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Good News!

I did an interview with kelpie about my writing!

It hasn’t been put up on her site yet but I will certainly let you know when it is!

Disclosure Outtakes

I am adding my Disclosure Outtakes for your perusal.

The link is the title page where I am linking the stories as they are completed.  If you can’t click them they aren’t posted yet.

Please, enjoy.

More Disclosure

Their Story

Sookie finally tells the story of her and Bill and how she ended up vampire.

One Shot with a strong warning:  There IS mention of torture.  If this isn’t your cuppa please skip this story.  There are more coming which will be more to your liking.

Thank you for reading.


Another One shot

At Fangtasia

Sookie’s first time at Fangtasia as a vampire.

This is a one shot and is a Disclosure out take.

I have several more out takes ready for the press, two more complete stories and I’m working on a couple more.


Another One Shot

The First Time

I guess I should put a warning here!  This IS fem slash!  If this offends you or it’s not your thing please I do have other stories and there are other authors out there.

Sookie’s barely a week old.  What happens when Eric is called out of town?  Who does she turn to to relieve those awful urges?  You know, the ones that come after feeding, the sexual ones.

This one will be partially posted over on ffn this weekend.

Out take of Disclosure.


New One Shot

Behind the Ring

Centuries ago Eric had taken a bullet for her, long before she became his child.


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