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Product Review Kobo Arc7

I was able to return the eMatic Tablet without a hassle *phew*.

I did a wee bit of research last night and thought I’d try the Kobo Arc7.

So far I like it very much but I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it since we had company for the evening.

The screen is clearer and crisper, even with the protective piece of plastic still in place.  It has much more available storage, it transferred the apps from the eMatic over since it’s an Android as well.

It is a little heavier than the eMatic but I can live with that.

I am typing the next day now, lol.

I think the Arc7 will be a keeper for sure.

The screen is very easy on the eyes.  I don’t think that the visually impaired will have a huge problem reading text on this.

The pictures are clean and crisp.  Text is very clear..

The only issue I seem to be having so far is with my stylus, which was not included.  That could be because it’s a dollar store find though so I’ll probably splurge on one designed for editing and stuff with my next pay cheque.


wifi capable
easy on the eyes screen
pictures clear and crisp
text is very clear
carries over apps from other android devices
16 gig version gives more than enough storage space for extra apps above what’s already installed
large key touch screen keyboard
cam and voice capable (Skype pre-installed)
Comes with wall charger which is convertible to European if you have the disks for European electricity
Carried over my book shelves from my Kobo Mini but didn’t populate them


A little heavier than I thought
No instruction manual aside from instructions on how to startNo colour other than black
Not sure how it works with a proper stylus but will find out in the net couple of weeks.

Over all I am very pleased with my purchase.  Considering how happy I have been with my Kobo ereaders over the last few years that isn’t a surprise.  I should have probably gone with Kobo in the first place maybe?

Product Review

On Friday I bought an eMatic tablet for my boyfriend.  He wanted to be able to play his Facebook games, check email…nothing too overtaxing for a quad-core anything until you realize it does not support Adobe Flash.

The eMatic is an Android which I do not have an issue with since my cell phone is an Android.

This tablet is supposed to have 8 gigs of storage (they call it flash memory) but with all the preloaded crap, most of which I will not use, or use so rarely as to be never use any way, there is less than a gig to store the stuff you actually do want to download and use and, since you can’t delete any of the pre-loaded apps you can’t create more space.

I am disappointed, to say the least.

The eMatic is fairly easy to use and it does use Swipe technology so it’s easy to get from one screen to another but I found it to be slow to respond to commands, almost seeming to freeze up quite frequently during the few hours I attempted to use it.

It didn’t matter whether I used my finger or a stylus for document editing; it was still almost impossible to place the cursor exactly where I wanted it to be.  In fact, the stylus made it more difficult, especially for the Swipe to work.  The stylus, which is not included but I had on hand for other stuff, was great for the touch screen keyboard though and the letters on the keyboard are easy to see since the keys are big enough that my fingers weren’t hitting two or three keys at the same time.

So, the pros for the eMatic tablet:

wi-fi capable
easy to use
Swipe technology
Google based
Good sized touch screen keyboard

The cons:

slow to respond despite being a quad core
not a lot of storage
cannot delete pre-loaded applications
hard to get exact cursor placement for editing documents
does not support Adobe Flash player

All in all I would say the eMatic 7 HD quad core tablet was a big disappointment.  It will be going back to the store today and will be replaced with something which is hopefully more capable of doing the things I do the most.

Book Recommendation

A couple of weeks late but as promised:  Lover Eternal, the next book in The Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

On other notes:  my muse seems to have taken off for parts unknown :(.  She didn’t leave a forwarding address either *grump*.

I am still reading fanfiction and will hopefully have something for the Spotlight soon.

I am still betaing/editing/prereading others fanfictions and have taken on someone new.  I will give a link when she starts posting the redone chapters.

On a side note I am refusing to watch True Blood season 7!  In my opinion they screwed things up way back in season 2.

Yes, I enjoyed watching the play between Godric and everyone else BUT they strayed so far from story canon that it was barely recognizable as coming from the Southern Vampire Mysteries!  Who of us wouldn’t have rather seen Eric/Alexander Skarsgard in pink/aqua spandex than the debacle that was Mary Ann/the maenad?

Season 3?  Some of it was recognizable but most of it wasn’t although I will admit that the actor who portrayed Russell Edgington, Denis O’Hare, did a superb job.  Isn’t it a sign of a good actor when they can make you hate a character they play?

Season 4 needed more naked Eric, ’nuff said and I haven’t truly watched since then.  I quit while the quitting was good!

I think that’s it for now so let me know what you think about anything I’ve said, a book YOU recommend, a rant, awesomeness, whatever :).

I’ve added a contact forme to this post, and will try to remember to do so to any other posts from here on out :).

Book Recommendation

Hello all, I have finally written another book recommendation!  It’s really a series of books but I’m sure you’re not picky about what I call it :).

Any Way, go read about my thoughts on The Black Dagger Brotherhood.  I’ll be posting about the next book in the series next week :).

I will be posting a one shot soon which I wrote for Sephrenia’s Writing Challenge.

The You Want Blood voting ends in about 90 minutes so if you haven’t done so, please go vote.  There are some truly awesome stories and authors, among others, which have been nominated.

Final Chapter

The epilogue has been added to The Other Road Home.

I’m taking some time off from posting to hopefully get some stories finished &/or polished enough for posting.

Enjoy everybody!

New stuff

Hey all :).

I have some new stuff for you this week!

The Other Road Home chap 10 is up!

I have a new section called books.  It is for book recommendations and reviews.  Right now these will be my favourite books over the years starting with Karen.

I also have a new Fanfiction review for you :):  Switched by Mysecreto



New Component

I’m thinking about doing a Favourite Author spotlight once a week or so.

Would ya’ll rather see an Author spotlight (overdone, I know) or a favourite story spotlight similar to what I did with Play With Fire?  This one will give me more latitude and more food for posting since a lot of my  favourite stories are by the same author (Think EricIzMine and her multiverse series here, which, by the way will by my first spotlight no matter which way I decide to go with this.)  Any way, let me know what you think please?

Play With Fire

A new collaboration with Missy Dee, makesmyheadspin and bbrock25 (?).  It’s got an awesome, totally, totally awesome first chapter!  (I’m not one of the collaborators but I love the work of Missy Dee and makesmyheadspin!)

I will warn you though, this story is NOT safe for work or any where where your children can read over your shoulder!  Plenty of smut to be read!

Play With Fire

Hmmmmmm, maybe I’ll highlight some of my favorite authors!  That won’t take many posts though since the majority don’t post often 😦

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