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Book Reviews via email?

I was talking with ajoobacats over the weekend and we had the idea to review books we can’t in good conscious give 1 or 2 or 3 stars to with each other via email and we thought we would maybe open it up to our readers as well. We might also include other unpopular opinion books we thought were thoroughly awesome. Like Dorothy Must Die. I have only read the one review which was 5 stars but apparently the initial reviews were not glowing.

Via email it’s a little (lot) more private so the stygma about an unpopular opinion is a lot less.

Would any of you like to get in on this if we decide to do it?

Book Review: Dorothy Must Die

I have a new book review for you.

Dorothy Must Die


Book Review: Hyde: An Urban Fantasy

I have a new book review for you.

Throwback Thursday

Thanks to Parttime Monster for helping to spearhead this link party.

This week will be a book review.

I give you my review for Dark Lover by J. R. Ward.

Book Reviews 1-17-16

Before The Dawn (Grayson trilogy book 2)
Thicker Than Water (Grayson Trilogy Book 3
Stockholm Syndrome (Dr Hope Sze Medical Mystery Book 4)
The Web Across the Water
A Single Step

from Ajoobacats

Loud Is How I Love You
Bookishly Ever After

from The Daydreaming Bookworm

The Cave
Perfectly Broken
A Sudden Crush
Caskets From Costco
The Girlfriend Request

from Comfy Reading

The Score

from Book Boyfriend Blog

Mr. Mercedes
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

from The Book Review Directory

Curtains for Miss Plym: A canine mystery
Soft Summer Blood
Bitter Poison: An English village cosy featuring The Colonel
The Widow
Breaking Wild
Shutter Man
Bears Make the Best Reading Buddies

from Journey Of A Bookseller

The Prophecy (The Fulfilment #1)

from The Reading Bud


Book Reviews by Other Reviwers

Another new, infrequent, addition to my site.

I will be linking reviews by other reviewers for your perusal.


Book Reviews by Other Reviewers

Review: Ghostly Liaison

I hope you aren’t tired of my posts yet because I have another book review for you.

Enjoy and please, support the author so she will continue to give us such wonderful and awesome works!

Review: How To Kill Your Senator

How To Kill Your Senator

Link to my GoodReads review.

Link to my Amazon Review.

A little background on this since How To Kill Your Senator is not something I would normally read.

The authors of the dystopian world of City-State, James Courtney and Kaisey Wilkerson-Mills,  put out a call for pre-readers. Since I beta and pre-read for the fun of it I grabbed the opportunity to take myself out of my comfort zone.

I’m glad I did though because it definitely took me out of my comfort zone and actually made me think!

Enjoy and if dystopian reading is your thing please give them your support over on where you can buy it for 99 cents, including international ‘shipping’ to your Kindle or Kindle app.

Journey of a Bookseller

Journey of a Bookseller.

Review: iDracula

It’s ready, the post I told you about in Cell Novels: iDracula by Bekka Black.

I hope you all go out and find a few :), I’m going to once I get caught up on some stuff that has priority!

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