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Important Update! | Midnight Opheliac

Guess who’s back with Ethereal Redemption?! Midnight Opheliac! WOOT!

Welcome back! I’m more than happy to be working with you. Ethereal Redemption is one of my favorite stories, even though I haven’t read it nearly often enough :(.

I’m helping her clean up the original chapters and come up with some twists and turns and surprises for the last few chapters.


Hi everyone, I know I haven’t posted in a few months but things have been progressing well here behind the scenes. First of all, I’d like y’all to give a super warm welcome to my …

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The Lovely Lady Tarara and I did something. We collaborated.  On a story!  For the Out Of This World Contest. Together!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the results are in!

2nd for Most Unusual Pairing

2nd for Most Unusual Pairing


3rd for Best Supporting Characters

3rd for Best Supporting Characters


3rd for Most Shocking Twist

3rd for Most Shocking Twist


3rd place for Most Original Story

3rd place for Most Original Story


2nd for Best Overall Story

2nd for Best Overall Story

I present to you, Over the Rainbow, with many thanks to The Non-Canon Awards for this awesome contest and to Lady Tarara for collaborating with me and having such wonderful ideas! The story will eventually continue but we both have real life to contend with so it may be a while. Enjoy!

Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander Skarsgård

Eric Northman–GLORIOUS!

Pam and her wonderful snark


Although TB Pam was far from Book Pam BFF to Sookie, she surely had the best lines bringing down Sokie a peg or two..

I’ll go along with that and totally avoid how HBO et al totally screwed us over!

Photos, Eric Northman

My 2 Cents’ Worth: Deception

I haven’t written a spotlight post since July and for that I am very sorry.  I have grown lazy it seems, and spent my time on other things.  Things which are just as important to me but surely I can do a wee bit of time management?

Any way, the My 2 Cents’ Worth this time is for Deception by MistressJessica1028.

Enjoy it, I know I am.


It seems most of my favorite authors are getting out of the Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood fanfiction writing business 😦

They truly have some awesome stories started but now it’ll either be forever until I see an update, or they won’t be updated at all, on some of my favorites stories because they just don’t feel inspired right now or true life is truly biting them in the butt!

The non-inspiration comes from the lackluster ending to True Blood and the absolutely awful ending to the books I imagine but it still saddens me that they can’t find the inspiration.

One or two have found other fandoms to ship and others have decided to totally stop writing altogether.

What a bummer of a way to start off a week off from work :(:  finding out that one of my all time favorite fanfics may not be finished at all :’).

Maybe I’ll find something else to write about since I can truly understand where they’re coming from when they say they aren’t inspired to write about Eric and Sookie any more.  My own muse has spent more time on vacation in the last year or two than she has actually helping me with plot bunnies and putting words on my screen but I am trying  Maybe I’ll find some inspiration in Outlander, at least Sam Heughan inspires some awesome daydreams :D.  Seeing him in a kilt and listening to that sweet lilt saying ‘Sassenach’….yeah…

Any way, to those who have stepped back from TB and SVM for now, or forever, I hope you find inspiration somewhere and continue writing.

To those of you who are having life kick you in the teeth may you find strength in the little things and come through to the other side stronger than ever.

Lost in the Seasoning…Roasted!

Lmaioo’ snicker, snort, OMG! Thank you Carol E. Stewart! You made my day!

Carroll E.Stewart

checkens as writers on true blood

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A New One Shot

I know I just posted yesterday but this is IMPORTANT!

I finally posted another one shot!

As most of you know I wrote a one shot for Sephrenia’s banner challenge last month.  I didn’t win but I did have fun which, for me, is the whole point of writing.  A Little Conversation is the result.

It is complete as a one shot but I would like to turn it into a full blown story with a difference.  If any of my readers are up for it I would like YOU to write about where you live and what they would see and do when they go there.  I’ve never traveled off North America and even that hasn’t been extensive so please, if you would like to tell the rest of us about where you live do so.  I’m sure the rest of us would like a chance to visit you through your words and since this IS wordpress you can send pictures along with what you write in order to help us all see what you are seeing more clearly.  I’m not excluding North America from this since I know there are plenty of places they could visit so pretty much any where you are they can visit if you so choose to write it :D.

If there’s enough interest in others writing about where they live and having it posted here I’ll create an email so the writing can be sent there.

I’ll edit for spelling and grammar then post it here and FFN so everyone else can follow you through your words as well.

Enjoy the story and  please, give me some reviews so I’ll know what you thought of it.

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