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MindMake | Disney Imagicademy, Check it Out!

MindMake | Disney Imagicademy, Check it Out!.

I just thought I would share this for all the parents out there.

Pillow talk

Carly Knobloch wrote a wonderful post about how much time is too much phone time in the bedroom and I thought I would give my response here.

I vote that any time is too much time.  My phone only makes it into the bedroom if it’s during the day and I’m barricading myself in because I’m a grouchy bear or I’m expecting an emergency phone call from family.

My phone stays in the living room on my table/file cabinet right along with my laptop, tablet and iPod.  None of that makes it to the bedroom since I much prefer to fall asleep to absolute quiet with no distractions in the form of things that can light up my dark room, ding or otherwise do things to disturb me during my downtime.

I do not use it as an alarm clock.  It’s way too tantalizing to check email or reply to texts when I pick it up in order to check the time.  I have one of those old fashioned gadgets called an alarm clock.  You know, that thing that makes an extremely annoying buzzing sound at the proscribed time each morning.  It is even newfangled enough to have a second alarm so I don’t have to fuss around with it in the dark to set it so my boyfriend will get up at the correct time several hours after I get up.

I may be the black sheep here but some days I regret ever getting a cell phone and internet.

Yes, a cell phone has allowed my family to reach me no matter what but that is a good thing AND a bad thing.  There are times when I just want to escape without leaving home, which I do  manage but I shouldn’t have to hide from everyone after I hide my phone and other electronic gadgets in order to do so.  Gone are the days where if I wasn’t near my landline they would have to call back or hope I checked the call display to find out that they called and call them back.  Gone are the days where I could enjoy a less stressful day with a good book at the beach because they always manage to find me even if they don’t know me personally or whether they are there physically or not.

What say my readers?  How much time is too much phone time in the bedroom?

10 Amazing Life Lessons

#6 Live In the Moment

This sounds amazingly easy to do, doesn’t it.

It isn’t.

How many times have we caught ourselves lamenting a choice we made way back when?  How often do we think, “If only…”?

In some ways I think not living in the moment lead to my depression.  I kept remembering that moment when I was 18 and wishing I could go back to that time and make a different decision so it would change the way things were in my life so I could be happy again.

I don’t own a time machine so going back was not an option; I just couldn’t see that at the time.  I couldn’t make that different decision nor could I warn younger me what would happen if I made the decision I did.

It’s been a long hard road to where I am now.  I maybe wouldn’t have met some of the wonderful people I’ve met.  I might not have had some of the adventures I’ve had and I definitely wouldn’t be the same me I am now, right this moment.

Living in the past, or living for the future, means you aren’t living in the here and now.  You aren’t doing what you can to  make this moment the best in your life so far

So, make this moment count.

Dennis Norwood: Whose Country Is It, Anyhow? – 07/27/2014 –

Dennis Norwood: Whose Country Is It, Anyhow? – 07/27/2014 –

I stand with my cousin though we’re hundreds of miles apart physically and want to share his views on what America (and Canada) are coming to when we can’t show our support by doing something as simple as displaying our country’s flag in support.

raises an imaginary glass of sparkling apple cider in support of rights for Americans by Americans

I’m also sending you to youtube to listen to some Lee Greenwood.

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