The Other Road Home


Things at the Fellowship church went a bit differently in this version which changes everything from there on out.

Images were borrowed from the web, no infringement intended.

All characters belong to either Charlainne Harris or Alan Ball *sigh*.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11


  1. The static page works, but the post doesn’t link back to it. And when I hit the button on the top, it never took me here. 😦 I hate when the pages don’t work like they should…

    • As do I. Which page doesn’t link back? The first chapter? That I should be able to fix.

      • The menu up above doesn’t connect and the post announcing the chapter didn’t link here. So if you followed from the post, it was hard to get into it. Maybe announce on posts that your home page has links?

      • Ahhhhhhhh. It does link back when you click read more of this post. I guess I didn’t make the links obvious enough.

        First chapter and the first Something New are clickable in the post just not the email but I will mention the fact that the homepage has links to each chapter as they’re published. Thank you :).

      • Just trying to help. 🙂 If you need anything, you can always ask me. It is how I learned. Or even ask EricIz Mine. She was the one who helped me out ALOT!!!

      • Lol. LOVE her stories! Looking at her site is how I am learning for mine :). I do appreciate the help though. I can’t know something is wrong if no one tells me, right?

  2. WOW! Between here and FFN I’m getting the feeling everyone likes the beginning of this story! WOOT!
    I think you will like where this story goes. Small spoiler: we learn some of Eric’s back story with Godric in this one. He may be dead folks but he is far from gone!

  3. Like the story, I hate that Eric dies. I usually only read Eric and Sookie FF, But I love Godric!! Can’t wait to see where it goes!!

    • I don’t necessarily like that he dies either but that seems to be the only way I can write a Sookie story that doesn’t have an overbearing E/S component in it.

  4. This is kind of tough to navigate. Drop me a line if you need help with fixing it.

    • What’s hard to navigate about it?

      • If it wasn’t for the top posts, I would have never got to the story. If you need help, please let us know. Great start to the story!

      • I have it set my wordpress to open up on the current story. Is it not doing that?

      • Unfortunately not. Ill get on my computer shortly and help you. Just give me time to finish waking up. I was up late with a story edit.

      • Not a problem, lol. My brain’s kind of tired too even though it’s the middle of the afternoon.

        To simplify things I have my reading setting set to a static page which I change whenever I have a story going so it is supposed to automatically go directly to the story’s title page which also has a list of the chapters which I link once each chapter is posted.

        No hurry in responding, just giving you brain food to wake up with :).

      • Ok up and moving. I will be over there as soon as I post the story my Beta approved. Trying to cheer up my fans 🙂

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