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Thank you!



Thank you!






You Want Blood Awards, 2016
A Christmas To Remember was nominated for Hit Me With Your Best Shot.
Love Makes The World Go ‘Round was nominated for Hit Me Wit Your Best Shot.


You Want Blood Awards 2016
A Christmas To Remember was nominated for Best Hybrid (Crossover).


You Want Blood Awards, 2016
I was nominated for the Eagle Eye Award (Best Beta).


most original story

Best Villain Created

September/October 2015.
For the first time ever I came in second in a contest.
For the first time ever I received two awards.
For the first time ever I wrote an original story.
A lot of firsts.
Men In Black

Copyright 2015 © – Design by Carolina Russo”

Copyright 2015 © – Design by Carolina Russo”

My second Blogger Award. 9-28-15 by Ajoobacats.

tj6james6 giftficex

Birthday Surprise
Gift for all
Written for the summer
2015 Fanfiction Exchange at
Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood
Gift Fic Exchange

BR_AwardMy first ever Blogger Recognition Award!


My first non SVM/TB story.
I’m very proud of it.


My first nomination for my beta skills.


 Loony Tooney
The Many Deaths of Bill Compton
I entered this one in November 2014.
I was the ONLY entry :(‘ so the challenge and thrill wasn’t there.
I still had fun writing it.


  The House Always Wins
I entered this challenge in September 2014 and had a blast writing it.


 I had fun writing this one as well.
I didn’t place but that’s fine 🙂 since I’m trying to coax my muse back, lol.
Healing Lessons

I met the challenge

 I had fun writing the story A Little Conversation for Seph’s Writing challenge this past May.
I will hopefully have inspiration when she has another contest.



  1. I am 4 years younger than you and the Aches and pains started a lot sooner that I would have liked. I just found you WP page so I am going to check out your stories for SMV I stopped reading the books at 10. I was seeing CH started following the show more than her own story line she had It was sad so I turned to FF and other sites to Eric and Sookie together.
    I am interested in some one helping me with my new story it will be a crossover from the show to the book.
    I am finishing my one story at the moment but this new one If you don’t mind a threesome it will be G/S/E together.
    I am making it where Godric leaves Dallas before the F.O.T.S get him.

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