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Yes, I know it’s been a while since I posted anything; I haven’t forgotten about any of you, honest, but I have sunk my fangs into a couple of stories that I’m co-writing with someone and they’ve been sucking my brain power!  I’m really engrossed in them and will be proud to post the links to the stories once they are up and being posted.

Once is an alternate ending/extension to Straw Dogs (I haven’t seen it) but the story so far is AWESOME and I’m super stoked to be a part of the creative team of two, plus betas, who are putting it together in a more readable form than emails flying back and forth with ideas, suggestions and questions.

The other is a rewrite of one of her old stories since she wants to make it better and we are definitely doing that!  We have plenty more going on on the co-writer front and I have one or two of my own which my muse seems to have a vacation from.

In other words there are more stories to come it’s just taking a while since the muse, bitch that she is, has decided that I will do something else fun and write about something else close to my heart for a while, actually one of the stories combines my love of SVM and True Blood with another love which shall remain a secret for now.

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