YWBA controversy?

It has come to my attention through posts and personal conversation that some people think the awards are meant only for those who are regular posters or for The Authority itself or something. (I read this last night so I’m sure my memory is faulty, bear with me)

I see the awards as the community’s way of saying thank you to those who have awesome stories and do post on the regular or who are such fantabulous writers they get nominated even if they don’t update regularly. I can think of two off the top of my head who fall into the later category, too.

I probably have a different look on it too, though.
I write, beta, vote, encourage or give constructive criticism because it’s something I enjoy and am good at (although not the writing so much atm) so I figure I’ll pay it forward when and where I can. I vote on the awards to show those who seem to write for the same reasons that I feel they’re worthy of the recognition.
In my eyes the awards are not a popularity contest, at least they shouldn’t be. They are there to show the authors, betas and artists that they are appreciated. Their time and effort does not go unnoticed.
Even if there were no awards I would still be doing what it is that I do because I enjoy it.
As I told the person who initiated the conversation this morning I’ve been writing for three years this past February and beta for slightly less than that and this is the first time I’ve been nominated.
It’s an honour just TO be recognized, to have people appreciate what I have done and it will continue to be an honour whether I win, place or show or don’t place at all.
There are authors I anxiously await an update from and there are those whom I am glad to see an update from but they’ve slipped from my mind between postings. *shrug* I assume it’s like that for most folks though.
I’m going to give those who are in a snit over the awards a piece of advice which I have said many times on my blog…cross post. EVERYWHERE! Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, reddit…you can even cross post to your Link’d In account but I wouldn’t advise that one unless it’s actually job related.
Enter challenges like the Ultimate Blog Challenge I’ve done a couple of times on here. They have another one starting up on July 1 if you’re so inclined.
Reply to posts. You don’t have to do it a lot but let the author know you are reading, even if it’s a smiley face or a like, they like to know their stories are being read.  Offer to help or give constructive criticism. The more often you do these things the more likely it will be that you are recognized in some way.
The more you let others know you’re out there, not just your regular followers either, the more you will be recognized. Take Twitter for example. You can cross post from WordPress to Twitter and include @ and # so you can direct your post to a specific audience or person.
In conclusion, this will be the only thing I say on the topic. Why? Because I am wise enough to realize you can only please some of the people some of the time; there will always be malcontents.
I’m going to paraphrase Sookie from Saints and Sinners, “In order for there to be awesome people in this world there have to be skid marks too.” No, I don’t think any of you are skid marks but the theory still applies for karmic balance: in order for there to be awesome stories and authors there need to be some mediocre and poor ones too so we can appreciate the ones that ARE so good!
Okay, I’m stepping off my soap box now that I’ve said my peace.

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I still write fanfiction and edit for others, but my life has moved on to other things. Now I’m interested in Essential Oils and a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. Rant on woman! I believe the magic words are READ and VOTE. It really is that simple…or is it just me…?

  2. Thank you!!! Yes, we have lives and we are not perfect.

    We started hosting the YWB Awards since the group that hosted the previous Awards of this nature decided to stop because the books were finished and the show was ending. We thought it was unfair that our fandom would no longer have an awards-type event for all of our favorite writers and stories. Participation in these Awards is open to everyone in our fandom from writers to betas to banner makers, and we have very few limiting qualifications. Nominations are open for a week and voting is open for a weej so that everyone interested in participating has a chance to nominate their favorite writers, fanfics, betas, and banner makers. While it is not possible to make everyone happy, we do make every attempt to include all who meet our few rules for inclusion.

    And I would now like to thank everyone for their participation in this year’s Awards, and remind everyone that voting is open until. midnight on the 22nd.

  3. I say don’t complain. I read the stories and voted for the ones I enjoyed the most. And the writers who’s work appealed to me. These awards are to show the appreciation of the reader. Not everyone I voted for won but they are all great stories and some just grabbed my amagination more. If you don’t like it you have the right to not participate. We all have a delete button. Let others enjoy the fun of it. Life is not fair in anyway because we all see it through a different set of eyes.

  4. Good grief.

    So, if I read (ok, skimmed…) this correctly, it seems there are people who are miffed that their works weren’t nominated or advanced in nominations to be voted on in the YWB awards, right?

    Here’s my vaguely humble opinion fwiw (you can skip to the end if you want):

    Ok, ANY FIC WRITER (and, in the appropriate categories, beta and banner maker) can be nominated for these Awards. *ANY*. So long as their work has been accomplished (writers posting, betas beta’ing, banner makers bannering…) during the qualifying, what, one year-ish period previous to the nominations date, they will qualify in some way for something as the YWB Awards offer a variety of categories. I’m not exactly clear about the dates for the EIM Favorite Writer category, but I’d assume the writers in that category can have written anything at any time and still qualify, right? Exactly how is this exclusionary?

    Anyway, these (and pretty much all fanfic) awards are meant to encourage active participation in the ‘field’ of fanfics, and to reward conscientious fanfic writers, betas, and banner makers who have made the effort to post and publicize their stories/works.

    If people write but don’t spread the word about their works, how are the rest of us to even know that they’re “there”, much less read them and, if we like the fics, to then nominate them?

    If people write but haven’t updated their stories or begun new fics during the time-span indicated under the qualifications, then honestly, how *can* they be miffed? Except for the EIM Favorite Writer category, these Awards are meant to celebrate and reward *ALL* actively contributing members of the fanfic community. If you’re not an actively contributing member, or if you are but people don’t know about your stories to FIND you, then…yeah, go write. Give us something new to read – and publicize the hell out of it!

    I need a coffee.

    • Lol, you got it :). I just finished my coffee and now have a Coca-Cola on the go :D.
      I think the deadline for WIPs is it has to have been updated in the last 6 months and the only other slightly exclusionary rule is those stories/authors who won 1st in a particular category last year couldn’t be nominated for the same thing again this year which is a very common rule, even with contests within stores, etc. where employees and their families can’t enter.
      As I said, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.
      There are just some folks who will be discontent no matter whether things swing in their favor or not since they’ll then find something else to complain about. *sigh*
      I LIKE the way things are currently set up. It’s as inclusive as possible without making the job of judging totally impossible.

      • That’s my take on it, too – it IS almost as inclusive as it could possibly be without making it into a fiasco for all involved.

        Now, I don’t agree with excluding winners from the previous year – to me that diminishes the competitiveness of the whole thing in that I’d assume people would rather be judged against the “already best” and go from there rather than having the competition bent otherwise, but that’s just me. The ubiquitous ‘you’ truly can’t please everyone, though…

        To that end, enter, don’t enter, or create your own Awards. Being a whinybutt brings joy to no one and solves no problems (even if it can be fun sometimes!). 😀 Hey, I can whine w/ the best of ’em but it don’t pay for shit!

      • I can understand the excluding of the previous year’s winner. They want to give this year’s crop an even chance I would think. That’s not to say that a different story by the same author can’t be nominated &/or win.
        Perhaps down the line, once they have more first place winners in each category they could do a best of the best award or something but I would think that would be several years down the line, if they go that long, since I know I, at least, would like to see as many ‘nominations’ for a best of the best as they have this year so that would take a while to get.
        Yup, whiners usually end up with zlich. Then again, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, or at least it sometimes works that way at work.
        I would love to see the complainers actually talk to the organizers, offer suggestions, etc. which could conceivably make the next round better!
        If I remember right they did ask for suggestions a couple of months ago for any categories we thought were missing last time, any changes, etc.
        We need to remember, and it IS easy to forget, that there are HUMAN BEINGS on the other end of the internet. They have lives aside from the computer. They have families and jobs and hobbies. Writing, betaing, making banners, running Fangbangers Anonymous, Fanfiction Fanatics, the Awards and challenges are all run by real people because it is something they enjoy. These things are done FOR free, some even pay out of their own pocket for their own domain (or use things like amazon shopping) in their free time. They don’t have to do it but they do.
        Why? For our enjoyment.
        That’s what it all boils down to, I think. Whether we still enjoy what we’re doing.
        I know there are some who weren’t enjoying the fandom any more so got out before they lost the interest.

  5. Thank you!! We try very hard to leave as much as possible to the people of the community. We even bowed out from deciding the ties in this years nominations and gave you guys the voice to decide who will be there. You guys decide who is part of the nominations, you guys chose the wild cards from the nominations we received. Shoot, we are harsher on ourselves than many of the stories. I myself disqualified AIW from a category.

    There has been 20k+ of votes received. That is all from the voters. We use everything we can to give the voters the power.

    And yes, I didn’t even know what nominations I got until they published them.

    Thanks for defending us.

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