“Oh Pammmmmmmmmm………..”

“Yes Sookie?”

“Would you take me shopping?  I want to surprise Eric so I can’t exactly let him tag along and I know you’ll know where to find what I want.

“Do you even need to ask?  When do you want to go?”

“First dark tomorrow?  I don’t have any telepathic meetings or contracts and Eric has already said he won’t need me at the bar tomorrow night so it’s mine to do with as I wish.  I wish to surprise him.”  My eyes are glinting in the light and Pam gets a devilishly delicious smile on her face.

“Is it something I can take part in?”


“You’re on!  I’ll let our Master know we’re unavailable tomorrow night.”

She pulls out her phone and sends out a quick text, her face lighting up when she receives only question marks in reply.

“I love teasing him.  Now he’s going to be curious and want to know what we’ve got planned and he can’t command it out of me since I don’t know what we’re doing other than shopping and that will bother him even more!  Yesssssss!”

Sookie takes out her phone and texts him asking him not to command it out of her as it’s a surprise for him and all Pam knows is that they’re going shopping.  She doesn’t even know where or what they’re shopping for.

No sooner is she done sending the text than he’s standing in front of her.  “Don’t worry Eric.  I’m not going to get in trouble.  I’ll feed before we go and I’ll be good as gold and do as Pam says while we’re gone.  You’ll love what I’ve got planned but you’ll just have to be patient until I’m ready to reveal it.”

With a warning look in his eyes he says, “You’re  not planning on a practical joke are you?  I’m not particularly in the mood for practical jokes after the last one the two of you pulled.”

Pam and I snickered.  We had let him think his beloved Corvette had been crushed when we moved the real one some where else and left the crushed one in his parking spot along with a note:  From two women who feel you love your car more than you do us.  Pam & Sookie.  P.S.  We love you!  We had both been punished for that one.  We had been made to dress in pasties and string bikini bottoms and made to host a car wash with the proceeds going to charity.  We had to keep it sexy and it had to be every college boys dream of sexy, in other words lesbian sexy.  If we didn’t keep it sexy we wouldn’t get our car keys or our credit cards back.  I had weathered that one but had sworn off pranks which caused harm to his personal items.

“I promise.  No practical jokes with this one.  I can even promise you’ll enjoy it when I’m ready to reveal it.”

“Alright then but I warn you, no practical jokes or you will both be grounded and commanded that there won’t be any more of them.”

We both say “Yes, Master,” and leave it at that.  I know what I’ve got planned and I know he’ll love it, and me, to pieces once he sees it.

I take his hand and go to Fangtasia with him since it’s time for me to make my presence known and spend my time enthralling the vermin and scanning the crowd for any underagers or other potential trouble.  I only had to spend two hours every other night there but I still didn’t enjoy it, at least not the being on display part.  I could handle the other stuff but being on display was simply not something I had ever enjoyed.

Finally the bar closed and we got to go home where we cuddled up and watched a movie, talked about nothing in particular and read some from the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner before the rising sun forced me to bed.

When I woke the next night I was excited to go shopping.  It wasn’t something I had ever really enjoyed before because I never really had anyone to go with me and I never had the money to buy much any way.  Now I did.  First things first though, I had to feed so I wouldn’t lose control while we were out.

“Evening Eric.  I need to feed before Pam and I go shopping so I’ll be a good little girl,” I said with a smile on my face and a small hint of the hunger I was feeling already.

“Go get dressed then.  We’ll go find you a pretty young thing so you’ll be ready for your evening of shopping.”

He followed me into the bedroom and watched, fangs out, as I picked out what to wear.  Jeans and a tee with sneakers was all I really needed for hunting since I was only going to get dirty any way since I hadn’t mastered how to eat neatly yet.  Before I could even pull my jeans up he was on me.  I let my jeans drop to the floor and ducked his arm, laughing at the look on his face.  “Eric.  I told Pam we would meet at first dark.  She knows I need to feed but I don’t want to take too long.  I’m really excited to shop and I  promise you’ll get all you want, and more, once I get home.  Please Master, I need to feed.”

He came up behind me and put his wrist to my mouth.  The smell of him, just the thought of what he was offering, was intoxicating.  I dropped my fangs and bit, taking his blood into me, feeling his strength flow through me.  I stopped after a few mouthfuls.  “Thank you Eric but we both know that won’t prevent the hunger when I’m out in public with the smell of human blood all around me.  It will help if someone attacks us but I need a human tonight.’

“I know Sookie but I still wanted you to add to your strength, just in case.”

I turned in his arms and lay my head on his chest, enjoying the feeling of being close to him.

I reached up and gave him a butterfly kiss on the lips, gave him a taste of what was to come, and continued dressing.

“I’m ready and very hungry.  Please, I need to feed.”

“You really are very hungry tonight, aren’t you.  Let’s go then.  It’s not good to play with hunger when it’s this strong.”  We were out the door and in the car in a flash, driving around down town, looking for someone to satisfy my hunger.  Finally he parked in the mall parking lot and we got out and walked hand in hand.  I needed to smell the blood and listen to the thoughts of those around me so I could pick the one for me.  I had to share with him but that was more so he could monitor me and make sure I knew I had to share if he said so than so he could feed his own hunger since he would only take a couple of mouthfuls.

Finally I found a twenty something redhead who was watching us out of the corner of her eye and twitching her hips, flirting with us, who had the most delicious thoughts of what she would do if we allowed it.

I walked up beside her and took hold of her hand, pacing myself to match her gate.  “Would you like to come with us for a little while?  I know you’ll enjoy what we have to offer,” I ask.  I can see the blush and hear her heart beat increase at the offer.

“Yes,” is all she says.  We get on the elevator and go down to the car.  I sit in the back with her, holding her hand and talking to her as Eric drives to the house we use for guests.  We get out and I lead her inside.  Once we’re inside I embrace her, take in her scent which is simply soap and water and sunshine.  A heady scent to one such as I who used to live for the sun and thrived on it and cleanliness.

I kiss her slowly, letting the moment carry her away.  When she feels ready I look at Eric and he nods, letting me know that she is, indeed, ready.  He comes up beside me as I sink my fangs into her neck and drink her ambrosia, feeling her heart beat in her blood as it speeds up and then calms.  He takes her wrist, licks it, then sinks his fangs in, taking only a mouthful.  I retract my fangs and lick her wound, healing it so it won’t show.  “Thank you Rachel, that was delicious.  We’ll take you back to the mall now so you can rejoin your friends and continue on with your night.”

“Do I really have to go?  I really enjoyed that and I would like to try more.  Could I give you my number in case you would like to sample me again?”

“I would like that and yes, you have to go.  I’ve got plans tonight and I need to get going,” I said and hand her a pen and paper we keep by the phone for such things.  She writes down her name and number and puts them down by the phone.  I take her hand again and lead her back to the car.  We drop her off at the mall and go to meet Pam so we can go shopping.

I get in Pam’s pink bug and off we go.  “Where are we going Sookie?”

I laugh, “A sex store Pam.  I want to get some sexy lingerie and some toys.”

Pam does a double take.  “You want to go to a sex store?  What is happening to you sister?  You seem to be embracing your vampireness very well.”

“Yes Pam, a sex store.  That’s why I didn’t tell you last night.  You would be too excited and Eric would command you to speak.  I really want this to be a surprise for him, things I pick out for myself, instead of things he’s picked out for me.  I love what the two of you have bought for me but I want to let him know that I appreciate everything that’s been done for me and I can’t think of a better way than to finally let my prudish self go a little bit.  I need to bury my human self and embrace my vampire self and I can’t do that if I keep acting like I did as a human.”

“You’ll get no argument from me Sookie.  I’ve just been waiting for you to reach this conclusion on your own.  I’m glad you’ve decided to let your human self go though.  I loved her as much as I was able but I think I’ll love the vamp version of her much more.”

“I’m sure you will Pam.  I know Eric will as well.  The trick will be to get all of this and spring it on him before he gets the bill and starts asking questions I don’t really want to answer.  I think I know when to do it, I’ll just need someone to keep him out of the house for a couple of hours and you to help me dress.”

“I’m sure we can cook something up to keep him at the club for a couple of hours and get someone to keep him there and I’ll be more than happy to help you dress.”  Pam’s smile got all fangy, as did mine, as I thought about what I had in mind.

Pam parks and we walk in to her favorite sex store.  The clerk knows her by name, no surprise there.

“What can we do for you tonight Pam?  I thought you had already bought us out of everything.”

“I do have one of everything from your store but tonight isn’t for me, it’s for my sister.  She’s planning a surprise for our Master, her husband, and said she wanted to go to a sex store to get the things for her surprise so here we are.”

“All right then.  I’m Charles, What can I do for you?”

“I’m Sookie and I’m looking for some things which will show my husband everything he wants to see and touch while leaving just a little bit to the imagination.  I already know I want some pasties and some g-strings, fishnet stockings with matching garters, corsets, fuck me heels, the works.  I also want some toys of some sort.  Things which are appropriate for a beginner but can be used by a Master as well without his feeling like a beginner.”

Pam is staring at me.  I can smell her arousal.  She doesn’t know it yet but she has a place in all of these plans.  Our little sojourn into punishment together caught my imagination and I’ve figured out just how I can repay both of them for their kindness and protection over the years.

Charles walks me through the store and shows me the things I want.  I pick out the colors and sizes for the clothing, even trying a few things on.  Then he shows me the toys he thinks I’m talking about.  He’s got the floggers and paddles, plugs and gags and anything else I could ever dream of and some things I hadn’t dreamed of.

Several hundred dollars later we walk out, arms loaded down, and head to Pam’s so we can store my purchases until I’m ready for my surprise.  She shows me how to use some of the things just so I don’t embarass myself.  When it’s time for Eric to come home she takes me home and takes her leave, excited about what I bought and at how she thinks he’ll take it.

“Sookie!  Where are you lover?” he calls when he walks in the door.

I dart across the doorway and he takes chase, finally catching me in the laundry room and kisses my lips hard, letting his hand slide up under my dress and quirks an eyebrow when he feels that I don’t have on any underwear.  His other hand slides up to my chest and discovers that the only thing I have on is the dress.  I reach down and unbutton and unzip his jeans, releasing his cock from it’s forced confinement.  He’s already hard and I’m ready.  I get down on my knees and take him in my mouth.  Just the head at first, swirling my tongue around the tip, sliding my hand up and down the shaft, squeezing his balls.  Slowly I tease his cock, taking him in millimeter by millimeter. licking and sucking, squeezing, sliding.  Before he can release he pulls me up and sets me on the washer and gets on his knees, spreading my legs, inhaling my femaleness and his fingers find my hole, his tongue finds my clit.  My hands grip his hair as he flicks and licks and sucks, bringing me closer and closer to going over the edge but he stops just at the edge.

“Master,” I growl.

He stands and retrieves a pair of cuffs from the cupboard there and puts them on my wrists.  He lifts me off the washer and carries me to the living room.  He puts me down in the middle of the room, attaches a chain to the cuffs and clips it to a hook I hadn’t noticed before in the ceiling.

“You called me Master which tells me this is what you’re wanting.  Was I wrong?  Did you not want this?”

“No, you weren’t wrong,” I sigh.

“Good, then enjoy what I’m doing and don’t act so put upon since we both know it’s an act.”

“Yes Master.”

He smiles and gets down on his knees in front of me again but this time, instead of tasting my still wet pussy he attaches some sort of clip to my clit.  I squeal in surprise.  This is new.  He flicks the clip with his tongue, causing the chain on it to swing a bit, causing a bit of pain but, for some reason, it’s good pain.

“Like that do you my little slut?  There’s more where that came from.”

He puts clips on my pussy lips and my nipples too.  If it’s at all possible I’m even wetter now.  It won’t take much to send me over the edge and he knows it.

He walks over and sits on the couch, simply watching as I deal with the pain from the clips and the fact that I’m so wet and horny that I can hardly stand it.  I’m trying to turn to see him but I can barely touch the floor so I can’t get a good grip so I can turn.  I’m grunting and groaning.  He’s sitting there, watching.

Finally he comes back over and removes just one of the clips, causing me to scream.  He’s flicking the now throbbing nipple, causing even more pain and my pussy to get wetter and slicker.  He knows I’m ready to go over the edge and he’s enjoying my torment.  He puts just one finger in my sopping pussy and pulls it right back out again, bringing it up to my lips so I can clean it.  I do, sucking his finger as I would his cock, enjoying the taste.  Over and over again he lets me taste myself.   He’s letting my need for an orgasm abate a bit before he resumes driving me crazy.  When he thinks I’ve recovered somewhat he stands in front of me and points at his cock, silently showing me exactly what I do to him.  I look at him and show my fangs, letting him know that I do, indeed, see what I’ve done to him.

He stands there, in front of me, stroking his cock, watching my reactions, smelling my reactions.  My juices are running down my legs and still he stands there making me watch him as he plays with his cock.

He comes over to me and puts his other hand down into my wetness and starts rubbing, sticking a long finger into my hole, sliding it in and out.  I’m moaning and groaning, grinding my pelvis into his hand as best I can, begging him to fuck me.

“Eric, please just fuck me silly!”

“What is it you want my wife?  I don’t think I heard you.”

“Master!  Please just fuck your slutty wife!  She wants you inside her, grinding into her, fucking her until she passes out!”  I’m yelling and moaning, wanting him so badly it hurts.

“That’s better.  You’re my slutty wife huh?  I think I like that title for you.”

He finally comes close enough for me to lift myself with my arms and wrap my legs around his waist but instead he lifts me up higher and puts my legs on his shoulders so he can ravish my sopping wet center.  In no time he’s got me writhing, begging for him to enter me, to put me out of my misery but the sadistic bastard is enjoying my misery far too much.

“Master, PLEASE, I’m begging you!  Fuck me silly!  I need to come in the worst possible way.  Please Master, please make your slutty wife come!”

He laughs that deep down belly laugh and lowers me so that his cock is right at my opening.  I try to lower myself onto him but he keeps me right where he wants me, with his cock just touching my pussy, teasing me some more.

“Master Please!”

“Please what my Sookie?”

“Master, please impale me on your cock!”

Finally he does as I want and slides me down onto him.  I try to ride him but he won’t have that.  He lifts me off.  “No.  I am the Master here.  You will do what I want, when I want, not the other way around.”

“Yes, Master,” I pant.  I need to come so very badly and I will do absolutely anything for that pleasure.  He lowers me down onto his cock once again and I stay as still as I can.  He starts pumping.  Before I gain my release he pulls me off and takes the chain off the hook.  He grabs a handful of my hair and pushes me to my knees.  I immediately take his enormous staff into my mouth, all the way in, and start sucking him, licking him, nibbling and letting my fangs graze across the skin.  He’s holding the chain, still attached to the cuffs, up just high enough so that I can’t play with myself or his cock and balls.  I’m squirming with need now.  I take him deep into my throat and feel as he spends himself.

“Marvelous my Lover.  You now have two options.  You can play with your pussy to get yourself off or you can play with your tits, not both.  The cuffs will stay in place to ensure that it is one or the other.  Make your choice.”

“My pussy Master.  It is so….”  He puts his cock back in my mouth after lowering my hands so they can play with my pussy.  After only a few seconds he hands me something.  It feels like a rubber cock or something.  “This is how you will play with yourself.   Your hands will not make contact with any body part once it is in.  You will slide it in and out as though it were me and you will make yourself come with it.”  I glare at him but put the thing where it belongs and start fucking myself with it.  In and out, in and out, changing angles, trying to find the right angle to hit that magical spot that will bring me sweet release.

He reaches down and pinches a nipple, pinches the other one.  I’m so ready to come but it just won’t.  I’m nearly in tears I need it so bad.

He realizes it’s not working so he pulls out of my mouth and goes around behind me.  Kneeling behind me he reaches around and takes command of the dildo and starts fucking me with it, rubbing my other hole with his still stiff cock.  In no time I’m writhing, wanting him so badly.  He pulls the dildo out and gently starts inserting into my very tight ass while playing with one of my tits.

“Play with yourself my slut, play with yourself and come for me.”

I reach down and immediatelyl start pinching my clit, sliding my fingers into my pussy.  Its so very wet.

“Master, please, please fuck me hard.”

He flips me over, leaving the dildo in place, and slams his cock into my opening, pumping for all he’s worth.  That is exactly what I needed.  In no time my insides are contracting around him, pulling his orgasm from him as I jump over the edge.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, Master.  How do you always know what I need and when I need it?”

“You are easy to read, sexually.  Your arousal is always aparent to anyone who cares to notice such things.  I notice such things because I do care.  I want you to be happy so I make sure you have what you need.”

“I need some blood.  I’m starving.”

Once again he offers me his wrist.  I shake my head.  I offer him my wrists so he can unbind them.  When he has I push him back, spread his legs, wrap my hand around his shaft and start pumping him, licking his thigh.  When I feel he’s close I bite into his femoral artery, sending him over the edge.  I stop after a few mouthfuls and straddle him, laying my head on his chest.

“Eric,” I say, “I am so happy I made the decision to spend eternity with you.  I love you with my whole being.  I’m glad I let you turn me.”

I can feel his happiness pouring into me.

“I know, my love, I know.”


Three nights later Pam and I have arranged for Thalia to be her usual self in order to keep him at the bar for a while.  Pam comes over once he’s left for Fangtasia and helps me set up the bedroom.  We lay out all the toys I bought and she helps me get dressed in my new clothes.

We’re wearing nearly the same outfits.  Pasties on our nipples and g-string panties, fishnet stockings with matching garter belts and four inch fuck me heels.  When we’re ready I call him.  “Eric.  I need you, can you com home now please?”

“Or course Lover.  I’ll be there shortly.”

We each drink a True Blood while waiting.

We’re kneeling in the bedroom when he comes home.  He stops in the doorway, taking in our appearances.

“What’s this?” he asks.

“Well, when you punished us it sent my imagination into overdrive and I discovered something about myself.  With your permission I would like to see what it’s like to have sex with Pam.  She’s the only one, other than you, I trust to take me where I want to go and since you have the wrong equipment for what I want right now I kind of figured you would be OK with her teaching me what it’s like to be with another woman.”

He was already hard from seeing us dressed this way and my words only served to make him harder.

“Of course my love.  If you wish to experiment with Pam you may as long as Pam is willing, which she apparently is.  No blood transfer though, that is still just for me.”

“Good, then please have a seat and enjoy the show.”

He walks over to the chair, takes off his pants and sits down.

Both Pam and I grin and descend on him.  We cuff his hands behind him, his ankles together.  “We don’t want you to hurt yourself while waching so, after pleasuring each other we will pleasure you if you so wish,” I say.  He grins and nods.

Pam and I step a little further from him and face each other.  We’ve already discussed this to a small degree.  She’ll do something to me and then I’ll mimic what she does until I feel comfortable enough to do something on my own.

She kisses me gently, trying to relax me and I kiss her back.  She places her hands over my nipples and removes the pasties, tweaking the nipples just a bit.  I place my hands over hers, remove her pasties and tweak her nipples.  She starts rubbing my breasts, feeling the nipples getting harder beneath her palms.  She pulls me into an embrace and starts rubbing my back and ass, giving me some time to center myself.  I embrace her and reach between us, feeling her sex.  She gasps and is already a little wet.  She reaches down to my sex and discovers that I’m just as wet as she is.

Suddenly she’s lying on the floor and pulls me down on top of her, my pussy directly over her mouth.  She flicks her tongue over my clit, feeling it stiffen, she rubs a finger through my wetness and sucks it clean.  She puts a finger in me and starts pumping it in and out, rubbing it against that special spot inside me but before I can come she stops and suddenly she’s on top with her pussy poised over my mouth.  I start tonguing her clit, letting my tongue slip inside her folds momentarily, savoring the taste.  I put a finger in her opening and pump it in and out, feeling the different contours, the different smell, the wetness.  I am lost in my exploration.  I’m not thinking about anything other than pleasuring the beautiful creature hovering over me.  I slide another finger in with the first and feel her fondling my breasts, kneading them, pinching them, causing my nipples to get even harder as I examine her womanhood, marvelling at the complexity that such a simple thing as stimulation can cause.  I suck on her clit, feeling her get even wetter.  I let my fangs graze her thigh.  I hear her gasp at the sensation, at the feeling that runs through her.  I start pumping harder and faster, biting.  Suddenly she lets go and falls over the edge.

Once she’s recovered she lifts me onto Eric’s lap and kneels in front of us.  She bows her head for a moment then plunges her head to my already wet opening and starts licking and sucking while playing with my nipples.  Pinching and squeezing, rising up for a quick suck then back down again.  Soon she has brought me over the edge as well.

She helps me up and we turn to face Eric.  We kneel and look up at him.  His cock is rock hard, his fangs are down and his cock is dripping precum.  Pam and I glance at each other and nod.  We uncuff his ankles, pull him up and lead him to the bed.  We uncuff his ands and recuff them to the head of the bed, then cuff his ankles to the foot.  He’s still, unbelievably, hard!  I straddle him and slide down, positioning the head right at my opening then slowly slide down until I feel the fullness that is Eric and I start riding him, feeling his cock slide in and out of me.  I can feel him bucking slightly which only helps me.  Pam is sucking my nipples, playing with which ever one isn’t being sucked at the time.  I can feel her fangs graze the hard lumps.  I reach forward and start playing with hers as well, watching Eric as he watches us.

I can feel his lusty thoughts, his pride in me, his surprise at what we had planned.  He doesn’t know that the night’s not over yet.

Pam moves and I lean over and kiss him longingly and whisper “bite me”.  He sinks his fangs into my shoulder as I sink mine into him and we both fly over the edge and float slowly back to earth.

We’re in an Eric sandwich now.  He’s still cuffed to the bed and I’m on one side of him, Pam’s on the other.  She reaches up and releases the wrist cuffs, then goes down and releases the ankles.  He pulls us both to him and kisses us both on the head and says “Thank you.  That was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.  I think it’s number three actually with only the gift of your lives being at one and two.”

“The night’s not over yet, Master.  There’s one more thing yet to come.”

He looks surprised but pleased.

I offer him my wrists and Pam nods.  He puts the cuffs on me and she leads me over to the door where we’ve put a hook which is just high enough for me to stand without being able to lift the chain linking the cuffs over it.  She puts the chain over the hook and uncovers the table which was unnoticed by him until now.  He looks at Pam, “Yes Master.  Ask her yourself, she wants this.  This is what we went shopping for the other night.  She wanted to surprise you with her complete submission and our time together.”  She picks up a flogger and hands it to him, nodding.

He turns my head to him, “Is this true Sookie?  Is this what you want?  You not only want to be my wife and child, you want to be my slave as well?”

“Yes Master, it’s true.  I want all of that and more.  I’m not ready for the more yet but I am ready for this.  Please Master, do what you will with me.  I want to feel the pain.  I need to feel the pain.  Please Master, hurt me!”

He gives me a tender kiss and proceeds to flog and paddle me until the sun comes up forcing my surrender to the sun.

  1. That was a fun story to read. Enjoyed reading the games between Pam & Sookie. Their devotion in pleasing Eric gave me lots of ideas to get through the day. Thankyou.

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Essential Aromas Wellness

| Holistic Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Safety |

Organic Gardening Advise

Love to Garden? Learn Some Helpful Tips And Tricks To Help You Get That Green Thumb

From the Beginning

My Essential Oils Journey

Fiction by Jenna Tee

Fanfiction and Original Fiction by Jenna Tee

Robin's Aesthetics

My creations


♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan


Fanfiction Shenanigans.

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“Writing is the only thing, that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else” Gloria Steinem

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