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Book Reviews by Others

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Merry Christmas




From my family to yours:

Happy Hoho

New One Shot

I wrote A Christmas To Remember for kittyinaz’s December 2015 writing challenge.

I hope you like it.

Desert Rose Café Review

If you’re in Ontario, Canada you’ve heard the phrase ‘It’s worth the drive to Acton’ which refers to The Hide House, leather clothing, furniture, accessories, etc. Well, I’ve found a café which is worth the drive to Elora.

The Desert Rose was the highlight of the weekend. Yes, the food was that totally awesome!

I had a bean burger. I am not vegetarian or vegan anything but I think that burger was probably the best burger I’ve ever had! It was plump and juicy and just totally delicious. My boyfriend even bought one to bring home for his supper it was so good, lol.

My boyfriend had their quiche. I think his eyes actually glazed over because it was so good.

The interior of the café has a homey feel and the seating is unique; it’s harvest seating. Most of their tables sit ten or twelve with a couple which seat two. You come in and take a seat wherever there’s space whether someone’s already sitting at the table or not.

Desert Rose Café

Click their menu to see their options. It is a .jpg.

Most of The Desert Rose’s menu items have the option for gluten and dairy free but it is all at least vegetarian and some have the option for vegan.

We only saw two staff but they were fast and efficient. I think the one who took our order was the chef/cook since we didn’t see her again once we ordered and other customers started trickling in.

They also have a cookbook with their most popular recipes. Naturally, since we liked what we had SO much we bought a copy.


How awesome is that?!

The price was about average for a good meal. It was about $45 for the quiche, and two burgers and a Blue Sky soda.

We will definitely be going back again and again and again.


Book Reviews: 12-20-15

The Ninth Life by Clea Simon
Camp Midnight
Private Eye Deluxe Edition
The Night Parade
The Lady Who Lived Again
Six-Gun Snow White
Hour of the Wolf: An Inspector Van Veeteren Mystery
Lizzie and the Lost Baby

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The Kind Worth Killing
The Cunning Woman’s Cup
Another Different Kind of Book Review: Colour Yourself Calm by Tiddy Rowan (Mandalas by Paul Heussenstamm)
The Santa Klaus Murder
Slade House
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Stone and a Hard Place
The Siege Winter
Ashley Bell

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Placebo Junkies
Outback Promise
The Victim
This Song Is (Not) For You
The Secrets We Kept
Hark- A Christmas Collection

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The Girlfriend Request

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Big Rock

from My Boyfriend Lives In Books

An Apology

Lady Anachornism posted this on Thursday.

I would like to apologize for any part I had in the hurt she felt and the problems she has had since then.

I felt guilty as soon as I said some things I shouldn’t have but never did anything about it, sadly.

I could have posted this Thursday night but I wanted to take the time to mull things over and write this from a place where I knew I actually was sorry rather than just a reactionary apology because I felt guilty at the moment. That wasn’t the case, this isn’t reactionary, it is the real deal.

Lady Anachronism, Zofya, I am sorry for the part I played in making you feel like an outcast and that your writings weren’t worthy.

Book Review: Tracking Jane

I have a new book review for you.

Book Reviews 12-13-15

In a Dark Dark Wood
No Rest For The Wicked (Vampires Of London #1)
The Attic Room: A Psychological Thriller


Where The Memories Lie
The Paths We Choose

from Ajoobacats

Killing Trail: A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery
Stranger Than Fiction
Hasel and Rose
The Spell of Pencliff: Volume 1
The Children’s Home
Sciaphobia (Book One)
Blood Tracks
Backhand Smash: A Percy Peach British police procedura
Rat Queens Deluxe Edition Volume 1 (Rat Queens #1-10)

from Journey Of A Bookseller

What Keeps You Up At Night?

Whatever It Takes
Thicker Than Water

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If I Could Turn Back Time
See Me
Doll Parts
The Raven Boys
A New Life

From Comfy Reading

The Hired Girl

from Vivian Copeland’s Best Books Of All Time

Graphic Novel: Oddly Normal (Chapter #1)

From The Reading Bud





New Look

If you visit my site you will see a new look!

I’m very happy with what I have there now.

Thanks to kittyinaz for making both the header banner AND the background image!

I tried putting what’s in the banner now as the background image, but you couldn’t see Alex’s face. That’s a HUGE no-no!

They are both essentially the same only the banner has Alexander Skarsgard on it, and, since he and Sookie were the inspiration for this site initially…maybe I should say lack of Sookie/Eric since both the author and the show writers decided to give our couple a very unhappily ever after

Book Reviews 12-6-15


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