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Kittyinaz All I WantWisdom, Light Up the Path (The Mummy/Twilight X-Over)

Kelpie’s Korner spotlighted Meridian and Back and Forth and updated The Institute (This is a Mortal Instruments story)

Makesmyheadspin The Imposter

magsmacdonald Even The Dead Can Scar

Dirty Lemons Dirty Laundry (several chapters)

California Kat Inner (several chapters)

melodiousnocturn Moonlight Sonata

mommy4thomas A Christmas Dream This is one of very few non SVM/TB stories I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

kardamon Forget Me Not

Fairytaleamber Scratches

meridian Sookie Takes Charge (two chapters)

In Love With Eric Sookie Shorts It HAS been a while since she has posted anything so, if you want to go back to read the beginning.

Unseen Wonder Destined In Dallas Thanks to kittyinaz’s Reblog Page I have discovered a wonderful new author. The link takes you to the summary page where you can access all the chapters. I have read all that’s written for this story, it is a WIP, and I LOVE it! Sookie isn’t a wimp or a doormat. Instead she starts questioning her relationship with Bill and everything that lead up to the Rooftop in Dallas. Quite an enjoyable read, I assure you.

Magpie Tales Crash and Burn

MySecretO Up All Night

Sarafina So Fell The Angels is a Supernatural FanFiction.

Eric Eric Eric pointed us in the direction of an ASkars interview at the Sundance Festival about his move Diary of A Teenage Girl.

Queen of Area 5 Lifting the Veil

Suki59 (Suki McMinn) has a book signing on January 31.

larakingsley Dead Briefs Tome 2

Edited to correct:  My bad, I erroneously credited Fairtytale Amber with Hisviks Time Immemorial. My apologies and thank you Hisviks for the correction. I guess that’s what happens when I do things at 5:00 am instead of a more humane 9:00 am!


Updates 1-11-15

Meridean has done it again…Another Twi-fuckery crack fic.

Fairy Tale Amber has posted chapters 2 and 3 of Scratches

Dirty Lemons has up to chapter 6 of Dirty Laundry posted.

idream3223 has 6 chapters of Sacrifice

amr83 has chapter 15 of The Eye of the Storm

California Kat has chapter 12 of Who’s Your Daddy

Gyllene has chapter 11 of Black Friday

Magpie Tales has chapters 14 and 15 of Crash and Burn

MySecret0 has chapter 9 of Up All Night

American Android has chapter 3 of Whispers In the Wind and chapter 22 of Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

Dream On has chapter 22 of Dead and Alive

cuinawen has chapter 10 of Step to the Edge

kittyinaz has chapter 5 of her Mummy/Twilight Cross Over, Light Up the Path as well as this month’s writing challenge

Just Wandering Never Lost has chapter 35 of Lovers Eternal

The Non Canon Awards has a Twilight exclusive going on right now.

LilGray1326 and I have chapter 6 of It’s Elemental.  Remember:  This story does come with a BDSM and cutting warning.

jc52185 has chapter 24 of Everything.

Updates 1-7-2015

Here’s another batch of story updates :). Enjoy.

The Moon by Meridian

by MistressJessica1028


Hanging In the Balance

The Boss

Nymphomania is a new story. Sex addiction therapy anyone?

Destination Eternity by dragontraynor

Dirty Dancing by Dream On

Lifting the Veil by Queen of Area 5. This one had me ecstatic! LOVE this story!

Spellbound by wannabewriter25

Sacrifice by IDream3223. Hep-V caused the vamps who had it to mutate as well.

Dirty Laundry by Dirty Lemons

Scratches by Fairytale Amber.  It’s a new story that starts when Sookie is laying on the couch in Eric’s office after the maenad attack.

Finally by Virala.

Forget Me Not by kardamon.

Even the Dead Can Scar by magsmacdonald

Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole by American Android

Cast Iron Hearts by Harley’s Thoughts. It’s a Twilight/Avengers Cross Over.

A Christmas Dream by mommy4thomas. LOVING this story!

Inner by California Kat

It’s Elemental by lilgray1326 and me although it is her original idea and will have an E/S HEA. WARNING:  There is mention of cutting and BDSM in this story so if you don’t like or can’t read for whatever reason please do not click the link.





Updates 1-5-15

Hi all. It’s been a few days and I have a few updates for you.

Bertie Bot posted the eiplogue to Thirsty For Your Love which is a Twitlight and Vampire Diaries cross over.

Unfortunately there isn’t a summary so I can’t tell you what it’s about 😦 since I haven’t read it.

Faerietale Amber gave us a preview for a story called Scratches and I gotta say it’s got me looking forward to the next installment.

Summary:  After the maenad attacked Sookie, Eric offers to give her his blood to heal after all the poison is removed. Bill tries to fight to keep Eric’s blood away from her, but Fairy Sookie is having none of that and says yes to Eric. With Bill’s blood no longer in her system, Sookie wants Eric’s blood, protection, and care. Can Eric protect Sookie from Bill and his Queen.

She also got first place in Kittyinaz Christmas writing challenge with the Twelve Gifts of Christmas. Many kudos to her and a hearty endorsement for this story since I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Summary:  This story picks up a few weeks after Club Dead and before Dead to the World, shall we say over the Christmas break. 🙂 Sookie is enduring her first Christmas without Gran, or anyone else. She has time to think about the events of Club Dead and what she wants for her future. This tale is not BETA approved, all mistakes are mine alone.

Meridean updated Decisions. There isn’t a summary and all I can tell you is that it’s a Godric story and he’s involved with an original character.

Magpie Tales updated Crash and Burn.

MySecretO updated Up All Night.

MagsMacdonald extended her one shot Revelations to include Happy.

Revelations was written for one of the writing challenges last year and is what got me hooked on her stories; I have read Make a Wish several times and am just as floored by it each time I read it. Her story Even the Dead can Scar has me hooked as well.

Queen of Area 5 completed the short story Hopeless. It’s only three chapters so I do mean short, lol.

Summary:  S5: What would happen if Sookie wasn’t ‘glamoured’ at the hospital and Kibwe demanded her brought along to the Authority? Surrounded by vampires she does not know and does not trust, the question becomes whom can Sookie depend on and whom she will turn to so she can make it out alive.

Kittyinaz has a writing challenge going if anyone’s interested.

Seraphina added a chapter to her Supernatural story Angels on My Shoulders.


Lucifer is free, and now there’s Hell for the Winchesters to pay. Not to mention needing to keep a low profile from the angels hunting them. Tabitha finds herself stuck between loyalty to her brothers, and trying to reconcile the feelings she may have for an angel—and the feelings he may have for her. Their feelings might not be so hard to sort out—if they weren’t trying to stop the Apocalypse or stop the angels that are rooting for it.

Reinla updated Run Me Over. I haven’t read it and there isn’t a summary :(.

Victory In Trouble updated Captive. I started reading it last night, unfortunately I got distracted by something shiny.

Summary:  Eric and Sookie are both locked into lives that bring them no happiness. When they find each other, will their love and determination be enough to free both of them from a life of misery? It is not a vampire story…but it’s not an all human story either…

Jc52185 updated Everything which is the sequel to Love and Memories.

Kleannhouse updated Night Light and I must say I am REALLY enjoying this one.

American Android is looking for beta’s if anyone’s interested. I don’t have the time or I would offer.

Mommy4Thomas updated A Christmas Dream and I’m still interested DESPITE the fact it isn’t an SVM or TB story.

This is the something shiny I referred to earlier. As you know I started a new blog last week for all things not fanfiction and that is the link to A Little of This and a Little of That.. It covers all sorts of things from my Dr. Who obsession to discussions on various subjects to Outlander and a bunch of other stuff. Right now it’s mostly stuff I’ve imported from my Tumblr account but I am planning on using it for reblogs of other interesting stuff I’ve found on the net, life in general and pretty much anything that doesn’t make it onto SVM & TB for some reason.

It isn’t perfect yet as I’ve still got a bunch of posts to go through and categorize/tag and add subject lines for although I have cut the number by more than half already just by taking out the True Blood references and stuff that just didn’t translate no matter how hard I tried to fix it so they would. It’s a lot of hard work and a lot of sitting on my butt and staring at my screen but it’ll be worth it in the end.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a wonderful new year!






Happy New Year everyone :).

I discovered a new to me story last night written by kleannhouse:  Night Light

It’s a WIP and intriguing to say the least.

Summary: What happens if Eric missed one of the Yakuza killing squad? Would Sookie be able to protect herself from the last one? Or will she perish? Who will be her savior?

California Kat updated Inner last night as well.

Happy New Year Ms. Stackhouse by HisViks is a companion piece to Merry Christmas Mr. Northman.

I Dream3223 wrote a short ditty called Once Upon A Time which is original. There are no names or anything but it is still fun.

Gyllene wrote Won’t You Come In which is a one shot based after Eric flies Sookie home.

Queen of Area 5 accomplished quite a lot this past year.

She wrote:  Behind the Public Masks

Summary:  An old friendship and a chance encounter changed the fate of the Stackhouse’s forever.

The Long Hard Road Out of Hell series

Summary:  A shocking betrayal leaves Sookie broken. But, when lies are uncovered and secrets unearthed, a new light is cast upon the past, and a shocking truth is finally revealed.


Summary:  Eric lived a life of sin and never apologized for it. But when he’s visited by Three Ghosts from his past, Eric is forced to face up to the consequences of his actions.

Here Comes Good-Bye which is a one-shot

Masks Outtake:  Constructing the Mask

Swing and Ring In the New Year which are related one shots with a prequel and sequel planned.

She also wrote quite a bit for Lifting the Veil which I think is my favorite of hers so far although I am also partial to another one which she has moved over to Sunset Queens called The Darkness Within but it’s not started over there yet since they’re still working on it.

Lifting the Veil Summary:  To protect the future, Sookie had to forget her past and become the one thing she never wanted to be… Human.

And she also worked some on Fool No More

Summary:  After being staked, attacked, almost drained, nearly raped, dealing with a kidnapping scheme, and being assaulted again, Sookie decides that enough is enough. Taking her own life in her hands leads to discoveries, connections, and developments that will forever alter her life and its direction.

Holy Crow! Somebody was busy this last year! And that’s WITHOUT including her work on Answer To the Master over on Sunset Queens. Whew! Kudos to you Queenie!

Story Updates

Okay, obviously I can’t keep up with the once a week updates and I can’t generally do them as they arrive in my inbox since the majority land there when I’m at work, which means mobile, which means WordPress freezes my phone. Besides I can sometimes get upwards of 20 story updates in a day and I don’t want to do that to all of you.


I will send the ones I have gotten in the last 24 hours and TRY to keep doing that instead of once a week although I am NOT going to promise since apparently I suck at keeping these promises too :(.

We Wear the Mask by VictoryInTrouble. I need to go back to the beginning and reread this once since I’ve had so much else going on that I’ve lost the thread of it but I wouldn’t have put it on my alerts if I didn’t like it :).

Summary:  Set at the beginning of season 4 with a wiser Sookie and slightly less infuriating Eric. Well, at least he doesn’t walk into her bedroom when she’s naked! Can Sookie and Eric get past their tough exteriors to give themselves a chance together? Sookie thinks so and has a plan to get to Eric’s real self- beyond the mask. And now introducing Amnesia Pam! Rated M for language & lemons.

A Christmas Dream by mommy4Thomas.  Warning: This IS based on Twilight–New Moon I don’t generally read non-SVM or non-TB since I’m not up on the other fandoms but I read last night’s update (chapter 2) and was caught from the very first word. Who wouldn’t be with my mind stuck on Scott Bakula?


This story was inspired in part by the story “A Christmas Carol”. It takes place during Bella’s “zombie” period in “New Moon.” A time when she is emotionally distraught and severely depressed over her break up with a certain sparkly vampire and the abrupt departure of the family she loved so dearly.

She finds herself alone on Christmas Eve, and with the help of several visitors, she finds a strength and renewed confidence in herself. At first, wary of the idea of love, she finds herself presented with a possible future. A future filled with a true love and happiness. Will she dare to believe its possible and follow the path that is set before her?

‘Tis the Season by MistressJessica1028.  She finished this one last night and I must say, her writing has grown by leaps and bounds since the first story of hers I read

Summary:   A reworking of the events that happened post Season 4 with a holiday twist. It has been about six weeks since Sookie walked away from Eric and Bill.  Eric has tried to move on, but cannot let go of the woman who has stolen his thousand-year old heart.  He uses the spirit of the Christmas season to help him woo Sookie back.

Crash and Burn by MagPieTales.  I’m having a really hard time getting into this one for some reason, as well as the one before it.

Summary:  Sookie returns to Bon Temps, free of the effects of the fairy wish and determined to build a new life for herself. But things never go smoothly for our girl. She finds herself dragged deeper into the supernatural world, in ways she didn’t imagine. Part 2 of the Long Haul Saga. Spoilers for all books, Sookie and Eric POV.

Moonlight Sonata by melodiusnocturn.

Summary: The source of his dreams came from a beautiful prisoner that was considered to be dangerous. When Eric first laid eyes on her, he knew she was meant to be his, but could this beautiful woman allow herself to trust in fate and allow herself to be loved, and could she love in return?

Seeds of Memory by makesmyheadspin  Definitely AU and OOC since it’s all human.

Summary:  For some reason she didn’t put one.  Biker Eric. ‘Nuff said.

Dead Briefs: Tome 2 by larakingsley.

Summary:  After moving to Louisiana and surviving an attack by the Fangbangers killer, Sookie Stackhouse is more than ready to settle into her new life next to her vampire client/lover, Eric Northman. But when a mysterious woman looming over Bon Temps, a double disappearance in Dallas and the ever creepy neighbour across the cemetery threaten the happiness they had been looking forward to, it’s up to the telepathic lawyer and the Viking Vampire Sheriff to save the day.

I just did an oops

I wrote the whole week of updates, or I hope it was all of them, THEN realized it was a page instead of a post sigh

So, this week you’ll be redirected to the page that stuff is on rather than be able to click from the post, lol.



Okay,  I didn’t get any responses to whether or not folks want to be informed when a story is updated so, here’s what I’ll do:  I’ll direct you to Fanfiction Minions when they post on Sundays and I’ll let you know when the stories I beta update, that way your inboxes aren’t filled with multiple posts for the same stories and I’ll be promoting my favorite authors :).  That way, too, we get the best of both worlds–stories to fill our Sundays, or the rest of the week, and I don’t have to think of a post for the daily post on Sundays, lol.

Gotta Be Somebody

MissPharao has posted chapter 6 of Gotta Be Somebody

Miss Pharao has some awesome ideas for this story and they are slowly coming to fruition.  The story’s a little slow right now but it will pick up in a couple of chapters.

Chapter 6:  A murder and we learn a little more about Queen Sophie-Anne, Bill’s possible motives and a job offer.

Kardamon has also posted chapter 8 of Forget Me Not

We learn a little more about Sookie’s dreams, we learn whether Jason becomes a were-panther and Sookie has a ‘discussion’ with Bill.

Question:  I have many different authors on my notify list:  Would you all like me to let you know when those stories update?

I know some of you have a lot of the same authors on Notify  or you belong to FanfictionMinions, who just happen to have more than one fandom represented, as I do.

Just as a sampling I have California Kat, Queen of Area 5, MissRon80, KJWrit, MySecretO, MistressJessica1028, kleannhouse and a host of other authors.

Please leave a comment if you would like me to pass on the story update information.


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Organic Gardening Advise

Love to Garden? Learn Some Helpful Tips And Tricks To Help You Get That Green Thumb

From the Beginning

My Essential Oils Journey

Fiction by Jenna Tee

Fanfiction and Original Fiction by Jenna Tee

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♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan


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“Writing is the only thing, that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else” Gloria Steinem