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  1. Eric sent me to tell you that he loves your brain. And not in a yucky Hannibal Kind of way😉

    Even if you never write another word, what you ave already written is blood. I mean gold! Maybe I should stop listening to Eric rant 😋

    RL has me busy. Hope you are well!

    • Awesome! Thank you.
      You have this habit of disappearing of the radar for a while then rabbitting in then back out again.
      Some of us just have more going on in real life than others.
      Everything’s fine here, just really tired of heat wave after heat wave barely a break between them.

      • I know. RL is crazy. And my brain doesn’t help. Anxiety is a beeeeeitch to deal with!
        But I’m here and there 🙂

      • I know, I usually see you when you appear, you’re just gone to fast to say anything

      • Usually because I’m sneaking a quick break from RL. I’m working and studying and I’m living with my mum and daughter. And did I mention my head??? Know anywhere that does decent brain implants on the cheap…. Say free? Lol.

      • *snort* Haven’t seen them for free since I was but a tadpole! Errrrrr, a nestling EATING tadpoles!
        You could always live with my boyfriend, he gives awesome massages and back scratches, will make you laugh or groan and doesn’t know how to be quiet.

      • Lol. Now you’re making me green! I’ll just love vicariously through you 😉
        And… You ate tadpoles? Poor little tadpoles. But I guess it’s better than eating brains. Thinking of…. Maybe Eric would know of somewhere I can get a new brain… Maybe he can glamour the bill away.

      • Ohh, wouldn’t it be nice if he COULD glamour the bill collectors away!

      • *sigh* that.. That would be awesome. I’d just have to find a way for him to run into my daughters Orthodontic Surgeon after hours. No $2000AUS bill for her braces – to be paid before she gets them. She could have them next week!

      • Lol, yup. It sucks when those medical expenses not covered by government aid rear their ugly heads

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