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I Have Decided

Starting next month I will be doing a story spotlight once or twice a month.  The link is already in the header but there is nothing under it yet since it isn’t May yet :D.

I have even decided which story will be spotlighted first but the rest of you will just have to wait until it is posted.

I’ll see you on Wednesday for the first spotlight 🙂 ;).

New Component

I’m thinking about doing a Favourite Author spotlight once a week or so.

Would ya’ll rather see an Author spotlight (overdone, I know) or a favourite story spotlight similar to what I did with Play With Fire?  This one will give me more latitude and more food for posting since a lot of my  favourite stories are by the same author (Think EricIzMine and her multiverse series here, which, by the way will by my first spotlight no matter which way I decide to go with this.)  Any way, let me know what you think please?

Something New

Edited post.

The first chapter of Something New is  now up.

If the links don’t work there are links, by chapter as they are published, on the story homepage which is what will currently show up when you go to my site,.  The static page will change as I post other stories though.  There is a link in the top menu which will take you to the homepage.  Hover over True Blood then scroll down to Something New and click :).

If anyone can think of a better title please let me know?

Something New is eleven chapters plus an epilogue.


Play With Fire

A new collaboration with Missy Dee, makesmyheadspin and bbrock25 (?).  It’s got an awesome, totally, totally awesome first chapter!  (I’m not one of the collaborators but I love the work of Missy Dee and makesmyheadspin!)

I will warn you though, this story is NOT safe for work or any where where your children can read over your shoulder!  Plenty of smut to be read!

Play With Fire

Hmmmmmm, maybe I’ll highlight some of my favorite authors!  That won’t take many posts though since the majority don’t post often 😦

Disclosure Outtakes Complete

for now any way, I may do more in the future.  For the full listing see here.

I have a new multi chapter story which I will start posting next week.  It’s called Something New,

At least for now that’s the working title, it may change if I can come up with a different one at some point.

Things at the Fellowship church went a bit differently in this version which changes everything from there on out.

After the Curse

I just published a new one shot, After the Curse.

What I think should have happened once the curse was lifted.  It would have made their lives so much easier!

I have also been adding to my Disclosure Outtakes.  There are only a couple more to post.

Enjoy the stories.

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