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Desert Rose Café Review

If you’re in Ontario, Canada you’ve heard the phrase ‘It’s worth the drive to Acton’ which refers to The Hide House, leather clothing, furniture, accessories, etc. Well, I’ve found a café which is worth the drive to Elora.

The Desert Rose was the highlight of the weekend. Yes, the food was that totally awesome!

I had a bean burger. I am not vegetarian or vegan anything but I think that burger was probably the best burger I’ve ever had! It was plump and juicy and just totally delicious. My boyfriend even bought one to bring home for his supper it was so good, lol.

My boyfriend had their quiche. I think his eyes actually glazed over because it was so good.

The interior of the café has a homey feel and the seating is unique; it’s harvest seating. Most of their tables sit ten or twelve with a couple which seat two. You come in and take a seat wherever there’s space whether someone’s already sitting at the table or not.

Desert Rose Café

Click their menu to see their options. It is a .jpg.

Most of The Desert Rose’s menu items have the option for gluten and dairy free but it is all at least vegetarian and some have the option for vegan.

We only saw two staff but they were fast and efficient. I think the one who took our order was the chef/cook since we didn’t see her again once we ordered and other customers started trickling in.

They also have a cookbook with their most popular recipes. Naturally, since we liked what we had SO much we bought a copy.


How awesome is that?!

The price was about average for a good meal. It was about $45 for the quiche, and two burgers and a Blue Sky soda.

We will definitely be going back again and again and again.


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Gluten Free Pancakes

I have a new recipe for you. Gluten Free Pancakes.


I’m also letting you all know that my recipe sharing is going over to kittysfoodblog. She asked for the help and I offered. Between the lot of us: me, kittyinaz, Miss Alice Unsub and a few others we have a plethora of recipes either gathered from other sources or created by us so we decided to combine forces.

Enjoy! And please, come and visit us at the food blog or like the facebook page .

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Food! 7-5-15

Here’s another batch of recipes for you.


Cafe Pyrus

As a follow up to Native Foods Cafe I thought I would share one of my favorite local restaurants with you.

Cafe Pyrus is downtown Kitchener, directly across from the bus terminal.

Not only do they have awesome  food and bottomless coffee, their loose leaf teas are to die for and they have community events like poetry readings and books and games on site to help entertain the younger crowd and to help bring in customers who simply want a comfortable place to sit and relax for a little while.

They have couches for groups of people to get together and discuss, tables for eating, drinking and playing games as well as free wifi to help keep us all connected.

The best part over the years has been that since they are directly across from the bus station they are the best place to meet people from the internet. The place is small so the staff can be more observant and the bus station has its own security force so if there is trouble they are simply a yell away.

The food.  The food is vegan friendly…the milk for the coffee is almond or soya, the cheese is a substitute and everything I’ve had there has been really good, so good I keep going back.

So, if you’re ever in the area hit them up, you won’t be disappointed.


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