In Memoriam

I am writing this as a Memorial for EricIzMine.

Her words were truly inspiring, witty, funny, silly, serious and a whole bunch of other things I need a Thesaurus to figure out.  In fact, I have the feeling that if FanFic were to be defined in Miriam-Webster her picture would be beside it.

I would love to write a story for/about her; alas I lack knowledge of her and my story would undoubtedly fall short of the mark so instead I am going to spend some time, and more than a few words, touting her stories, and any which her Brats might write, so hopefully you will go and read them as well.

The first of EricIzMine’s stories I ever read was Saints and Sinners and I was absolutely floored!  A woman who was born with the proverbial spoon in her mouth and didn’t have it easy in any sense of the word yet she persevered and overcame obstacle after obstacle to become a better human, better woman, than most of use could ever dream of being.

A strong Eric who was taken by the Landscaper’s secretary almost as soon as he opened the door to the office.

They learn about each other over time but get married just two months after they meet.

EricIzMine captured the essence of canon Sookie and Eric but made their characters her own in every way except name.

I will continue reviewing her stories as I reread them.


Saints and Sinners

Give me some sugar!

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