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Squeeeeee! Again!

Good news, good news!

The You Want Blood Awards

Final Round is Live!

And guess what?

A Christmas To Remember made it to the final round for Best Hybrid and I made it to the final round as beta! WOOT

Good luck to all who have made it this far. May the best in each category win!

So…Go, read, vote!

New Blood Awards

Here’s a reminder that voting for the New Blood Awards ends in four hours!

That’s noon EST.

Four hours until the poll closes then we’ll find out who the winners are!

Good luck to those who were nominated.

You Want Blood Awards

There are THREE hours left until the polls close for the You Want Blood Awards!



You can vote only once but you can vote for up to three in each category.

May the best in their category win!

You Want Blood Awards

You Want Blood Awards

The time is upon us!

The You Want Blood Awards is OPEN so please, go vote for your favorite stories, banner makers and betas!

You will have until 24 hours from the time stamp on this post to vote then 4padfoot will close them again.

The winners will be announced on May 29.

There are many awesome stories up to vote on.

The banner makers we all voted into the poll in the first place truly do make wonderful banners.

The betas do some of the best work around.

Please, go vote for your favorites!

F*** ALL THE NEGATIVITY!!! | Gyllene

F*** ALL THE NEGATIVITY!!! | Gyllene.

WOW! I am AMAZED at all the positive feedback on this post and others in the same vein!

Gyllene, Mashadem got it right and I didn’t think about it that way at all until I read their post. You rock Mashadem!

I agree with everyone else who commented here and elsewhere (you ladies know who you are).

I vote to remove ourselves from the email lists of certain neigh sayers and give our support that way :). The certainly won’t ever get a nomination or vote if nobody reads them any more 😀 (assuming the YBA or other awards continue on.)

You Want Blood… the TB/SVM Fanfic Awards | sponsored by 4padfoot, Gyllene, Kittyinaz, Magsmacdonald, and MistressJessica1028.

May 22 is the deadline for voting!



May the best in their category win!

YWBA controversy?

It has come to my attention through posts and personal conversation that some people think the awards are meant only for those who are regular posters or for The Authority itself or something. (I read this last night so I’m sure my memory is faulty, bear with me)

I see the awards as the community’s way of saying thank you to those who have awesome stories and do post on the regular or who are such fantabulous writers they get nominated even if they don’t update regularly. I can think of two off the top of my head who fall into the later category, too.

I probably have a different look on it too, though.
I write, beta, vote, encourage or give constructive criticism because it’s something I enjoy and am good at (although not the writing so much atm) so I figure I’ll pay it forward when and where I can. I vote on the awards to show those who seem to write for the same reasons that I feel they’re worthy of the recognition.
In my eyes the awards are not a popularity contest, at least they shouldn’t be. They are there to show the authors, betas and artists that they are appreciated. Their time and effort does not go unnoticed.
Even if there were no awards I would still be doing what it is that I do because I enjoy it.
As I told the person who initiated the conversation this morning I’ve been writing for three years this past February and beta for slightly less than that and this is the first time I’ve been nominated.
It’s an honour just TO be recognized, to have people appreciate what I have done and it will continue to be an honour whether I win, place or show or don’t place at all.
There are authors I anxiously await an update from and there are those whom I am glad to see an update from but they’ve slipped from my mind between postings. *shrug* I assume it’s like that for most folks though.
I’m going to give those who are in a snit over the awards a piece of advice which I have said many times on my blog…cross post. EVERYWHERE! Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, reddit…you can even cross post to your Link’d In account but I wouldn’t advise that one unless it’s actually job related.
Enter challenges like the Ultimate Blog Challenge I’ve done a couple of times on here. They have another one starting up on July 1 if you’re so inclined.
Reply to posts. You don’t have to do it a lot but let the author know you are reading, even if it’s a smiley face or a like, they like to know their stories are being read.  Offer to help or give constructive criticism. The more often you do these things the more likely it will be that you are recognized in some way.
The more you let others know you’re out there, not just your regular followers either, the more you will be recognized. Take Twitter for example. You can cross post from WordPress to Twitter and include @ and # so you can direct your post to a specific audience or person.
In conclusion, this will be the only thing I say on the topic. Why? Because I am wise enough to realize you can only please some of the people some of the time; there will always be malcontents.
I’m going to paraphrase Sookie from Saints and Sinners, “In order for there to be awesome people in this world there have to be skid marks too.” No, I don’t think any of you are skid marks but the theory still applies for karmic balance: in order for there to be awesome stories and authors there need to be some mediocre and poor ones too so we can appreciate the ones that ARE so good!
Okay, I’m stepping off my soap box now that I’ve said my peace.

Cover Your Ears!


 I was nominated for the Eagle Eye Award! WOOT! Click the banner to to go the nominations page so you can see if your favorites were nominated.

That’s me in the pink! Breathesgirl!

Thank you natsgirl! I know it was you 🙂

Eagle Eye Award: Best Beta
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