Now, I’m thinking of running a small contest…by small I mean it might be the only one I run.
I read VictoryInTrouble’s 100 word story  and thought it would be cool to see what other people could come up with for after, or even as a continuation (I will talk to Victory to see if that’s okay).
I’m also thinking of limiting the word count since she did such a wonderful job with only 100 words.
I couldn’t offer banners or anything cool like that but I could do a blog post of it and put it under My Two Cents’ Worth with a link back and put it on the front page of my blog for a week before putting it under My Two Cents’ Worth.
I thought this might be particularly interesting to the beginning writers or those who don’t have a large following (I don’t have a large following either but I cross post absolutely everywhere!)

It wouldn’t have to be a fanficiton fandom either. It could simply be what your imagination comes up with, character names, or not, whatever. Once I get a general consensus I will let you know if I will be running it.
What do you think? Is anybody interested?

About tj6james6

I still write fanfiction and edit for others, but my life has moved on to other things. Now I’m interested in Essential Oils and a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. Hey did we start this yet? I saw Carroll E. Steward post something called “One Hundred Word Count Stories”…just want to be sure I didn’t miss it if someone yelled “GO!” already :).

  2. VictoryInTrouble

    Sure, a continuation would be great!

    But that gives me an idea. There is a photoblogger that does story chains based on a photo and then it gets passed around to a dozen different writers and a story is born. What if we did that and everyone got 100 words? Not instead of the contest but maybe we could do that too. It could be fun and sort of invigorating and cohesive. It might be a lot of work, I’d have to check out how he does it…But what do you think? 100 words is so easy.

    • That could be fun too :).
      I’ve been trying to find something to infuse some life back into my blog and this might just do it!
      I was thinking of March or April if I get enough interest. I’ve already got to yeses and several likes so I will probably be doing it :D.
      oHHHHHHHH, it could also, at some point, tie in with Kelpie’s Plot Bunnies if there’s enough ongoing interest!

  3. 100 words? Sure. I’m in

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