Six Month Celebration

“Sookie, Sookie, Sookie,” Pam was shaking her head at her sister as she tried to help her pack for their weekend trip to New Orleans.  “Surely you have better things to take with you than these,” she held up a pair of cut off shorts between her thumb and index finger and crinkled her nose, “….things.”

“Pam, I’ll have you know that I did NOT have a lot of money before I was turned.  When a pair of jeans wore out at the knee they were turned into cut offs, when a long sleeved shirt wore out it was remade, turned into a rag, sewn into a quilt, something!  

Just because my clothes aren’t up to your snooty standards doesn’t mean they aren’t still serviceable!”

Pam tried to look offended, “snooty?  Me?  Whatever gave you that idea?”

“I’ve seen the way you dress, the way you sneer at my clothes.  I’ve heard you laugh about the fangbanger’s clothes.  What is that if it’s not snooty?”

“By definition snooty is showing disapproval to those of a lower class.  I don’t sneer because I think I am better than others.  I sneer because, even if they are of a higher class they don’t dress like it!

Some of those who work minimum wage jobs manage to dress better than most of the fangbangers I see every night!

It’s not the clothes themselves, it’s the quality of the clothing that bothers me.  Why pay $25 for a pair of jeans you’ll just have to replace again in six months when you can pay $50 or $100 and get better quality so they last longer?”

“Are you serious?

With what I earned before it took me nearly two years saving every tip and money from odd jobs to save the $500 I paid for my car!

Minimum wage is just that, minimum.  It barely brings in enough to keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach!  Utilities, clothing, transportation, all take a backseat to those two!”

“Was it really that bad Sookie?”

“It was Pam.  When Gran was still alive we were barely making it with her small pension, the money from the oil company that kept coming in and my wages.  When she died the pension ended leaving the small oil legacy and my wages.  Let me tell you, minimum wage on part time hours does NOT get things paid!  I’m just glad the house was mortgage free or I would never have been able to keep it without taking a second and third job!  In Bon Temps those extra jobs just aren’t there so I would have had to drive somewhere else.

You saw my car, you know it wouldn’t have made too many trips to Monroe or Shreveport before it broke down.

I’m still paying off the hospital bill from when Renee attacked me back in July because I couldn’t afford health insurance and Sam doesn’t offer it!”

Pam plonked down in a chair and thought about what Sookie had just said.  A plot was forming in her oh so devious mind!

She was starting to realize that it might not be such a grand idea to put Sookie into high end designer clothes right away, or at least not the high end price range she paid so she went to the computer and did her research.  She managed to find just what she was looking for right in New Orleans.

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  1. Yeah poor Sookie she couldn’t afford classy clothes like Pam did but her humility and her kindness made everybody like her…

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