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How Would You Feel If You Found Out Your Marriage Was Over Via Facebook?

A sad day in Indiana to be sure.

10 Amazing Life Lessons #2

Perseverance is Priceless.

Perseverance is defined as steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Some of us call that stick-to-iteveness shrug.  No matter how you say it it all means you keep going until you reach the end or achieve the desired result.

Think about it:  if Jonas Salk hadn’t persevered we wouldn’t have the Salk Vaccine for Polio.  We wouldn’t have Penicillin, Aspirin,  antihistamines and anti-inflammatories.  We wouldn’t have electricity either although some days I wonder if not having electricity would be such a bad thing when there are things I need to be doing but I’ve been sucked into something.

I’m one of the biggest procrastinators so me writing about perseverance is a lot harder than I thought it would be, goooooooooo figure!

If you really think about it all those priceless ‘things’ we think we want are really only things, objects, things we could easily do without.

What is truly priceless is the intangible.

The quote I’m referring to:  10 life lessons


Every single item in that list is intangible.  We can’t touch it or feel it but we most certainly can attain every single one of them if we ‘persevere’ in our lives and get get out there and, as Nike says, Just Do It!


10 Amazing Life Lessons

10 life lessons

I found the above when I was searching for Will Smith quotes the other night and thought I could possibly do ten days from just this one saying

I will start with #1:  Follow your curiosity

Without curiosity we wouldn’t be where we are today.  We wouldn’t have the telephone, the television, medicine, electricity, the wheel, fire and a whole host of other things we take for granted each and every day of our lives.

If Nickola Tessla hadn’t followed his curiosity we wouldn’t have AC/DC electrical current.

If Thomas Edison hadn’t followed his curiosity we wouldn’t have music as we know it today, the motion picture camera and the long lasting light bulb among other things.

Think about children.  They are naturally curious about absolutely everything.  Their curiosity leads to learning and, sometimes, it leads to new or improved inventions.

If I hadn’t followed my curiosity I would have never gotten my first email address or my first eReader which in turn lead to this blog.

So what are you, my readers, curious about?  What interesting discoveries has your curiosity lead to?

Now that I’ve remembered…

No, I didn’t forget about wordpress OR that I’m supposed to be posting at least once a week.  What I forgot was that I have MORE than one browser!  Firefox is being stupid (still better than Internet Exploder as far as I’m concerned) and putting a bunch of icons in the address bar once the page is found so I can’t copy and paste links or anything 😦 which is why I haven’t given reminders for sephwritechallenge or for the You Want Blood Awards.

I did submit a story for Seph’s writing challenge and I nominated and voted for the awards, have you?

Who’s up for warmer weather?   *raises hand*  About freaking time too!  To celebrate the wonderful weather we’ve been having, rain and all, I got a haircut!  First one  in about three years so I think she took off about ten inches!  WOOT!

I am still writing, in case any of you were wondering.  Unfortunately most of what I’m writing isn’t ready for publication yet since I’m in no way happy with it yet 😥

I think that’s all for now and good luck to those of you who wrote something for Seph’s challenge or were nominated in the You Want Blood Awards.  May the best authors win!

Christmas 2?

It was a near perfect Christmas!  The first in many years for me :).
We did brunch with my family.  A lot less stress for me because I did the majority of the cooking here on Thursday and Friday so I was able to spend time with online friends, get the dishes done (a huge thing for me since I was cooking most of the food AND doing dishes at dad’s).  Here I can do the dishes as I go and I’m mostly comfortable in my own kitchen!

I also don’t have to deal with the SIL in my own kitchen since they don’t visit!  She’s a lazy twit who doesn’t do anything for anyone if she can possibly get away with it!  Even when Mom was alive she wouldn’t help with dishes, cooking or anything else.

There was no disagreement over what to have since we ALL agreed that two Christmas dinners on the same day was too much!
So my brunch was great!  I made sausage wraps (weiner wraps only with breakfast sausage) cut in half, breakfast pizza, pumpkin and quiche tarts, macaroons, ham chowder and took stuff to make pancakes/waffles if anyone wanted them.  There were also eggs and bacon to cook if wanted.

I got my smaller slow cooker and new knife set and new flannel pyjamas!  The greatest gift, though, was no attitude from my oldest.  He got what he wanted (clothes if you can believe it!) and he, on his own initiative, got me a present!  They’re 15 & this is the first time either of them have gotten me anything (birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas included) without prompting and using his own hard earned money!  *sniff*

Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Even in my part of the world.

The tree is up and lit.  The presents are wrapped and UNDER (around) the tree, the baking is done and the ham chowder is cooking!
We’ve got brunch at dad’s in the morning, most of which is already cooked!  I get to VISIT rather than toil in the kitchen!  WOOT!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas filled with love and good food.

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