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Plagiarism at its finest! 😦

Please, if you have the time beta read for her!

Share the crap out of her post!

I received an update earlier today and the laws are not in her favor since this started as fanfiction!

In this case, beta reading simply means you get an advanced copy of the book (ePub, mobi, .pdf, what have you), you read it and you post a review on Amazon the day of publication (or within a day or two). It really is that simple.

If memory serves: Save Me is an excellent weekend read, or for the beach, or the pool, or just when you have some downtime.

We don’t want one of our finest writers to be pushed aside because somebody decided they liked her work enough to publish it for themselves! Her heart and soul went into this story, she’s awfully proud of it, and she should get the recognition for the hard work put into this story. Not somebody who simply sat at their computer with a split screen of Word (or G-Docs or other word processing program) on one side and the browser on the other and copied, word for word (changing only the names) Just Wandering’s heart felt story of heart break, healing and recovery!

Please, help her! Whether it’s beta’ing the story and posting a review, reading the fanfiction and reviewing, or words of encouragement! All help and encouragement is greatly appreciated!


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How about some coupons from Kraft?

Sorry about the ads :(, but I don’t know how to stop them.


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7 Bookstores Too Beautiful For Words | Mental Floss.

These are so totally cool!

Stylish, colourful, some have seating areas to peruse what you wish to buy….sigh where are these stores in North America?

Marvel Reveals Its “All-New, All-Different” Universe … and It’s Kinda Bonkers | The Mary Sue.

I know I have some Marvel lovers on here so, here ya go :).

Thank you to The Mary Sue!

Fanatic Fanfics Awards: Nominees by Category.

Voting will open this Sunday, May 31, and close June 14 so you have a few days to read some of the stories on this awesome list!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled posts.

You Want Blood… the TB/SVM Fanfic Awards | sponsored by 4padfoot, Gyllene, Kittyinaz, Magsmacdonald, and MistressJessica1028.

May 22 is the deadline for voting!



May the best in their category win!

Congratulations! | Area 5 Bloody Pen Contests.

Congrats to the winners!

The TB/SVM Writers Directory : Fangfuckingtastic FanFiction.

WOOT! It’s up and running!


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