Sookie’s Gift

A/N:  I blame Meridian’s story Pam’s Gift for this little ditty.


I stomped my way into Fangtasia, looking for all the world like I was angry.

I had something to get off my chest and there was no time like the present.

I didn’t see Eric anywhere but Pam was skulking around, looking like a lost puppy since Eric had told her to get out of his sight after the crap shoot that was the Moon Goddess Emporium.

I continued stomping into the hallway where the offices and restroom were and stopped in front of Eric’s office door. I took a deep breath to steady myself and knocked on the door.

At his enter I went in and closed the door behind me.

Knowing full well that Pam had followed me and was listening at the door I stalked to Eric’s desk, smiling, and took the pen right out of his hand and wrote play along on the piece of paper in front of him.

Eric looked at me quizzically but nodded his head anyway.

“How could you Eric! How could you give yourself up for me like that!?”

Eric stood up and backed away a bit as he saw me dig through my purse. Pam’s void was going up and down the hallway as she listened to our conversation.

“Sookie, wait! I…”

“If you’re so desperate to die I can help you with that!” I screamed just as the door was flung open and Pam flew in with fangs down, ready to take me out if I so much as touched her maker.

I tossed what was in my hand at Pam and, as I had hoped, the surprise of it stopped her dead in her tracks as she caught the small box.

She looked at me and, for one brief moment, there was a look of total confusion before she schooled her features to one of anger once again. “What’s this?” she asked.

I smiled, something which I’m sure confused her even more, “Open it and find out Pam.”

She looked at me quizzically, trying to figure out whether what was in that box was going to hurt her, looked at Eric and back to me again. “I promise Pam, it won’t hurt you, you might even like it.”

She stood there and looked at the box for a couple of minutes  before finally deciding that if I hurt her it would finally be Sookie season and she would be allowed to take me out once and for all.

Pam finally opened the box and looked at the contents with confusion. “A key ring?” she asked.

I grinned, “Yup, a brass balls key ring. I figured it took a set to aim that rocket launcher right at me despite Eric’s feelings on the matter the other day so you might as well own a pair.”

Eric burst out laughing and I think Pam actually cracked a smile although she would never admit to it.

Eric reached into one of his desk drawers and tossed something else at her, “A Willie Warmer to keep your brass balls warm Pam.”

  1. You know, I wrote Meridian a little reply to the story Pam’s Gift… I think it involved Eric staring at the willy warmer and wondering if it was small enough, deciding there was only one way to find out and pressing a button on the intercom to Ginger asking her to send Compton in… He didn’t ask for Pam cos you know, re-gifting it openly may have hurt her feelings…. If she has any. Probably still in Meridian’s comments section unless she marked me as spam…
    And who knew Sookie had a sense of humour? Great last line with the willy-warmer added to the mix – surely the only thing that would fit into its tinyness. It’s probably too big for Compton… It’d just fall off, I’m sure!

  2. That was great I will be smiling for the rest of the day.

  3. Loved it! Brass balls…that’s greatness!

  4. LMAO, brass balls key ring and Willi Warmer, awesome!! 😀

  5. That was cool..loved it

  6. Lol thank you I really needed that laugh after the day I had 😀

  7. Cute! 🙂

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