Phishing Scam

Hello and happy Labour Day!

Don Charisma has brought our attention to, of all things, Spam, lol.

I know PayPal does limit accounts when something doesn’t look right and they have a bunch of pain in the rear end hoops you have to jump through in order to set things back to rights. I have done it. The issue comes when their site isn’t working at peak efficiency for months on end.

I think it’s such a pain because they want to hear our dulcet tones when we finally get fed up with not being able to conclude our business the internet way and do something I despise. I actually gasp picked up the phone and called them!

I got the biggest surprise when the phone on the other end was picked up, almost immediately, by an actual human being! AND said human being spoke English as a FIRST language! I didn’t get rerouted to India or Pakistan or some such! I just about fell over from shock! I think I even mentioned that fact, lol. I know we definitely discussed his accent šŸ˜€ since it was Southern through and through, even though he was in Arizona, lol.

The moral of the story, boys and girls, is NEVER click a link in an email if it seems at all suspicious. Go to the site it purports to be by typing in the address you usually use to get there or from your bookmarks or doing a general search and clicking the search link.

These types of scams want one thing. Well, two. They want your log in information which you will have very thoughtfully provided for them by clicking their link and typing in your login credentials. And they also want your money which they will then be able to access from the thoughtfully provided information.

Spam filtersĀ usually catch these emails and shuffle them into the Spam folder but sometimes they do get it wrong though so please, beĀ  careful.

I might get 25Ā Spam in a month. Now.Ā For the longest time I simply ignored my Spam folder, hundreds accumulated. I would go in and do a mass delete and the cycle would repeat.

The Spammers got tired of sending me hoax emails and not getting the wanted reaction so they stopped. Period.

So please, be careful, I don’t want you to lose your money.


About tj6james6

I write fanfiction for Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood. I pre-read/edit/beta others stories and I am attempting to get myself out of a rut and back into life rather than sitting here contemplating a blank page.

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  1. LOL 25 a day? You are so freaking lucky!!! I get 75! And that is a slow day! I clean it out every day. But then I think I have had by email addy for 23 years now?

  2. Reblogged this on Kittyinaz's Reblog Page and commented:
    Great information here!

  3. thanks for mention, and yes be careful out there !

    • Quite welcome. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I certainly have, the reblog button seems to have disappeared :(. Not sure if it’s a glitch or they removed it but with that and them changing Press This I’m not a very happy WordPress camper these days.

      • I still have reblog button on my blog … I don’t use the beep beep boop or reader much, so perhaps that’s why you’re not seeing it … and yes, plenty I’m not happy about on, just have to concentrate on the positives I guess …

      • PS I see a reblog button on your blog too !

      • Huh, for some reason I’m not seeing it anywhere I go, even when I checked with a different browser. Maybe it’ll return soon since I do use it; kind of have to since WIN10 Edge doesn’t have Press This capabilities yet. Meh, I’ll make do like I always do.

      • I’m still in Windows 7 with Firefox … maybe I’ll have a look at Win 10 later …

      • I like Win 10, especially now that I’ve discovered something they had hidden and I had to fix using the antiquated DOS, lmao. They hid the higher administrative functions so I couldn’t manipulate my own darned pictures! Fixed now though :D.

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