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A New One Shot

I know I just posted yesterday but this is IMPORTANT!

I finally posted another one shot!

As most of you know I wrote a one shot for Sephrenia’s banner challenge last month.  I didn’t win but I did have fun which, for me, is the whole point of writing.  A Little Conversation is the result.

It is complete as a one shot but I would like to turn it into a full blown story with a difference.  If any of my readers are up for it I would like YOU to write about where you live and what they would see and do when they go there.  I’ve never traveled off North America and even that hasn’t been extensive so please, if you would like to tell the rest of us about where you live do so.  I’m sure the rest of us would like a chance to visit you through your words and since this IS wordpress you can send pictures along with what you write in order to help us all see what you are seeing more clearly.  I’m not excluding North America from this since I know there are plenty of places they could visit so pretty much any where you are they can visit if you so choose to write it :D.

If there’s enough interest in others writing about where they live and having it posted here I’ll create an email so the writing can be sent there.

I’ll edit for spelling and grammar then post it here and FFN so everyone else can follow you through your words as well.

Enjoy the story and  please, give me some reviews so I’ll know what you thought of it.

Pet Peeves

Thank you kelpie for this idea.

For all you writers out there, and maybe not writers, but does  other people’s writing/speaking drives you bonkers?

Things like mixing up your and you’re or their, there and they’re.

I seen

I got

I gots

sammich for sandwish

chimley for chimney

thrown for throne (thank you kelpie, lol)

words that should have an apostrophe s rather than just an s at the end

Shall I go on?

Sound off people, please :).  I like the interaction and I truly do want to know what some of your pet peeves are so I don’t commit them, lol.

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