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Book Recommendation

Hello all, I have finally written another book recommendation!  It’s really a series of books but I’m sure you’re not picky about what I call it :).

Any Way, go read about my thoughts on The Black Dagger Brotherhood.  I’ll be posting about the next book in the series next week :).

I will be posting a one shot soon which I wrote for Sephrenia’s Writing Challenge.

The You Want Blood voting ends in about 90 minutes so if you haven’t done so, please go vote.  There are some truly awesome stories and authors, among others, which have been nominated.

Why I’m Voting On The Health Platform in the Ontario Provincial Election. #onpoli #voteon

I happen to agree with her views on our local health care system.

Fisticuffs and Fiction

I’ve lived in Ontario since 2006, and last night was the first time I’ve been forced to use my local emergency room.

I’m fine, and I had lots of time to think about who I was voting for while I was waiting for several health professionals to determine whether I had a blood clot or a strain in my leg over the last 48 hours.

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Now that I’ve remembered…

No, I didn’t forget about wordpress OR that I’m supposed to be posting at least once a week.  What I forgot was that I have MORE than one browser!  Firefox is being stupid (still better than Internet Exploder as far as I’m concerned) and putting a bunch of icons in the address bar once the page is found so I can’t copy and paste links or anything 😦 which is why I haven’t given reminders for sephwritechallenge or for the You Want Blood Awards.

I did submit a story for Seph’s writing challenge and I nominated and voted for the awards, have you?

Who’s up for warmer weather?   *raises hand*  About freaking time too!  To celebrate the wonderful weather we’ve been having, rain and all, I got a haircut!  First one  in about three years so I think she took off about ten inches!  WOOT!

I am still writing, in case any of you were wondering.  Unfortunately most of what I’m writing isn’t ready for publication yet since I’m in no way happy with it yet 😥

I think that’s all for now and good luck to those of you who wrote something for Seph’s challenge or were nominated in the You Want Blood Awards.  May the best authors win!

Apparently I suck!

Sorry it’s been so long peeps.  Unfortunately when internet gets interrupted I end up not being able to do anything about it other than get frustrated because our ISP does things via email/text.  Does anyone else see the irony in this?  If a person does not have a smart phone/phone internet capable just how in the holy heck are we supposed to deal with them?  Fortunately I do have a smart phone but WordPress freezes it so I had to avoid you all just so my phone would keep working.

There are some wonderfully awesome things going on in the SVM/TB universe.

The first one being Awards Nomination Time.  Most of you have probably already seen this and already voted so this will just be a reminder that nominations end tonight at 11:59 pm EST

The second wonderfully awesome thing going on is Sephrenia’s Writing Challenge.  There are three banners up for grabs if any of you want to try the challenge.  She truly does wonderful banners.  You’ve probably seen some of her works on other author’s sites.

Awesomeness in my own life as well.  Nothing earth shattering or anything but the weather has finally turned warmer although I’m afraid I’ll jinx it if I put my winter coat away in the closet.  It was bad enough that I actually sent it through the wash!  Putting it away?  Not gonna happen!

My kids are nearly 19!  Six weeks and they will legally be allowed to drink here!  As most of you know that’s a HUGE milestone, especially for the guys, for some silly reason.  *shrug*

Life is chugging along, work is finally, after gods know how long, looking up and they are once again hiring.  It’s been close to 15 years since they hired off the street.  It’s not a huge hiring, maybe four people, but still…hiring is a good thing, right?

Le sigh.

That’s all for now folks.  I’ll get back to the weekly challenges once I get caught up on my other online stuff that fell behind.

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