The End

Thanks to Meridian for this little tidbit which is what inspired this little tidbit. More specifically it’s the last couple of comments that brought this on.

The End

It has been ten years, ten very long yet very short years, for Eric Northman.

Those years have been very kind to him even if the end of what brought it on broke his heart into a million pieces.

The end was the beginning of the rest of his unlife. Even though he had cherished her, Sookie Stackhouse had been too naïve, too immature, too besotted with someone else to see his actions for what they truly were.

She may have treated vampires as just another person but she looked at the world through rose coloured glasses. Glasses which someone should have ripped off her face and stomped beneath their feet.

Sookie saw that the world had flaws, she knew it with every fibre of her being yet because of her disability, her damned telepathy, she never learned how to read between the lines, how to give the benefit of the doubt or even how to do something as simple as read body language.

Eric had tried, truly tried, to let her know him and teach her how the Supernatural world worked but she was bound and determined to live for her precious Bill. The one vampire who hurt her many times over. The one vampire she forgave all his wrong doings time and time again yet the ones who truly did try to do right by her, tried to teach her, she would barely give the time of day to.

Finally, one year to the day after the show down with the Yakuza she came to him. SHE came to HIM.

She may have come to him and apologized for her actions, or inactions as it were, but the hurt was still there.

“I’m so sorry Eric,” she had said.

“For what,” he had asked with a raised eyebrow and scepticism evident in his tone.

“For treating you the way I did. For not believing in you. For not giving you a chance.”

“What would you have done differently Sookie,” he had asked without a hint of the old lust.

She had looked at him with her own scepticism and sighed, “I don’t know Eric. I just don’t know what I could have done differently.”

That one sentence showed him just what he needed to do in order to gather the pieces of his heart and go forward with the rest of his existence. The words and their true meaning saddened him greatly but he had always known she would be the end of him. Whether it was the end of the man he was or his True Death he hadn’t known before that moment but now he knew.

He sighed deeply as he gathered his thoughts and put them into words, “If there is nothing you would have done differently then there is no future for us.

Your apology is accepted but it would be best if you got on with your life as Mrs. Merlotte or Mrs. Herveaux or even Miss Stackhouse but it will never be as I once hoped, it will never be as Mrs. Northman.” He then got up from the table at the restaurant they met in, paid the bill and left her sitting there, staring after him with tears streaming down her cheeks.

He had felt guilty for exactly three tenths of a second then decided that while he did love her, he wasn’t IN love with her.

In that short time frame he felt the pieces of his heart come back to him and they had slowly mended themselves back together as he went about his nightly business of taking care of Nu Blood, teaching his youngest progeny and fending off Pam’s errant remarks about a certain former flame. He may no longer be in love with her but that was no reason to speak deprecatingly about her or pretend she had never been a part of his life.

The End

  1. Realistic way to end their never ending trust problems. Nicely written.

  2. I absolutely loved it! Good for Eric!

  3. I love this! TB Sookie walked all over Eric, always going back to Bill or even someone else (Warlow, Alcide). She threw Eric’s heart in his face and never appreciated him so good for you, Eric! 👏👏 I would love to see him find his HEA

  4. Sad… So sad!!! There needs to be a HEA. Even one line!! Please?

  5. VictoryInTrouble

    While I do really love to see Eric and Sookie together, it is satisfying to see Eric stand up for himself and say enough is enough.

  6. Bittersweet 😕 (but great)

  7. Happy for Eric. Sad, mature and somehow inevitable – but Nonononononono!!! I want fairy tales and lollipops and a more mature Sookie! Well done.

  8. Oh gosh you really nailed TB Sookie…she was so disappointing!
    Thank goodness we have FF.

  9. That made me sad on Sookie’s behalf because I can see her saying that and totally meaning it, but with the best of “being honest” intentions. And I can’t even blame Eric for being so fed up with her and her ways that, for his own emotional sanity, he had to let her go completely….BUT I CAN ALSO SEE HER REQUESTING A MEETING WITH HIM AFTER 5 YEARS WHERE THEY SIT DOWN TOGETHER AND SHE’S FINALLY ABLE TO GIVE HIM A GREAT ANSWER AND HE ACCEPTS IT AND THEY GET TOGETHER FOR REAL AND TRUE AND FOREVER AND EVER AMEN! 😀

    Also, I love being The Muse Whisperer… *evil grin* Great job!

  10. Yeah, that about sums things up – the TB characterisation of Sookie never grew, and in fact devolved much worse than the SVM Sookie. Which is one of the reasons we enjoy fan fiction so much! lol

  11. This is great !! Sookie deserved everything that happened to her. She chose Bill.

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