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New One Shot

Hey all, I wrote a new one shot!

It’s a Harry Potter/Once Upon A Time crossover, featuring Hermione Granger and Emma Swan!

It’s titled The Perfect Day

It’s rated G, so your kids or grandkids can read it! Or you can read it at work, lol.


New One Shot and Review

Good Morning everyone. I haven’t been inspired to write by anything in a very long time, but that changed this week when I read A Second Chance by Valardoheris on AO3.

It has a rating of Explicit for the sex and textual visions of violence and blood.


After the events and bullying surrounding “Snape’s Worst Memory.”

Severus Snape and Lily Evans salvage their friendship during their sixth year at Hogwarts, and then they discover that their true feelings for each other are not so different.

Sometimes forgiveness and a second chance are all you need to discover true happiness.

My thoughts: A Second Chance it a rare piece of work in the HP universe. I was caught in the author’s web from the beginning and didn’t want to stop reading until I finished it. In fact, I believe I dreamt of it one night, lol.

There is no Voldemort or war in this story. No manipulative Dumbledore, either.

Instead there is a sweet love story with a smattering of unhappiness and a helping of what could have happened if James Potter didn’t get the girl.

A Second Chance is well worth the read; a thoroughly enjoyable read of 36 chapters.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I wrote Guilt as a gift for the author of A Second Chance, Valardoheris , when I was inspired by chapter 32. Guilt is rated T for some mild language.

Summary: Nearly three years after the events in 7th year, and some counseling, Sirius Black bites the bullet and apologizes.



New One Shot

I wrote A Christmas To Remember for kittyinaz’s December 2015 writing challenge.

I hope you like it.

One Shot: The End

Thanks to Meridian for Fucking Hearts; it inspired this little one shot.

Updates 2-18-15

Hi everyone, here’s you’re Wednesday version of fanfiction updates 🙂

Dirty Lemons gave us more of Unwritten. I finally got around to reading what they’ve got of this fic so far and it is really well written, like their other stories, and as they promised at the beginning it is light on the lemons.

Kinnik put up another chapter of Into the Blood

Hisviks gave us more Galatea’s Descent and 6 Months To Live

jc5218 Everything

Virala’s Finally

KellyBelle gave us Sympathy For the Devil

Fairytale Amber Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn Ya

Harley’s Twilight/Teen Wolf Cross Over Passing Of the Torch

morggy’s Love As A Party which is a sequel to Love As Drabbles and Love As A Game

Reinla’s Twilight/True Blood Cross Over Run Me Over

California Cat’s Inner

Kelpie did an OUAT Spotlight for Like A Pirate and TB’s Dead Brief’s Tome 2 as well as author deGorgeous and a chapter of Behind the Camera and her Mortal Instruments story The Sharpest Lives

American Android’s Whispers On the Wind

Missy Dee added a chapter to Friday Night Blues called Bottoms Up! Warning! Definitely NSFW and most definitely Slash! This may have been Missy Dee’s first foray into the world of same sex sex but you could have fooled me. She did a freaking awesome job and it was H O T!!!!!

MistressJessica1028: A Queen’s Command, Deception, Nymphomania and three one shots One Time Thing, Rekindling the Romance (an IHH side story) and Strangers In the Night

J. R. Watkins Recollector

Natsgirl’s Swimming To the Light. We are getting close to the end of the first third of this story and it really is an awesome read. Swimming is a take on post DEA I haven’t seen before and so far there is low angst with a lot of setting up the rest of the story and insight into the characters.

Melusine10’s Into the Mystic

Darkest Falling Star’s Lune Voilé This is a Twilight Cross over with…something. Not sure what because it isn’t listed and she updated Heart of A Fallen Goddess which is another cross over. Plus entries for the January Contest Darkness Of the Lake (G/B/E TB/Twi X-Over), Death’s Muse (G/B TB/Twi X-Over)

Carroll E. Stewart 100 Word Story as well as this and this

Kittyinaz has the results for January’s Writer’s Challenge and she updated All I Want as well as her Tin Man Story This Is Not the Beginning, This Is Not the End

Dream on wrote Ghost Of the Bayou for the Writer’s Challenge

Gyllene’s Black Friday

Happy reading everybody!

New Challenge


I entered Kittyinaz’s Kill Bill contest. Unfortunately I was the ONLY entry. Fortunately that means I won.  I didn’t have the thrill I usually have when the results are announced though.

Clicking the banner above will take you to the kittyinaz site so you can participate in her usually monthly challenges and read her stories (I Never…Did is my favorite)

Clicking Loony Tooney will take you to the story. I will add the custom banner to it once it’s completed.

There IS a warning to go with this one shot, lol.

You will need a funny bone and a box of tissues.

Oh, and if you are a Bill fan you might want to find something else to read :D.


Another Post?

What’s up with that?


Truly though, I just banged out a 500 word ficlet called Sookie’s Gift which I am blaming on Meridian’s ficlet Pam’s Gift .


More Disclosure

Their Story

Sookie finally tells the story of her and Bill and how she ended up vampire.

One Shot with a strong warning:  There IS mention of torture.  If this isn’t your cuppa please skip this story.  There are more coming which will be more to your liking.

Thank you for reading.


Another One Shot

The First Time

I guess I should put a warning here!  This IS fem slash!  If this offends you or it’s not your thing please I do have other stories and there are other authors out there.

Sookie’s barely a week old.  What happens when Eric is called out of town?  Who does she turn to to relieve those awful urges?  You know, the ones that come after feeding, the sexual ones.

This one will be partially posted over on ffn this weekend.

Out take of Disclosure.


New One Shot

Behind the Ring

Centuries ago Eric had taken a bullet for her, long before she became his child.


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