Pet Peeves

Thank you kelpie for this idea.

For all you writers out there, and maybe not writers, but does  other people’s writing/speaking drives you bonkers?

Things like mixing up your and you’re or their, there and they’re.

I seen

I got

I gots

sammich for sandwish

chimley for chimney

thrown for throne (thank you kelpie, lol)

words that should have an apostrophe s rather than just an s at the end

Shall I go on?

Sound off people, please :).  I like the interaction and I truly do want to know what some of your pet peeves are so I don’t commit them, lol.

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  1. Oh goodie, a place for a gripe! My favorite, this week, is:peak vs. peek vs. pique – Grammarist
    Peak vs. peek vs. pique. A peak is (1) a maximum, (2) to achieve a maximum, and (3) to bring to a maximum. Its homophone pique, which appears mostly in the …
    If it occurs too often I’ll just abandon the story.
    I’m mean that way.

    • Lol. Yup, I’ve run across that one a few times as well. Peak vs pique is a big one for me.
      I find that I end up correcting in my head which then messes me up when editing or betaing so I have to be really careful.

  2. Re Childe vs Child and Magick instead of Magic.
    This is a tricky one. Technically they are both English, they are just ‘old english’.

    • I don’t see those very often so hadn’t bothered to check. I didn’t realize that both were proper spelling, although Word does throw a fit over magick.

  3. ‘Have we been past that shop yet?’ Yes we passed it an hour ago. Passed/past seems to be intermingled for no apparent reason. That does distract me.
    Oh and ‘I laid down on the bed’ … Lay/Laid/Layed. Gotta love English! I feel for people using it as a second language. But I get very frustrated when people misuse it as their first language.
    But then I roll my eyes and try and ignore it lol

    • Past and passed get me too. Some days I want to introduce some authors to four of my best friends.
      I can sort of understand if they’re ESL people or British/Canadian spellings versus American spellings but those who speak English on a daily basis? Please, either find a beta/proofreader/editor or proofread your work and plug it into a program like Google Docs (which will at least catch most spelling errors), Microsoft Word (which will catch most grammar and spelling, including your/you’re, etc.) or your email program opened up in Mozilla Firefox since it will catch common spelling and grammar errors for the most part.

  4. And safe vs save argh so annoying :/

  5. The number of times I’ve seen ‘shutter’ instead of ‘shudder’ and ‘weary’ instead of ‘wary’ drives me crazy!

  6. I was the “thrown” for “throne” one, and I’ll also add: “elicit” for “illicit”, “passed” for “past”, “alot” for “a lot”, “breath” and “breathe”, “blond” and “blonde”, “clothes” versus “cloths”… Oh, I could so go on…

    • Yes! Breathe vs breath! That one gets me every time.
      Accept and except as well. There’s another one too, it’ll come to me as I’m reading, I’m sure.

  7. I think I seen this on Facebook! *chuckle* and damn if my autocorrect didn’t try to fix that…so there really isn’t any excuse.

    • lol, I’ve laughed myself to tears over on damnyouautocorrect and I saw one from there over on Pinterest yesterday that just about had me rolling on the floor.
      My autocorrect is my friend though because it generally doesn’t fix the error although it will underline it so I will hopefully see it before I hit send and correct it myself.

      • Yeah my new phone hasn’t learned my words yet. So until it does-I’m ducking out of luck. 🙂

      • Lol. Ducking! That one made me laugh even as it pissed me off! I used to use my phone to write when I was at work at had a thought and the time and even if I did correct duck to fuck it would still re-correct it to duck.
        Though and thought is another one.

  8. Idea vs ideal. Huge pet peeve and one common where I live. Like I told Kelpie, murderous peeve.

  9. Childe instead child, magick instead of magic, makes you want to shoot yourself. English is not my first language, but even I know the difference between your and you’re. Some writers are in desperate need of a beta (or several). I guess nobody knows how to use spell check 🙂

    • I do beta work for a select few so I know where you’re coming from.
      I do work for non-native English speakers and they do a better job of it than some of the natives I communicate with on a regular basis!
      I’m glad to you with us.

    • Oh yes, there’s a reason I LOVE Mozilla Firefox! It has a built in spell checker! The only problem I have with it is that I’m in Canada and some programs don’t have the Canadian spellings :(. I know my word processor doesn’t.

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