Romantic Interlude 2

He landed them on the balcony to their bedroom and set her on her feet but she still clung to him.  Her face, and his shirt, were soaked with her bloody tears.  She hated every moment that she had to spend being cruel to her torturer.  She knew he deserved what she had, and would, do to him but that didn’t mean she had to enjoy it.

Eric had taught her how to put her conscience behind a wall or in a box when she had to do those things.  He taught her to leave them there when she was through, to not dwell on them.  To dwell on them surely meant madness down the road.

She had done things to him in the last three months which would have had her sick to her stomach if she were still human.  Even now, as a vampire, they made her cringe.

She couldn’t kill him with kindness though.  He would most likely take that as her relenting and forgiving him his trespasses and she could never, would never, forgive him for what he had done.  If that made her a bad Christian so be it but there was no way she could.  He had hurt her too badly for that to ever happen again.

“Come my love, let me try to take your mind off your troubles and place you in Valhalla for a while.”  He took her hand, led her into their bedroom and sat her on the side of the bed.

There was soft music playing and the candles were lit.  He caught her gaze and held it, waiting for the right moment.  The music changed to  a faster piece and he started.  He was slowly grinding his hips and unbuttoning his shirt, stopping after each button to run a finger over her cheek or arm.  Once it was unbuttoned he very slowly let the shirt slide down his arms until it caught on his fingers.  He tossed it in her lap and she finally smiled and picked it up, scrunching it up under her nose, she loved his scent.

He unbuckled his belt and took it out of the belt loops, looping it around the back of her neck and pulling her to him for a quick kiss.

Her eyes were glued to his body as he unbuttoned his pants and lowered the zipper as he shimmied his hips to the beat.  As the pants started to fall he turned and looked at her over his shoulder as her mouth fell open slightly when she got sight of her favorite of his body parts.

She was on her knees behind him now, rubbing her hands along his derriere enticingly, sliding her hand between his legs and tickling his throbbing manhood, nibbling that most delectable of body parts.

He turned and lifted her from the floor and gazed adoringly into her eyes as he walked them to the bed and lay her down on her stomach.

He took her right foot into his agile hands and started rubbing, inch by delectable inch, from the tips of her toes, along the sole, up her calf and thigh, the butt cheek, her back, shoulder and neck.  He then did the same thing on the left side.  Her moans and groans of pleasure were very nearly enough to send him over the edge and she had barely touched him yet.

When he was done massaging he kissed his way down from her neck to the tips of her toes.  First down one side, then down the other.

He flipped her over and repeated the process, paying no special attention to any one body part, but to her body as a whole, along the front of her body.

He could smell her arousal.  With each touch the scent was getting stronger and she was getting wetter.

Finally he nestled himself between her thighs and gazed upon his favorite of her body parts, her glistening pussy, created just for him.  His tongue snaked out and just barely touched her clit and she was in ecstasy, her fluids were flowing freely, she was thrashing on the bed, arching her back and trying to find some much needed friction.

His tongue snaked out and flicked her lips, bringing forth a moan of pleasure from both of them.

Finally she reached down and twined her fingers in his hair and pulled his head to her waiting and wanting core.  He took the hint and gladly put his tongue and mouth to good use flicking, licking, sucking.

She was writhing on the bed, arching her back, begging him for release.

He smiled against her wetness and, turning his head slightly, blew softly across the lips causing her to convulse erratically.  She lost all count of orgasms by this point, they all seemed to run together into one long one.

As her body shuddered he inserted a finger, then another, turning and twisting them inside of her, feeling her convulsions tighten and release around them.

Finally, when he could no longer bear not being inside her twisting, writhing, convulsing body he slithered up, planting wet kisses along her torso as he went until he was poised at her entrance, waiting, waiting, there, she was coming down from her high, begging him with her eyes to please, for the love of all that’s holy to fuck her senseless!

He gladly complied, ramming home, in and out, bringing them both to the plateau then bringing them down again, enjoying the feel of her pelvic walls convulsing around his thickness.

Finally, with one final thrust he pushed them both over the edge.

As they came back to this plane of existence she looked at him and smiled as the sun took them to their death for the day.


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