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Weather and stuff

Mother Nature needs to take her vitamins!  This crap she’s been giving us—several days of weather British Columbia would be proud of and now weather Russia would be proud of!  Please, give us one or the other!  I no longer know what to wear to go to work in the mornings–a spring jacket or long johns and winter coat?!

I’m on Afternoon shift next week:(.  Better than unemployment.  I switched with someone.  Her daughter has two appointments in Toronto next week which have to do with her post secondary education….a leetle more important than  my grumbling.

Any way, anyone want this crappy weather with its snow squall warnings?  I sure don’t.


If anyone wants this cold and yucky weather please come and get it!  Heck!  I’ll even pay to ship it to you!  Please!  Take it!

Any way, I posted two new chapters today, one more to go and the story will be finished.

You can find them at first chapter 20 and chapter 21.

Warning, chapter 21 has Dominant Sookie/submissive Eric in it.  It IS a role reversal/bedroom/lemon so please to hate me too bad since they REALLY enjoyed this chapter *grinz*.

Enjoy, I know I did.

New Chapter now up

The Choice now has the next chapter added.  Enjoy.

New Chapter for The Choice

I think I’m finally figuring this out, lol.  It’s taken me long enough.

For those who haven’t been reading my newest story it’s called The Choice.

I totally changed what happened on that rooftop in Dallas which, therefore, changed what came after.

It’s reaching its natural conclusion soon.

Enjoy.  It’s here.

If you want to read the story from the beginning this will take you to the title page so you can get to the first page.

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