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Oktoberfest – News

Oktoberfest – News.

As strange as it may seem I’m actually excited about this.  The glockenspiel was there when we moved here in 1975 and I always enjoyed listening to it when it played the full story out.

Strawberry Mango Salsa | Cooking with a Wallflower

Strawberry Mango Salsa | Cooking with a Wallflower.

I have just discovered Cooking With a Wallflower and I think I might be in love!

Her recipes look absolutely wonderful!  The pictures are colourful and the recipes look really simple so she’s getting a shout out from me:).

Step by step print and photo instructions always make a recipe easier to follow, lol.

Enjoy, I know I’m going to.

Artist immortalizes weddings as they happen

Artist immortalizes weddings as they happen.

How cool is this?  An oil painting of your wedding?  Sure, why not?

Plagiarism for Profit « ficlit78

Plagiarism for Profit « ficlit78.

This is a crying shame.

Fanfiction authors should have the same recourse and rights as published and payed authors when it comes to being able to say who can use their works and what happens when someone steals it.

I know I have something like 135 followers and I hope some, if not most, of you will help us do something about this.

I’m going to post this on twitter with hashtags for Barns and Noble (once I find out which way the spell it) and Amazon as well as plagiarism, fanfiction and any others I can think of.

It might not hurt to let publishers know as well that this is happening so maybe they should check their authors work against already published works whether those works are written by published and paid authors or those of us who do it for fun.

Zits | By Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman

Zits | By Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman.

My boyfriend brought this home from work with him today.

It is our true life story, lmao.

Quite often I’ll get a massage at bed time and frequently I will either be a puddle of goo or fall asleep at his ministrations.

Yes, his hands should be insured and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

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