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Joe Mangienello Engaged?



Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello Engaged: Report

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are reportedly engaged! The “Modern Family” actress and her “True Blood” star.beau have yet to announce the news publicly, but a number of outlets are reporting that Vergara was spotted wearing an engagement ring while vacationing with Manganiello in Hawaii.

Very cute together..

Puts lips to screen






Kiss kiss Mr Northman..

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Story Updates

Okay, obviously I can’t keep up with the once a week updates and I can’t generally do them as they arrive in my inbox since the majority land there when I’m at work, which means mobile, which means WordPress freezes my phone. Besides I can sometimes get upwards of 20 story updates in a day and I don’t want to do that to all of you.


I will send the ones I have gotten in the last 24 hours and TRY to keep doing that instead of once a week although I am NOT going to promise since apparently I suck at keeping these promises too :(.

We Wear the Mask by VictoryInTrouble. I need to go back to the beginning and reread this once since I’ve had so much else going on that I’ve lost the thread of it but I wouldn’t have put it on my alerts if I didn’t like it :).

Summary:  Set at the beginning of season 4 with a wiser Sookie and slightly less infuriating Eric. Well, at least he doesn’t walk into her bedroom when she’s naked! Can Sookie and Eric get past their tough exteriors to give themselves a chance together? Sookie thinks so and has a plan to get to Eric’s real self- beyond the mask. And now introducing Amnesia Pam! Rated M for language & lemons.

A Christmas Dream by mommy4Thomas.  Warning: This IS based on Twilight–New Moon I don’t generally read non-SVM or non-TB since I’m not up on the other fandoms but I read last night’s update (chapter 2) and was caught from the very first word. Who wouldn’t be with my mind stuck on Scott Bakula?


This story was inspired in part by the story “A Christmas Carol”. It takes place during Bella’s “zombie” period in “New Moon.” A time when she is emotionally distraught and severely depressed over her break up with a certain sparkly vampire and the abrupt departure of the family she loved so dearly.

She finds herself alone on Christmas Eve, and with the help of several visitors, she finds a strength and renewed confidence in herself. At first, wary of the idea of love, she finds herself presented with a possible future. A future filled with a true love and happiness. Will she dare to believe its possible and follow the path that is set before her?

‘Tis the Season by MistressJessica1028.  She finished this one last night and I must say, her writing has grown by leaps and bounds since the first story of hers I read

Summary:   A reworking of the events that happened post Season 4 with a holiday twist. It has been about six weeks since Sookie walked away from Eric and Bill.  Eric has tried to move on, but cannot let go of the woman who has stolen his thousand-year old heart.  He uses the spirit of the Christmas season to help him woo Sookie back.

Crash and Burn by MagPieTales.  I’m having a really hard time getting into this one for some reason, as well as the one before it.

Summary:  Sookie returns to Bon Temps, free of the effects of the fairy wish and determined to build a new life for herself. But things never go smoothly for our girl. She finds herself dragged deeper into the supernatural world, in ways she didn’t imagine. Part 2 of the Long Haul Saga. Spoilers for all books, Sookie and Eric POV.

Moonlight Sonata by melodiusnocturn.

Summary: The source of his dreams came from a beautiful prisoner that was considered to be dangerous. When Eric first laid eyes on her, he knew she was meant to be his, but could this beautiful woman allow herself to trust in fate and allow herself to be loved, and could she love in return?

Seeds of Memory by makesmyheadspin  Definitely AU and OOC since it’s all human.

Summary:  For some reason she didn’t put one.  Biker Eric. ‘Nuff said.

Dead Briefs: Tome 2 by larakingsley.

Summary:  After moving to Louisiana and surviving an attack by the Fangbangers killer, Sookie Stackhouse is more than ready to settle into her new life next to her vampire client/lover, Eric Northman. But when a mysterious woman looming over Bon Temps, a double disappearance in Dallas and the ever creepy neighbour across the cemetery threaten the happiness they had been looking forward to, it’s up to the telepathic lawyer and the Viking Vampire Sheriff to save the day.

Photo: Eric/Sookie

This is something new I’m trying…sending some of my posts from my tumblr account to my wordpress account. I’ll try to make them at least relevant to the things I cover here…cooking, books and True Blood/SVM although you might just get some Outlander mixed in as well since I have a crush on Sam Heughan and I think he and Caitriona Balfe are awesome together.

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Stormy Sunset Over Greenwich Pier

Pretty 🙂

Don Charisma

It’s the pier used to catch a boat in Greenwich, London, on a rather cloudy cold moody evening. Sunset London style !

Enjoy 😀 fantastic photos are available to buy at For our blog readers we’re currently offering a 15% promotional discount – use code dc1406 at checkout.

Taken in Greenwich, London © Don Charisma

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Review: The Last Human

Hello and Happy Holidays!

I have a new book review for you, as the title indicates, and for the first time in a while it’s not a romance :).

The Last Human

I will hopefully have plenty more for you in the new year since I had plenty of gift certificates in the toe of my stocking this year, and plenty of chocolate to give me the energy to push them out, lol.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday, vacation or an easy time at work since I know I’m planning on enjoying every second of my work break and the lovely weather we’re having. (I even managed to say that without the usual winter based sarcasm since 1 degree Celsius is far from seasonal weather in Southern Ontario.)

I’m pleased as punch that everyone enjoyed Loony Toonie which definitely made up for the lack of competition in the competition. Thank you.

Read and enjoy and, if you like, give me some feed back :).

Have a safe and happy end of 2014 and a prosperous and happy 2015!

New Challenge


I entered Kittyinaz’s Kill Bill contest. Unfortunately I was the ONLY entry. Fortunately that means I won.  I didn’t have the thrill I usually have when the results are announced though.

Clicking the banner above will take you to the kittyinaz site so you can participate in her usually monthly challenges and read her stories (I Never…Did is my favorite)

Clicking Loony Tooney will take you to the story. I will add the custom banner to it once it’s completed.

There IS a warning to go with this one shot, lol.

You will need a funny bone and a box of tissues.

Oh, and if you are a Bill fan you might want to find something else to read :D.


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