BVS: Pledging chap 1

Last time:

“Sookie, you married me once in the vampire way, once in the human way and once in the way of your people. Would you do me the very great honour of renewing our vampire wedding vows and becoming, once again, my wife for all time?”


She gasped and looked at him with all the love in her heart looking out at him through her teary eyes and held her left hand out to him. “Eric!  I would like nothing better than to marry you again.”

She didn’t want a huge pledging/wedding. She just wanted something small and simple, something with only her, Eric, Pam and the officiant, that’s it.

As a human child she had dreamed of meeting her Prince Charming, having him come in to rescue her from all the evils of her world. He resembled what her real Prince Charming looked like. There had just been one huge difference, really. Her imaginary Prince Charming had been human.

The Prince Charming she had actually met wasn’t human, he was vampire. In the beginning she had a really hard time reconciling the thoughts and feelings in her dreams about dream Prince Charming with the thoughts and feelings of her real Prince Charming. It took a lot of work on both their parts, horrors and accidents, a take over, a sham pledging and constant reassurance but she had finally come to the realization that he really was meant for her and she was meant for him.

One year ago tonight she had given herself to him finally and completely and allowed him to make her a vampire. She couldn’t have been happier about the way things had turned out. There wasn’t anything she would have changed about the last year, either.

She loved her Viking, he loved her, that’s all anyone really needs in this life—love.

Just a few minutes ago Eric had made her even happier, and she didn’t think that was even possible! He had asked her to renew their pledge! The first one had sort of been like a shotgun wedding with her not being given the option of saying no.

This time they were going to do it right. He had asked her and she had said “Yes” quite enthusiastically.

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  1. Comparing Eric to Prince Charming is cool…in a certain way he really was a sort of prince in his human life…who cares that he’s vampire!

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