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My 2 Cents’ Worth: Full of Grace

This time I chose Full Of Grace by Makesmyheadspin.


She has many great stories, this is just one of them!

First Recipe

My first recipe is up is up!

Try it and tell me what you think please!

The Other Road Home Chap 5

That’s right folks, chapter 5 is up!  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I am also adding a recipe section to my blog!  It will be more than Southern Fried clogged arteries too!

The recipes will be some of the staples in our household, things we eat regularly.  Some of them will have the associated link since a lot of my recipes come from online.  Some of them will be wonderful southern comfort food (I am Southern, born and bred), others will be desserts, other nationalities, etc. 

If you have a favourite and would like to have it added please send it to me here, FFN, facebook (my link isn’t working so I’ll fix this at a later date), twitter or, if you have my email you can do that.  If, after three times trying it, we decide it is yummy, I’ll add it here with full props to the one who sent it.


I’ve had time to digest what I know about Dead Ever After, the thirteenth and final book in the Sookie Stackhouse series.

I haven’t read it since I was crazy enough to read the spoilers *sigh*.  There WILL be spoilers below here so if you haven’t read it and don’t want to see the spoilers stop here.

The image is from the net, no infringement intended, I just thought it was cool and I wanted a space filler, lol.

part of her now es

I am upset about the way the series ended though.

She ended up with Sam!  Sam of all people!

All through the series he was forever trying to tell her what to do and who she should have been dating!  They had ONE date in the first book!  That does NOT a relationship make!  Mind you, she and Eric never had ANY!  The one she thought they were going to have ended up being so she could meet a relative she never knew she had instead of a quiet dinner with just the two of them :(‘.

I have read that CH was writing a mystery (I think all her series are mysteries so no surprise there) and ended up with a romance.  She didn’t want the romance part, IMO, so she did everything she could, including butchering the final book, to make it possible for us to actually PREFER the fanfiction to her stories!

That’s right, I said it!  I prefer the fanfic to her books!  There are some wonderful authors writing for the fanfiction world who put a lot of thought and time, and continuity of plotlines, into their stories!

I’m not normally one to nitpick a story, mostly because I read for enjoyment rather than to find errors (I’m not an editor, why would I?).  I’m not the most observant of readers but when I can spot glaringly obvious errors I’m sure others did as well.  Even I picked up on the fact she couldn’t settle on a middle name for Bill.  Should it be Erasmus, as printed in the first book?  No, I think it’ll be Thomas instead.  There were others, many of them, many MANY errors and from what I hear she multiplied those errors in the final book *sobs quietly for a moment*.

I would like to thank her though, lol.  If it weren’t for Charlainne Harris and her vision of a human telepathic waitress from Backwater, Louisiana  in a vampire world I would have never discovered fanfiction!  😀

That’s all, back to your regularly scheduled reading.

New Chapter

Something New has a new title!  It is now The Other Road HomeThank yous go to treewitch703!

The next chapter is up!  I think you’ll like it, too :).  Godric follows through on a promise. 


New Chapter: Something New

Chapter 3 of Something New is now up!

I’m looking for a Beta.  With the release of the VERY UNSATISFACTORY final book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries, book 13, I am in the process of writing it so they get their HEA.  I haven’t read Dead Ever After and have no intention of doing so.

After reading the reviews and rants about the nonsensical ending to what was a wonderful series, at least until the last three or four books, I have decided to not continue on with reading any of Charlainne Harris’ writing.  I do have other books on my list of what I want to read.  Authors like Terry Brooks (Shanarra series), P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast (House of Knight series) and many others.

I will be continuing my SVM and TB fanfic, at least for a while, though since I do still have many ideas, but I think the majority of them will probably fall under the True Blood Tag since it is still ongoing and they haven’t written the Sookie we have all grown to either love, or hate, down and out for the count yet.  Truly, I hope the producers of True Blood give us, and Sookie and Eric, what we want:  An ending which is at least feasible!  Preferably they will have them end up together but that is still, hopefully, a ways down the road. 

Until next week, enjoy!


Something New chap 2

Chapter 2 is now up!

Thank you all for the comments, follows and likes!

I had some good action on my spotlight as well so I will continue on with it.  I’m not sure if it will be once or twice a month yet but you will know when the next one is up :);).

Unfortunately I own NOTHING other than this story, the characters belong to Charlainne Harris and/or Alan Ball :(.

Enjoy this chapter :).

First 2 Cents’ Worth is up!

Ericizmine’s story Sinners and Saints is the first story I decided to spotlight.

Go here to read my review.

Enjoy!  I know I did!

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