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I’ve posted about ficlet78’s plagiarism before so I thought I would forward to you what ended up in my inbox today.
Good luck to the OTW and ficlet.


Hi Everyone,

This isn’t a post about a story.  It’s not really an update to my plagiarism throwdown either.

But it’s something really important that affects all of us in the fan fiction community.  When this whole thing went down with my work being stolen, I was totally adrift.  Everyone had an opinion about my rights and what I was able to do or not do, and I can tell you right now that 95% of those people–though well-intentioned–were way off base.

It really frightened me that, as creators, none of us seemed to know how to protect ourselves, should someone come along, read our stories, like what they see, and simply take it, tweak, slap it between two covers and sell it for their own gain.  Lots of people voiced that I’m not a real author since I’m “infringing” on the AB and CH copyrights.  Several said that, sure…

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Review: iDracula

It’s ready, the post I told you about in Cell Novels: iDracula by Bekka Black.

I hope you all go out and find a few :), I’m going to once I get caught up on some stuff that has priority!

Cell Novels

I discovered a new type of story today; one that, if you think about it, makes sense given the amount of time we spend on our cell phones and other hand held electronic devices.

I discovered Cell Novels!

The one I read in just a couple of hours, iDracula was my first cell novel read and the review can be read here.

I will definitely be reading more :).


I told you all about ficlit78’s work being plagiarized back in July, here is her update. Good luck ficlit. I hope it all works out in your favor.


Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to give you a quick (if vague) update on my plagiarism situation.  Things are progressing, and pretty soon I’m going to publish an article I’ve written on the experience that will outline the entire story from beginning to end, no matter the outcome.

Thanks to some close fandom friends, I’ve collected and read every Anthony book, save one, and that one is being hunted down as we speak.  (That one book I haven’t read had a teaser published on another promoter’s blog, and in that single excerpt, my work was contained in the very first paragraph of chapter one.)  I can also report that every book–save one–contained pieces of my work.  One single book had 18 direct excerpts in it, 6 were longer than a paragraph, and 3 were longer than a page.  Missron80 even discovered other fanfic authors’ work.  I want to thank her and kjwrit for…

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Review: The Green Dagger

I just finished The Green Dagger today, in only a matter of hours.

It is targeted for 9-14 year olds but those of us who are young at heart will enjoy it as well.

If you have a young reader on your Christmas list The Green Dagger will be in stores December 2, 2014 and is the second book of the Black Myst Trilogy by Kelly Hess.


Okay, I’m strange, I admit it, but I DESPISE Oktoberfest!

It’s hard enough to get around town during construction season (we only have two seasons any way:  No way am I going out in that sh*t and construction) without the added *bonus* of closed streets due to the oh-so-wonderful celebration that is really just another reason to drink. Like a University town NEEDS another reason for its inhabitants to imbibe booze of all descriptions!

Add to that the buses and buses and buses of tourists and you would think we were in Munich, Germany rather than Kitchener, Ontario, Canada!

There are some cool things that happen like the car show and the RIDE Program and the Thanksgiving Parade since Thanksgiving is always the second Monday in October.

The RIDE Program is sponsored by the Region, the Grand River Transit Authority, the Regional Police and a few others; this program makes the bus rides free after 10:00 or 11:00 pm, and extends the hours some routes run, so the revelers can get home safely, and keep others who are on the roads safer as well.  This should be EVERY weekend, not just the two weekends of Oktoberfest and New Years Eve!

I would love to do some of the things they come up with like the car show and most years David Wilcox performs at both Oktoberfest and Bluesfest in August. Unfortunately panic attacks and claustrophobia (what a combination!) prevent me from doing stuff in crowded spaces, especially if it’s hard to get to an exit or there is only one exit.

It’s not any of the above though that made me dislike it in the first place, they just enhance my experience (cue sarcasm cue card) ten fold! The real reason is that it brings out the worst in people. People are ruder than ever, you can find sick (and other bodily functions) in the bushes, their inhibitions go out the window and, well, I’m not proud to be a human when those things happen.

If I could I would be ANYWHERE other than here for these ten days and nights I would be.


Review: Marked By the Vampire

Marked By the Vampire

by Cynthia Eden

I just finished another awesome book which received yet another 5 star review!


My 2 Cents’ Worth: Deception

I haven’t written a spotlight post since July and for that I am very sorry.  I have grown lazy it seems, and spent my time on other things.  Things which are just as important to me but surely I can do a wee bit of time management?

Any way, the My 2 Cents’ Worth this time is for Deception by MistressJessica1028.

Enjoy it, I know I am.


First things first, here’s your first Fanfiction Minions post.

Now a couple of recipes for you:  Pecan Pie and Sweet Potato Pie.

Both of those recipes are family favorites and get made at least for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter although the Sweet Potato one gets made more often because it can be eaten as part of a meal, the meal itself (raises hand shyly) or as dessert.

The pecan pie is different from what most southerners are used to since there isn’t a drop of corn syrup in it!  This one is firm every single time!  I haven’t made a runny one yet.

May I suggest making a pie first then sitting down and reading all the updates on fanfiction minions?

The House Always Wins

The votes are in for Seph’s Writing Challenge

My Story, The House Always Wins, can be found here

This is my first all human story, as you can probably tell, lol.  Enjoy.

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