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I did it! I really, really did it!

I got second place, twice, in The Villain’s Turn contest with The Men In Black! WOOT!


most original storyBest Villain Created


I am so happy. And proud! And thankful! And very surprised! I enter these contests for the fun of it and to try and coax my muse back from her very extended vacation. It seems she comes back and considers my little stories the vacation. Maybe she’s living with somebody else and comes back to me when I have an idea she considers worthy?

Anywho, this is my first original story. I hope you enjoy it.

The Men In Black wouldn’t have even gotten off the ground without my boyfriend, Breathes. He’s the comic guru in this apartment. I told him about the contest and he was off and running. Thank you Breathes for putting up with my insanity while writing.

Thank you also goes to Natsgirl1 for giving it the once over for me.

Most especially though, thank you to The Darkest Falling Star for conceiving this contest and The Non-Canon Awards for hosting it.


Hugs and kisses to everyone who voted for my little story.




I am now on vacation until Jan. 3rd!  YAY!

I’ve got lots to do between tomorrow morning and Sunday evening when we’ve got people coming over to watch Dr. Who Christmas Carol!


  • Go buy some carpet powder
  • return movie “Vampires Suck” to the gym
  • Laundry–a must as I’m out of socks & Breathes is nearly out of work clothes
  • wrap presents
  • put up tree
  • put gift cards in Christmas cards
  • clean, clean and MORE clean!
  • Christmas Baking
  • declutter
  • see if I can’t get Breathes to purge the videos & some of his clothes

We’ve also got Breathes’ family Christmas dinner on Saturday.  Unfortunately my sons won’t be able to go:(.  It’s the ONLY dinner they have on their dad’s side of the family so I’m not going to make them miss it.  I’ll miss them bunches but I’m certainly not going to make them go with us when there is something else they would rather be doing & which they SHOULD be doing.  This is their direct family, mine is sort of adopted family.

Tomorrow is supposed to be date night with Possibility.  He’s feeling yucky so may not make it :(.  I’d rather he stayed home and got well than come & spend time with me when he’s not really feeling up to it.  We might still be able to get together via messenger though so the night’s not a total wash yet :).

Life according to me!

Okkkkkkkkkkk, I’m new here although I have been reading others for quite a while :).

I’m a single mom of twin teenage sons.  Oi Vey!  I love ’em but they most certainly know how to push my buttons.

I am a bi-sexual, polyamorous, kinky woman & I love who & what I am!

I have been living with my boyfriend/Sir (aka Breathes) for the last five years & I wouldn’t trade any of that time for anything in the world!  Wellllllllllll, maybe I would trade some of the smart mouth for an actual conversation & sex a little more often…..

I have a second boyfriend, Possibility.  We’ve been dating, so to speak, off and on for about two years but have known each other closer to five years.

Breathes & Possibility & his other partners get together most Friday nights for a game of D&D!  AWESOME!.  If the kids are out that means I actually get some quiet time!  Time to regenerate & recuperate.  Time to sort out whatever conflicting feelings may have arisen, catch up on email and forums.

Let’s see, what else is there to say?  Oh yeah, I LOVE to read!  I just finished Jeff Dunham’s biography, All By Myselves, which was an interesting read.  I’ll probably be starting Clive Cussler’s Medusa this week.

I love my music.  Everything from Allan Jackson & Brooks and Dunn to Led Zeppelin, Twisted Sister and Lords of Acid!  There’s lots of stuff I enjoy in between as well.

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