafina So Fell The Angels (Supernatural)

IDream3223 one shot Things Happen, What Kind Of Man, one Shot Dust In the Wind, Constantine/Hellblazer Syncronicity (Superhero Contest entry), One Shot Renegades

Sitalia25 Supernatural one shot To Hell For Love

Missaliceunsub Time’s A Waiting

Natsgirl The Far Reach (sequel to Swimming To the Light)

Sashi Chopra Superheroes Are Born In Science Booths (an entry in Bertie Bott’s Superhero contest)

Sassy Mami Green Lantern/Twilight Superhero Contest entry Green With Love

Makesmyheadspin Dark Was the Night

I’m sorry if I missed anyone, there were just too many emails in my folder so I may have accidentally missed a few.

Updates: 5-12-15

It’s been a long while so I’m going to do an abbreviated update.

This covers the month of March! For the stories I put the first chapter from when I last posted rather than each chapter! That would have taken forever!

Plaguemysoul updated Mistaken Identity

kelpie’s Sunday Sexiness 1, Sunday Sexiness 2, Sunday Sexiness 3

kelpie’s Story Spotlights: Hollywood by Victory In Trouble, Last Words (Mortal Instruments), Strangers In An Airport (OUAT), Electric Limbo, A Revenge Gone Wrong (Mortal Instruments), The Heart of the Matter (OUAT), Saints and Sinners

kelpies Author Spotlights: Sephcurrentdaughterofposeidon, malmo772, NightFang

kelpie’s Humpday Hotness 1, Humbpday Hotness 2

kelpie’s Fanart Friday

Bertie Bott’s Twilight/Deadpool one shot Let Your Dreams Flood In

Kittyinaz completed All I Want which will be continued at some point in another story.

Dirty Lemons Love Shack

Natsgirl’s Swimming To the Light was finished and the continuation, The Far Reach was begun.

California Kat finished Inner and started the next in the Inner-verse, From the Inside Out, short story Bombshell

From the Non-Canon Awards blog: Review of the Twilight Story Scarred, Beauty and the Vampire Beast, Make A Wish

Hisviks Galatea’s Descent (not finished but this was the first chapter after life went wonky), 6 Months To Live, From Time Immemorial and Outtake, Beehl the Constipated Cat

Queenofareafive finished Lifting the Veil and started the next part, Veiled Blood as well as Wild and Wicked (Unconventional series)

Reinla’s Twilight/True Blood Run Me Over

melodiousnocturn’s Predatory, Moonlight Sonata

kellybellefiction one shot His Boots

harley’s Twilight/Avengers Ironmen and Thundergods, Twilight/Spiderman A Webcatcher’s Dream, Twilight/Avengers Gamma Love, Batman Twilight Chasing Images, Twilight/Vampire Diaries A Crow In Search Of A Swan, Twilight/Teen Wolf Passing Of the Torch, Twilight Teenwolf Lunar Deity

The Darkest Falling Star’s Moirai Mortis which is a cross over of Twilight and something (sorry, don’t follow much other than SVM/TB), Dreams of Time

Magpie Tales Crash and Burn

My Secret O Up All Night was finished and started Detox

Missaliceunsub Time’s Awaiting

Meridian’s Decisions, Sookie Takes Charge, Shall We Dance (one shot), The Revealing of Andre

Wannabewriter25 Spellbound

alh1971 one shot Second Chance

Cuianawen The Push and Pull of Things (Twilight and something Crossover)

mommy4thomas Twilight/Vampire Diaries Spirits In the Midst and The Devil Inside

IDream3223 Small Magics, Orbit, Love Is All

MistressJessica1028 A Queen’s Command

kinnik Into The Blood

kardamon’s Forget Me Not

DeeDeeINFJ Sold! (Hunger Games)

American Android Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

The Viking Trubie Unfoolish (her links in my email weren’t working, hopefully I catch them all sigh)

Gyllene At That Moment

Victory In Trouble Make Me Yours, Northman’s Nanny

Fairytale Amber Dead and Loving It, My Heartbeat Song

Just Wandering, Never Lost Love Eternal

mp5KOVA Total Eclipse

jc52185 Everything

magsmacdonald Even the Dead Can Scar

Essential Aromas Wellness

| Holistic Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Safety |

Organic Gardening Advise

Love to Garden? Learn Some Helpful Tips And Tricks To Help You Get That Green Thumb

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My Essential Oils Journey

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Robin's Aesthetics

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Fanfiction Shenanigans.

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Essential Aromas Wellness

| Holistic Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Safety |

Organic Gardening Advise

Love to Garden? Learn Some Helpful Tips And Tricks To Help You Get That Green Thumb

From the Beginning

My Essential Oils Journey

Fiction by Jenna Tee

Fanfiction and Original Fiction by Jenna Tee

Robin's Aesthetics

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♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan


Fanfiction Shenanigans.

G.C Gray - Writings and ramblings...

“Writing is the only thing, that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else” Gloria Steinem