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The House Always Wins

The votes are in for Seph’s Writing Challenge

My Story, The House Always Wins, can be found here

This is my first all human story, as you can probably tell, lol.  Enjoy.


It seems most of my favorite authors are getting out of the Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood fanfiction writing business 😦

They truly have some awesome stories started but now it’ll either be forever until I see an update, or they won’t be updated at all, on some of my favorites stories because they just don’t feel inspired right now or true life is truly biting them in the butt!

The non-inspiration comes from the lackluster ending to True Blood and the absolutely awful ending to the books I imagine but it still saddens me that they can’t find the inspiration.

One or two have found other fandoms to ship and others have decided to totally stop writing altogether.

What a bummer of a way to start off a week off from work :(:  finding out that one of my all time favorite fanfics may not be finished at all :’).

Maybe I’ll find something else to write about since I can truly understand where they’re coming from when they say they aren’t inspired to write about Eric and Sookie any more.  My own muse has spent more time on vacation in the last year or two than she has actually helping me with plot bunnies and putting words on my screen but I am trying  Maybe I’ll find some inspiration in Outlander, at least Sam Heughan inspires some awesome daydreams :D.  Seeing him in a kilt and listening to that sweet lilt saying ‘Sassenach’….yeah…

Any way, to those who have stepped back from TB and SVM for now, or forever, I hope you find inspiration somewhere and continue writing.

To those of you who are having life kick you in the teeth may you find strength in the little things and come through to the other side stronger than ever.

It’s been a while

Hello all.  I know it’s been a while but I have been busy.  Not much of my own writing has happened since that muse seems to have left the building for now but I have been busy betaing for a couple of people and co-writing with one of them.

I now present you with a spotlight:  With Benefits.

I was always a good girl. All proper and polite, apologies and smiles. You know the type – getting home early, no parties, no smoking, no hard drinking. No sex. That’s how I used to be. And look where it got me. Maybe it was time to stop trying so hard and let loose. Maybe it was time for change. Bill could go f..k himself. I had a better plan. And it didn’t include him.
And, for some reason wordpress severely cut off the rest of my post :(.
Szansa and Więcej grzechów nie pamiętam are her Polish stories.
Please, if you’re of a mind, go pay kardamon a visit and let her know how much you enjoy her stories.


I’ve had time to digest what I know about Dead Ever After, the thirteenth and final book in the Sookie Stackhouse series.

I haven’t read it since I was crazy enough to read the spoilers *sigh*.  There WILL be spoilers below here so if you haven’t read it and don’t want to see the spoilers stop here.

The image is from the net, no infringement intended, I just thought it was cool and I wanted a space filler, lol.

part of her now es

I am upset about the way the series ended though.

She ended up with Sam!  Sam of all people!

All through the series he was forever trying to tell her what to do and who she should have been dating!  They had ONE date in the first book!  That does NOT a relationship make!  Mind you, she and Eric never had ANY!  The one she thought they were going to have ended up being so she could meet a relative she never knew she had instead of a quiet dinner with just the two of them :(‘.

I have read that CH was writing a mystery (I think all her series are mysteries so no surprise there) and ended up with a romance.  She didn’t want the romance part, IMO, so she did everything she could, including butchering the final book, to make it possible for us to actually PREFER the fanfiction to her stories!

That’s right, I said it!  I prefer the fanfic to her books!  There are some wonderful authors writing for the fanfiction world who put a lot of thought and time, and continuity of plotlines, into their stories!

I’m not normally one to nitpick a story, mostly because I read for enjoyment rather than to find errors (I’m not an editor, why would I?).  I’m not the most observant of readers but when I can spot glaringly obvious errors I’m sure others did as well.  Even I picked up on the fact she couldn’t settle on a middle name for Bill.  Should it be Erasmus, as printed in the first book?  No, I think it’ll be Thomas instead.  There were others, many of them, many MANY errors and from what I hear she multiplied those errors in the final book *sobs quietly for a moment*.

I would like to thank her though, lol.  If it weren’t for Charlainne Harris and her vision of a human telepathic waitress from Backwater, Louisiana  in a vampire world I would have never discovered fanfiction!  😀

That’s all, back to your regularly scheduled reading.

After the Curse

I just published a new one shot, After the Curse.

What I think should have happened once the curse was lifted.  It would have made their lives so much easier!

I have also been adding to my Disclosure Outtakes.  There are only a couple more to post.

Enjoy the stories.

Disclosure Outtakes

I am adding my Disclosure Outtakes for your perusal.

The link is the title page where I am linking the stories as they are completed.  If you can’t click them they aren’t posted yet.

Please, enjoy.

More Disclosure

Their Story

Sookie finally tells the story of her and Bill and how she ended up vampire.

One Shot with a strong warning:  There IS mention of torture.  If this isn’t your cuppa please skip this story.  There are more coming which will be more to your liking.

Thank you for reading.


Another One Shot

The First Time

I guess I should put a warning here!  This IS fem slash!  If this offends you or it’s not your thing please I do have other stories and there are other authors out there.

Sookie’s barely a week old.  What happens when Eric is called out of town?  Who does she turn to to relieve those awful urges?  You know, the ones that come after feeding, the sexual ones.

This one will be partially posted over on ffn this weekend.

Out take of Disclosure.


New One Shot

Hi all!

I have a new one shot out!

Thoughts Of A Vampire Rising


New Story Out


My new story is only two chapters.


eric sookieWhat might have happened after the incident in the trunk?  What might have been different.  What if the Queen had sent Bill to try to procure Sookie and her telepathy but wasn’t guilty of subterfuge, just choosing the wrong vampire to do the job.

Follow Eric, Sookie and the Queen to find out.

This is a short one, only two chapters.

Chapter 1

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