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New Recipe

Lebanese Fish

Enjoy! We certainly do. We use this for all sorts of fish, and especially use it for fish tacos!

Gluten Free Brownies? Nooooooooooooooooo

Yep, it’s true! It is possible to make something yummy and totally chocolicious without the gluten! I just did it.

These Flourless Brownies are great!

Enjoy. I know we will :D.

Will be X-posted to Kittyinazfoodblog on October 12.

Food! 7-5-15

Here’s another batch of recipes for you.


Food! 6-28-15

Some more reicpes for you plus a page all their own which is nested on my Recipes page.

Food! 6-21-15

Happy Father’s Day a day Early. I’m posting the recipes a day early because some of them are great ideas for tomorrow so I thought you might like a day or so to get the ingredients together and visit the store :).


Food! 6-21-15

New Recipe

I have a new recipe for you.

It was tonight’s supper and was yummy!

Coconut Encrusted Fish


Okay, so I’ve decided to do something with all those recipes residing in my food folder in my email.

I’ve decided to share them with you.

This will be infrequent although I have thousands of recipes saved in my email. I want to get more regular with other stuff before I commit to something this large.

These recipes are from private collections, newsletters, sites, instagram and wherever else I find them.

I hope you enjoy them.

Food! 5-18-15

Review: Shadows

I’ve got a new, NEW book review for you. The Shadows (part of the BDB)

and three new recipes.


Eggplant Dip (Bab Ghanouj)

and Hummus.

New Recipe

I have a new recipe for you which we tried for the first time tonight!

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Enjoy! It is nummy!

New Recipe

Apparently I need a memory transplant or something.

I added a new recipe for you a couple of days ago and forgot to tell you about it :(.

Any way, it’s Blueberry French Toast.

I also added the Frequently Read Fanfiction page to the header so we can all find authors like California Kat, Kittyinaz and Meridian and others more easily.

Enjoy the food for the tummy and the brain.

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