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Book Reviews 10-2-16

I am back, although I don’t know how frequently I will post these right now since concentrating on the computer screen is straining my eyes and causing headaches. New glasses soon, hopefully.

At the Beach & Shapes Are Fun (children)
Dive! World War II Stories of Sailors & Submarines in the Pacific
Pablo Finds a Treasure
Inheriting Edith
The Diabolic

from Journey Of A Bookseller

It’s Not Me, It’s You
The Vanishing Year
Union Atlantic

from Ballyroan Reads

Asking For It
If You’re Lucky
The Devil’s Intern
The Light Fnatastic
Nightmare Escape

from Hit Or Miss Books

How To Hang a Witch

from Awkward Heather

Crossing in Time
The Prince
The Bourbon Kings (My Review)
Night Study

from Book Review Directory

Forever And A Night
Call Me Bean

from The Reading Bud


from Ajoobacats

Six of Crows
The Goal

from The Daydreaming Bookworm

Don’t Speak

from Comfy Reading

Book Review: Marblestone Mansion

I have another book review for you: Marblestone Mansion.

Book Review: Highlander Series 2

Yes, I know I’m reading a lot lately. I have always been an avid reader; I just didn’t always let others know what or how often.

Highlander: Series 2 is ready for your consumption. I will be reading more by this author as money permits. The books aren’t expensive but funds are tight right now so I’m having to ration myself. I still have plenty of unread books on my ereader so I’m going to give other authors a chance as well, lol.

Someone asked me this weekend if I ever slept because I’ve been reading and reviewing so much lately. I assure you, I do. Generally I get 6 to 6.5 hours a night. That leaves plenty of time for reading, reviewing, beta work, pre-reading, my full time job and anything else I can cram into my day.

The best part is that reading is my first love; it has been since my earliest memories and I have decided to share it now with you :D.

I always hated doing book reports in school but that was more because the books didn’t interest me or, more than likely, I left doing the report to the last minute so I was rushed.

Since I’m doing these because I enjoy the books, I can follow my own outline and I truly do love letting others in on the secret of these works of art I find I enjoy them more than I ever thought possible.

I hope you enjoy the books as much as I do.

Book Review: Highlander, Series 1

I have another review for you!

Highlander: Series 1

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