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I just did an oops

I wrote the whole week of updates, or I hope it was all of them, THEN realized it was a page instead of a post sigh

So, this week you’ll be redirected to the page that stuff is on rather than be able to click from the post, lol.



It seems most of my favorite authors are getting out of the Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood fanfiction writing business 😦

They truly have some awesome stories started but now it’ll either be forever until I see an update, or they won’t be updated at all, on some of my favorites stories because they just don’t feel inspired right now or true life is truly biting them in the butt!

The non-inspiration comes from the lackluster ending to True Blood and the absolutely awful ending to the books I imagine but it still saddens me that they can’t find the inspiration.

One or two have found other fandoms to ship and others have decided to totally stop writing altogether.

What a bummer of a way to start off a week off from work :(:  finding out that one of my all time favorite fanfics may not be finished at all :’).

Maybe I’ll find something else to write about since I can truly understand where they’re coming from when they say they aren’t inspired to write about Eric and Sookie any more.  My own muse has spent more time on vacation in the last year or two than she has actually helping me with plot bunnies and putting words on my screen but I am trying  Maybe I’ll find some inspiration in Outlander, at least Sam Heughan inspires some awesome daydreams :D.  Seeing him in a kilt and listening to that sweet lilt saying ‘Sassenach’….yeah…

Any way, to those who have stepped back from TB and SVM for now, or forever, I hope you find inspiration somewhere and continue writing.

To those of you who are having life kick you in the teeth may you find strength in the little things and come through to the other side stronger than ever.


Okay,  I didn’t get any responses to whether or not folks want to be informed when a story is updated so, here’s what I’ll do:  I’ll direct you to Fanfiction Minions when they post on Sundays and I’ll let you know when the stories I beta update, that way your inboxes aren’t filled with multiple posts for the same stories and I’ll be promoting my favorite authors :).  That way, too, we get the best of both worlds–stories to fill our Sundays, or the rest of the week, and I don’t have to think of a post for the daily post on Sundays, lol.

Voting Booth Open

Voting for Seph’s Banner Challenge is now open :).

Please, go and vote for the one you think is best in the two banners which received stories and for the three you would wish to see continued; there are 11 stories in all.

There are some very talented writers who entered this challenge and I think a couple of them have never written anything like this before, so please go give them your support.

While you’re there why don’t you see if you can figure out which story is mine.  I can’t give you any hints, you’ll just have to wait until voting closes and the winners are announced to find out.UBC-banner3


Look who’s….got a severely slow connection!

Any way:  I entered Sephrenia’s fall Banner Challenge.

The deadline is tomorrow night but I’ve already sent it to her.  I even remembered to include the title this time, lol.

There are other challenges coming up, including a Kill Bill.  Unfortunately the timeline on that one had to be extended; the story’s done though, I’m just waiting to hear when I can send it in.

Over at Kittyinaz she’s started something truly unique.  She’s started something called Anthem of Angels and it will have different contributing authors.  It sounds really fun and I’ve started something for that as well.

Hmmm, let’s see:  kardamon has two WIP’s:  Healed which already has three posted chapters and Forget Me Not, a rewrite of one of her Polish stories, which has seven chapters posted and I just gave eight back to her tonight.

Healed:  Season 7.  Sookie has a different reaction when she learns Eric is healed.  It’s looking good, so far, for a slightly smarter (and less bratty) Sookie although I can’t promise that since I only get one chapter at a time and I don’t have four yet, lol.

Forget Me Not:  Interrupts Amnesia Story line.  The witches were defeated, Pam had her fun, Jason is missing but something is horribly wrong.  The witches curse was lifted, or was it?

MissPharao has one English WIP called Gotta Be Somebody which has five posted chapters with the sixth on the way in the next few days.  She also has a German fanfiction listed but my German is non-existent so I can’t tell you how it is.

Gotta Be Somebody:  A different Eric, a different Sookie..  Eric is more than we ever thought and Sookie’s out to kick butt and take names.  Let’s see if Fairy Sookie comes out to play.

I’m sad that Outlander (wipes drool off mouth at the thought of Same Heughan in a kilt) has hid the mid season hiatus :(.

What is it with Mother Nature?  Summer sucked!  We had maybe two weeks of summer like weather  right up until September 23 THEN teh warm weather decided to hit?  WTF?  I’m enjoying the warm weather while I can but really, 75+ degrees at the end of September?

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