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Last call for budding poets!

Writing 201: Poetry takes flight Monday — you’ve got a few days left to register.

Source: Last call for budding poets!

I thought there might be some poets on my list who would be interested.


Now, I’m thinking of running a small contest…by small I mean it might be the only one I run.
I read VictoryInTrouble’s 100 word story  and thought it would be cool to see what other people could come up with for after, or even as a continuation (I will talk to Victory to see if that’s okay).
I’m also thinking of limiting the word count since she did such a wonderful job with only 100 words.
I couldn’t offer banners or anything cool like that but I could do a blog post of it and put it under My Two Cents’ Worth with a link back and put it on the front page of my blog for a week before putting it under My Two Cents’ Worth.
I thought this might be particularly interesting to the beginning writers or those who don’t have a large following (I don’t have a large following either but I cross post absolutely everywhere!)

It wouldn’t have to be a fanficiton fandom either. It could simply be what your imagination comes up with, character names, or not, whatever. Once I get a general consensus I will let you know if I will be running it.
What do you think? Is anybody interested?

Ajoobacats Blog | Saving the world one book at a time

Ajoobacats Blog | Saving the world one book at a time.

Okay, I will admit to being a bit OCD about my books, physical or otherwise, but I can’t say I’ve ever gone so far as to say my ebooks must have never touched my feet or shoes.

I will, however, go so far as to say I do generally only have one book on the go at a time. This was ingrained in me from childhood and I find it much, much easier to keep characters and plot points straight since I’m not thinking about what’s happening in one book versus another which simply means I don’t confuse myself.

I will freely admit to her 2: not marking up a physical book and at the very least leaving it in the same condition it was in when I got it.

4: no sounds whatsoever while reading. Noise, no matter what kind, is very distracting and I find it hard to get back into the head space I was in. I find the same applies when I’m blogging, betaing and writing as well.

and 10:  I’ve always had a book on the go since I learned to read.  Currently it’s Lover Eternal from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Unfortunately my copy is missing a few pages so I need to see about finding a different copy sigh.

I will even add one of my own: If I find glaringly obvious errors it’s a turn off. I’ll be sorely tempted to not finish the book or series, especially if there are a lot of obvious errors. If I’m doing the writing I’m so obsessive about spelling, grammar and continuity errors it’s a wonder I ever finish writing a story since I can’t, absolutely can not, continue onto the next word if there’s an uncorrected error. The advent of built in spell check in Firefox, Chrome, Word and Google Docs has made this particular obsession even worse since they both underline, in red, any error!

If I’m betaing or prereading I have to force myself to read through the copy first, just so I can get a feel of where it’s going, before I start making any corrections or suggestions.

The funny part of my little obsession is that my brain will automatically fill in the missing word or correct tense which, on occasion, will drive me bonkers, especially when I’m going over someone else’s work for them because it means I have to do twice the work and force my brain to see what’s there instead of adding what it thinks should be there.

Oh, and before I hit draft:  not having my mouse work is annoying at best!  The right click on my laptop doesn’t work so I have to use the mouse, hard to do when it isn’t working :(.

It’s Been a While

I haven’t forgotten, honest, but I have been busy doing some actual writing of my own!

“What’s that?” You say, “You’ve been writing?”

I have!

You’ve seen the two challenges I’ve entered and there are a couple more coming up in the next month or two.

One of THEM is a KILL BILL contest and Sephrenia is putting on another as well.

I’ve got Kill Bill nearly done plus a couple of others I’ve been working on slowly and steadily.

I’ve also been doing my beta work.

Kardamon over on ffn has a new story out called Healed which starts right where Eric comes to tell her that he’s healed.

She’s also translating one of her Polish stories into English and it’s called Forget Me Not.  It starts the night after the Witch War but things are totally different:  Eric remembers and Sookie doesn’t.

I’ve also taken on MissPharao and her story Gotta Be Somebody which now has three posted chapters.

Then there’s the work I’m doing with LilGray1326 but I’m hesitant to link to that one since there are so many changes she’s made since the first chapter was posted that they no longer resemble each other.  sigh.

All in all I’m happily busy though, which is a good thing.

What’s not so good is that summer is over prematurely!  Waaaaaaaaaa!

The leaves are changing, dew on the ground in the mornings, chilly air..I don’t want it to end!  Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

I liked this summer, it wasn’t generally too hot or too humid so I was actually comfortable for the most part for the first time in a good many years.

I think that’s all for now.  I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m still kicking and writing :D.

How Do You Craft During Revision? | Fiction All Day

How Do You Craft During Revision? | Fiction All Day.

I wrote this comment, I don’t think I’ve ever made it a full hour without going back through the pages I’ve just written to correct the spelling and grammar!  All those red and blue lines, for me, detract from what I’m doing.  Of course, it doesn’t help that I look at the screen as I type so I see most errors as they happen so my OCD English Grammar Nazi cringes and makes me go back to correct before it will let me go forward.
That said:  I find it easier to read others work in order to correct than I my own.  I don’t edit for profit but for fun.

That  comment gave me another idea for the UBC.

As the readers of my stories know I also beta for other authors.

Why do I beta/edit?  It’s fun.  I enjoy it.  Mostly though I see a really awesome story in the rough but the spelling, grammar and other errors are just glaring at me and shouting that I need to fix them before my brain explodes from trying to edit the story in my head.

I enjoy the challenge of making something which is barely readable into something which the reading audience will totally eat up and enjoy many times in the future..

There are some books which I have read many times over through the years because the story grabbed my attention from the first word to the last and then there are other stories which shouted BORING as loud is it could from the first word.  Guess which books are in my personal library?

Books like Karen and I Heard the Owl Call My Name grabbed and held my attention from the very first letter and I didn’t put them down until the books were finished.

Then there are the series books which I devour and then reread when I hear the next in the series is due out soon.

Why did I side track to books from editing?  Easy:  those books and series had my attention from the beginning and, in some cases, have managed to hold my attention through some twenty odd books without losing something in the story line.

These authors manage to stay true to their characters and the story.  They keep their plots straight, they don’t deviate and even the minor plots and characters have your attention.

The good attention where you’re wondering what so and so will do in the situation they find themselves in even when that’s not the part you’re currently reading.

There’s bad attention to.  Things like “Huh?  I thought she turned into this animal.’ or ‘I thought his middle name was this’.  These things do generate attention, sure, but it usually leads to flame wars, tears, rants and threats rather than the adoration of fans because of a well written work.

The authors who grabbed my attention and have held it have kept it through the years had the pre-readers, editors and content editors who would point out the glaringly obvious errors that would turn the readers away from your books to other authors who had those persons in their arsenal.

I have read some so-so stories that turned into series but the longer the series went on the more glaringly obvious the errors became until I just couldn’t stomach it any more and simply stopped reading that author because they didn’t seem to care enough to keep track of their own characters and plots.

With all of that said, and having done my own deviation from the actual topic of this post, I thoroughly enjoy editing others work.    It keeps my brain active and I derive my own joy from helping someone else become better at something they enjoy :).

Thanks for reading.


I can’t remember where I got this from, unfortunately but I do remember thinking how sad this house looked so I wrote a little poetry.  It’s not very good.

My poetry writing fell to the wayside many years ago and I would like to pick it up again some time.  Maybe now’s the time?

Maybe I should read the tags?  The tags tell me this came from WordPress Inspiration so that’s where the idea originally came from.

Italo Calvino said: The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts. Describe the ghosts that live in this house: Image credit: “love Don’t live here anymore…” – © 2009 Robb North – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic


There was a time
When Love
Lived here.

Lovers, newlyweds, children
Love lived here

Love and children

Abuse, Loss

End of the line
No more Love
Lives here.

Now it’s just
the ghosts of Love
Lovers, newlyweds
and children.

The ghosts
of when Love lived here.

Pet Peeves

Thank you kelpie for this idea.

For all you writers out there, and maybe not writers, but does  other people’s writing/speaking drives you bonkers?

Things like mixing up your and you’re or their, there and they’re.

I seen

I got

I gots

sammich for sandwish

chimley for chimney

thrown for throne (thank you kelpie, lol)

words that should have an apostrophe s rather than just an s at the end

Shall I go on?

Sound off people, please :).  I like the interaction and I truly do want to know what some of your pet peeves are so I don’t commit them, lol.

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Essential Aromas Wellness

| Holistic Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Safety |

Organic Gardening Advise

Love to Garden? Learn Some Helpful Tips And Tricks To Help You Get That Green Thumb

From the Beginning

My Essential Oils Journey

Fiction by Jenna Tee

Fanfiction and Original Fiction by Jenna Tee

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♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan


Fanfiction Shenanigans.

G.C Gray - Writings and ramblings...

“Writing is the only thing, that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else” Gloria Steinem