The Other Road Home epilogue

Thank you all so much for the reviews, etc.!  You’re all awesome! 

I’ve got other stories in the works but either they’re not finished yet or I’m not satisfied with them sooooooo, I’m taking some time off to figure things out and hopefully finish a story or two. 

If you’re looking for something else to read I’m betaing a couple of stories.

kardamon’s With Benefits and I the Ice’s Letters to Hunter.

With Benefits:  What would happen if Sookie learned about what Bill was up to on her own and how would Eric Northman fit into her plans?

Letters to Hunter:  What were Sookie’s repercussions from the Cluviel Dor and how does she get herself out of yet another fine mess?  This also about Sookie learning about herself and just how wrongly she treated Eric, and others:  she puts her thoughts down in letters for Hunter to read at a later date, hoping he doesn’t make the same mistakes she  made.

Once again, thank you all so much!

This is the final instalment so on with the story!

Godric’s POV


My child, my Sookie, has done very well for herself in the years since that awful night in Dallas.


At first she was a typical vampire with one exception.  The only time sexual lust actually hit was when she gorged.  The rest of the time was when she wanted it, just for the fun of it, once she got over her notion that sex between two people had to be because they loved one another.


Pam.  My Eric’s child.  She did try to make it on her own, to let go of her Maker’s death.  It took years, and many punishments for disrespect of both myself and my child, but Pam finally gave up and faced the sun.  She loved Eric too much, she couldn’t get over his death and she couldn’t forgive Sookie for her perceived part in his death.  Ten years, to the date, after he met his true death she met hers.  We truly did try to help her see the truth but she was blind to it.


Jason.  He never did fully recover from Pam’s torture.  Even ancient vampire blood could not undo some of what she had done to him.  Both Sookie and Jason forgave her but he was never the same after.  He wasn’t able to go back to work after his time with her, she maimed him too badly so I diverted some of Eric’s funds to him to help keep him in his house, pay for needed upgrades like a wheelchair ramp and a specialty vehicle designed for the handicapped.


He spent plenty of time in Europe with us.  Essentially he was our human companion.  He would take care of any of Sookie’s day to day needs that he could and we would take care of his needs at night when we were able.


We did discuss the files Compton had placed in her suitcase and decided they would be destroyed, no copies would be retained and no mention would ever be made of it again unless she manifested fae powers, which she hasn’t and it has been nearly three hundred years since she was turned.  


Her gifts are still emerging.  She is able to retain information even during le petite mort or when concentrating on other things as she guessed that first week.  To this day she still remembers every word of the stories I told her during her transformation and after she died for the day.  Every once in a while, even now, I will tell her a new story although she is just as happy to hear the old ones even though she’s heard them many times by now.


Her telepathy did survive her change but she is now able to selectively listen.  She can turn it off and on at will.  Her telepathy is her greatest gift since no one knows about it.  The only gift she has that anyone knows about is her gift for flight.  She inherited that from me as I inherited it from my Maker although, to my knowledge, she didn’t follow in her brother’s footsteps and fly into a flock of birds.  I still laugh about that over a millennia later!


Once I settled Eric’s estate in Louisiana we went on to Europe and settled things there as well.  We kept some of his properties worldwide and I transferred his investments to her and she has done brilliantly with them.


She has even started a not for profit to help orphaned vampires learn and find adoptive Makers.


The Reverend Newlin, I laugh about this whenever I think about it.  He was given life in prison for his part in the deaths of vampires, the torture of humans who ‘consorted’ with vampires, several counts of rape or intent to rape or the knowledge of wrongdoing without reporting it.  Several years after his appeal was denied the Sheriff in that area was in need of more blood than was available.  Guess who was brought to her doorstep that night?  Guess who was drained very, very slowly?  Over several nights?  Guess whose body was somehow ‘misplaced’ by his caretakers and never found?


We never did go back to the States.  At first it was because Sookie wanted to stay gone until those she had known had lived their lives and passed on but by then she had come to love Europe, especially my homeland and Eric’s.  We split our time between Old Rome and Sweden for the most part.  She still doesn’t particularly enjoy the extreme cold of Sweden.  She would rather face the rain of Italy or England than the snow and extreme cold.


I don’t think she’ll ever be out of questions!  She is a very curious creature, always questioning things.


We have talked about that one out of place statement she made that night at the Fellowship church.  The comment about Eric being there to rescue his Maker and sister.  She never even knew she had called herself his sister.


At that moment she was horrified that he had been ended, that she had witnessed it, she wasn’t thinking about her words.  She remembers hearing me howl at the pain I felt at that moment.  She remembers running forward and kneeling in his ashes.  She remembers everything about that night except the words she spoke. She doesn’t even remember the words she spoke in front of Newlin and they were some of the most impassioned I’ve ever heard.


We have come to the conclusion that her subconscious was speaking, that it truly had wished to know him: that she was meant to be vampire.


My Sookie, my wonderful, beautiful, willful and compassionate child has the world at her feet yet she chooses to stay with her Maker.  She chooses to hear the stories of Eric, not as often now but she still enjoys listening to them and she still refuses to let me subsist on bottled blood.  If I even think about it she threatens to go on a hunger strike, refusing all blood until I give in and feed as I should.  I have offered to release her several times, always she refuses, says she wants to remain connected to me.


We have come across Compton from time to time, always in the presence of his Maker.  It did take Sookie some time to get over how he left her but she understands, now, that a Maker’s control is absolute, there is no grey area.  He is allowed very few freedoms.  The one conversation the two of them did have, more than a century ago, he told her that Lorena’s gift is the rarest of them:  she revoked his release once she realized he had fallen in love with a human.  Normally once a child is released there is no way to undo it, she was able to revoke it and, according to sources, has refused to release him as long as Sookie is still among the undead.


She did go to a church with me and prayed with me, asking forgiveness for my sins.  I felt a peace wash over me afterward, a peace that hasn’t left me since that day.  I know that when my time comes I will not be condemned to hell.  I will be going to live in whatever passes for heaven and I will see my Eric there and maybe even my human family.  We will wait patiently for the day when my Sookie joins us there.




  1. I have to say that I really like this story, I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve read it. I really is good. Thanks for writing this and your other stories. I hope there is more to come later!

  2. I enjoyed your story but had hoped it would explore more of her undead existence. Thank you for writing.

  3. What an entertaining story. A novel way for an Eric Sookie story too to have him meet his true death in the first chapter. That certainly made me sit up! Impressed with how you did Godric’s recollections of Eric. They were lovely stories with such wonderful emotions. Thankyou for your story.

  4. You do know I want more, right, even though that was a wonderful epilogue? Very well done, and I can’t wait to see what all you come up with now! Good luck!

  5. Poor Jason. Pam should have been given the final death for that alone. Glad Sookie is doing so well though. thanks for writing and sharing

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